wheezing chick

  1. K

    possible mycoplasma in 4 week old silkie taking Baytril

    Hello, I'm a first time chick mom, 3 weeks ago I got 9 1-week old chicks (7 of them from one pair of parents and 2 of them from another, from the same breeder, no MG free certifications here in a small city in mexico) they had been all raised together for at least 4 weeks, and were all...
  2. fudgethechicken

    Chicken Struggling to Breathe?

    One of my young hens is making a funky noise every time she breathes and is pale, lethargic, and has a loss of appetite (sorta she did eat a few bites of feed and a piece of soggy bread to eliminate the chance of something being stuck in her throat). We brought her in the house (im in phoenix...
  3. mandymcg05

    Wheezing 4 week old Silkie

    Hi there! I have a 4 week old Silkie that started a whistling/wheezing sound at night About 3 nights ago. Thought maybe it was just sleepiness (sounds stupid now, I know!) but today noticed some bubbles on one eye. But waiting and drinking ok. Running with his playmates. Still in a large brooder...
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