wheaten marans

  1. MMF20

    Wheaten Marans Cockerels

    For sale in NH I have 2 Wheaten Marans boys who need new homes. One is 5 months old (hatched 6/25) and one is 3 months (hatched 8/21). Both are non aggressive. Hatched from breeder focusing on SOP. Dual purpose heritage breed with dark egg gene can be used for breeding or for meat. Price...
  2. Nymphoides

    Sexing Wheaten Marans

    This is my first time hatching Wheaten Marans. This group is 3 weeks old. In another week I’m sure it will be more obvious but does anyone have any thoughts? I have 7 chicks and they all seem like cockerels to me. The first one (two images) I know is a cockerel based on feather color and...
  3. N

    Are these 2 Wheaten marans cockerels?

    Hi could anyone help me sex my 2 Wheaten marans I think they are both male as their feathers are dark, but one has a larger and darker comb and wattles . they are about 7-8weeks old thank you
  4. Joeschooks

    Sex of Wheaten Marans Chicks

    I posted a couple of pics of my two Wheaten Marans chicks a week or two ago. They’ve feathered slightly more now and they’re almost 4 weeks old. I’ve never raised this breed before but judging by the size of their combs I think I have two roos. But one is a lot lighter than the other which gives...
  5. Joeschooks

    Sexing Wheaten Marans Chicks

    I have hatched two Wheaten Marans chicks and they are now 15 days old. I'm not sure if it's possible to wing sex these but chick 1 showed female feathering (short, long, short, long etc) at one day of age and has a lighter down colour. Chick number 2's wing feathers were all the same length, and...
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