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  1. BestDiscoMan13

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    Pullet or Cockerel? What breed are they their Easter eggers but what mix? They currently are 4-5 weeks old and are growing faster than I thought.
  2. P

    What breed and gender is my chick?

    Hi! My chick is about 3 weeks old and I was wondering if anyone could help identify what type of chicken he is, along with the gender? When we got him, he was in a box with a bunch of white leghorn chickens but he was the only tan one. They said he was a leghorn but I wasn't sure if there was a...
  3. Chickycammy

    Can anyone tell me these 5s genders??

    I have 5 that I'd like to know their genders. 2 older around a week or two and 3 others are around a week or younger. Mother is a RIR/Leghorn mix and father is a BR/Plymouth rock mix.
  4. R

    Are they all pullets? Ameraucanas and Orpingtons

    Hello, BYC. I posted my black Ameraucana to the Ameraucana breed discussion thread, asking if she was a pullet, but there weren't as many responses as I typically see on threads here. I'm going to post all of my little ones here. I'm very paranoid that any number of them will turn out to be boys...
  5. chickpeasoup

    Boy or Girl?

    I have a production red that is giving me a hard time with sexing. I have a barred rock cockerel and they seem pretty similar in development which has got me wondering if I have 2 boys. The first 4 pictures are at a little over 6 weeks, then a picture of the comb at 5 weeks. This is the comb...
  6. rascal66

    Faverolle chick- Pullet or Cockerel?

    I purchased a Faverolle chick at my farm store. I think they get their chicks from Meyer hatchery? They claim to sell sexed pullets. Anyways, I noticed that an adult Faverolle Roo have black breast feathers. What about my chick? Is it possible that its a roo instead of a hen??? I'm new to...
  7. C

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Not sure about this bird: speckled Sussex or BCM roo over black ameracauna hen. Approximately 4 months old. Cockerel or pullet? Thanks!
  8. HuskerHens18


    I'm on the fence. This is a Lavender Orphington that hatched on March 3rd. I've went back in forth, it's comb was always on the medium size. It matched my pullets up until maybe the last week or so. It's comb turned pinker than it has been and it's tail kinda sits up a little higher now. It's...
  9. MiBirds

    What Gender are These?

    Hey guys, I got four chickens yesterday at this somewhat sketchy place, but anyway, the man we bought them from told us they were pullets, which is what we wanted. We were expecting them to be much older so we would KNOW that they were girls, but they're way younger than we expected. Could you...
  10. HuskerHens18

    Gender Reveal Party!

    At least, I wish it was a party. :celebrate My brooder is getting full, soon it will be time for the chicks to be separated into the appropriate flocks, which consist of: Main Flock Rooster Flock Delicate/Special/Handicapped Flock Bantam Flock In total I have about 40 chicks to sex, but I...
  11. Lhynes1478

    Can anyone help sex my 6wk olds?

    I have some 6 week olds that are just now getting close to being able to sex, i think. (minus the silkies, probably) Let me know if you see anything obvious that points to pullet or cockerel. i'm still trying to learn. Thanks! 1. Bantam Buff Brahma 2. Silver Laced Polish 3. White Silkie...
  12. Lhynes1478

    Pullets or Cockerels?!

    I got 5 straight run chicks: -3 bantam mille fleur d'uccles are a little over 3 weeks old today. -2 bantam mottled cochins that are 6 weeks old today. only pictured 2 of my d'uccles out of the 3. one on left in both pics is what 2 look like and one on right seems to have a bigger and thicker...
  13. Rootie

    What do I have??

    Hey y'all I bought a few chicks ((hens)) during chick days. I have one "hen" that has become aggressive and looks much different than the others. I am not sure if "she" is trying to establish order or is the man of the house. ;) Can hens have long green tail feathers like this one? This "hen" is...
  14. judevie

    4 week old Easter egger pullets or cockerals?

    Hi everyone, I have 4 chicks that were vent sexed as pullets and are 4 weeks old. I'm pretty confident that the buff Orpington and silver laced Wyandotte appear to be pullets, but I'm unsure about the 2 Easter eggers.... Behavior wise they are very fearful, flighty and spastic. The last time we...
  15. RiverStorm

    What Breed and Gender is This

    I have 8 bantams chicks that I purchased from TSC and another local feed store. I know what some are but the rest I don`t know. Could you tell me the gender too? chick 1. Grace. I have 1 more just like this one. Chick 2. Dynamite. Chick 3. Dunkin MacDunkin Chick...
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