1. B

    Feeding Tortoise Food to Quail?

    Hi everybody, I'm currently in the process of raising baby quail, and I was wondering if this food https://zoomed.com/natural-grassland-tortoise-food/ would be O.K. to feed them. I already have this, so I figured I may as well use it. It wouldn't be the only thing I give them to eat; it would...
  2. Sussex123

    Feeding Wheat to Poultry

    Hi, I am after a cheaper alternative to having poultry for feed and I can buy wheat and / or barley at a very cheap price per ton. I was wondering if I could give it to my pekin ducks, muscovy ducks, saxony ducks and sussex chickens as their only diet from my. I would give them probably about...
  3. C

    Oats, Peas and Barely as feed

    I usually feed my birds (I have geese, turkeys, meat birds and layers in the same coop, soon to be separated but for now together) a 4 way mix of Oat, peas, barely and wheat. I also add in layer crumble and some oyster shell for my layers. The local feed supply however is out of wheat and my...
  4. classicsredone

    Where to find gluten free fodder seed?

    I have Celiac, and I'm trying to reduce my exposure to gluten via chicken feed products. Just getting the dust down my nose and into my throat can leave me very sick, and I definitely do not enjoy purging like I am filming a remake of The Exorcist. I'd like to start fodder for my chickens, but I...
  5. EverythingButTheSink

    Sprouting Grains Blog

    Check out my article on Sprouting Grains! http://bit.ly/SproutingGrainsforChickens Any insight or additional knowledge from people that have tried other grains than wheat? Anyone have their own set up they'd like to share?
  6. J&Kfeatheredfowl

    How’s much food for ducks, chickens and geese?

    Hey all! I’ve been researching on just how much my future flock of birds will eat, and I need you guys to double check it, thanks in advance. Chickens: 100 grams per bird Duck: 150 grams per bird Geese: 200 grams per bird There meal would be split into 2, a large feed in the morning, and a...
  7. Wilson74

    If you plant it, they will come

    Tilled, seeded, and fenced and area for the chickens to enjoy some winter wheat. Today I removed the fence and let the chickens reap the reward. Also, a quick look at a new feeder I built that is much more user friendly for feeder and eater.
  8. lazy gardener

    Winter greens

    I'm trying to plan winter greens for my flock. In the past, I've sprouted wheat or barley. Often, I add millet, BOSS, and even some forage seed mixes intended for deer plots. Whole barley is around $20/50#. I have yet to find a source of whole wheat. Wheat is reported to be slightly...
  9. Schnauzermom

    Treated wheat

    I spread treated wheat all over my yard to help get some grass growing. I covered it really well with straw. My chickens got out and "discovered" it. Now I'm worried because I've read about the chemicals that have been added to it. It contains dividend ( difenoconazole) and storcide II (...
  10. Ducktown

    wheat middlings as duck feed?

    I've been thinking about buying wheat middlings and using it as duck feed supplement. Since it's cheaper and has quite good nutritional value (does it?), it could be added into their regular feed. I have read that adding up to 25% of wheat middlings into duck feed works good for them. Anyone...
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