1. D

    Adding to Flock?

    Been doing quite a bit of research, and am getting mixed results about the Buff Orpington, of which I have 6 (19 weeks, approaching POL). I absolutely love the breed's friendliness and personality, but I'm afraid I won't get as many eggs as I had hoped for. I am thinking about maybe next summer...
  2. C

    White Leghorn? Pullet or Cockeral?

    This baby is 9 weeks old. I believe it is a White Leghorn. Any idea if it’s a pullet or cockerel?!
  3. Chickencrazy21043

    I love my girls . All of them

    Hello so I’m a year in with my first flock and 11 weeks with my 2nd . I’m outside with them all day and I love taking photos of my girls . I love all of them more then I should .
  4. L


    today i was doing errands when i passed by an apartment complex, i saw a rooster. he looks fairly young and looks like someone just threw him out. i threw some grapes out for him to eat. then i came back a couple hours later, now, have him another snack, and he’s still there. i don’t want him to...
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