1. Celeeste

    Cool mohawked wild Muscovy duck

    I wanted to show you this beautiful mohawked Muscovy duck I saw at the pond in the park :) Look at his cool little mohawk!
  2. Observations of "wild" chickens in Key West, Florida

    Observations of "wild" chickens in Key West, Florida

    Hi everyone! while doing fieldwork last year in Key West Florida, I found myself surrounded by feral chickens. likely descended from Cuban cockfighting birds, the chickens that roam freely through the Florida keys are, while technically feral, they behave as truly wild birds. I have put down...
  3. J

    Orphaned wild duckling not eating

    Hi! Two days ago a wild duckling showed up in our literal doorstep (we live in the country) but we can't get him to eat, I have read a lot of threads on the site but was wondering if maybe giving specifics and identifying the duck would help in taking care of him? I've made a brood box and he...
  4. S

    Semi-wild muscovy duck questions

    Hello, on christmas day while visiting a local park I found some ducklings that were abandoned and almost eaten by seagulls. I saw their mom fly away from them she was a muscovy. After watching over the ducks for several hours without her coming back for them I decided to take them home and...
  5. NorthernChick1

    how to care for a wild duckling

    hi everyone no hate please! my brother found a lone duckling in a big current by a dam. there was no site of any other ducks/ducklings around what so ever so he brought it home to me. i raise muscovies and chickens. i am wondering how i should care for this duckling. i will post photos soon. i...
  6. SniperGoose

    Releasing rescued pigeon?

    A few weeks ago, I went into our barn to get some straw for my geese. I noticed something moving on the floor of the barn - a very young pigeon. Way too young to be out of its nest. As we have stray cats in the area, I didn't want to leave it there to die. The nests were all very high up in the...
  7. MountainWoman73

    Wild goslings on the roof.

    A Canada goose mom has hatched eggs on the roof of my school. There are 4 fuzzy goslings up there beeping around. They have water (some puddles) but no clear way down and no food. Mom's still around, I think. What would you do? Can goslings jump from a 2nd story roof onto sidewalk?
  8. JessWolo

    Domesticated Runners with wild mallards...

    Hi all! I am new to raising ducks, and have 4 female runners, they are about 15 weeks old. We have a large pond in our backyard where we let them free range. We have about 7-12 wild mallards that also enjoy our pond. They get along just fine. My runners like to follow the mallards everywhere...
  9. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    What to do with extra male gambels quail

    So earlier this year i hatched out 6 gambels quail, they are almost 10 weeks old now. well turns out 4 of them are males, they have not started fighting or pairing off with the 2 females yet, but im beginning to wonder whats the best thing to do with them. There's reasons to not just release...
  10. B

    Raising wildish chicks

    I can’t post pictures yet. Anyway this is how the story goes. So I was going to a local town to buy some fish, and there is this 7-eleven I like stopping at on the way over. I like stopping there because there are these chickens running around that are mutts. The other day I saw what looked like...
  11. Thechickentrainer1999

    Wild Wyandottes!!!!!!

    I have had experience with chickens for over 6 years and have grown to love them more and more each day. I have raised 5 different types: black sex link, ee, buff orpington, black australorp, and silver laced Wyandottes. I have never had any problems taming them before but the wydottes are some...
  12. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Mystery tiny eggs found in field, what are they?

    Ok, found 4 feet up in Johnson grass, barely attached in a small branch of the grass, as we were weed eating the garden by an alfalfa field, in desert southwest, in new mexico, saw them fall to the ground as the grass got weed eated, (ate?) the grass was about 6 or 7 feet tall and in big thick...
  13. wisemike

    Is it safe to eat wild/city pigeons?

    I am staying in Dublin, Ireland, and I was wondering if I caught wild city pigeons, are they safe to eat after cooking well? Or they do have parasites that won't be gotten rid of by cooking? Everybody eats fish from the sea, or other birds we hunt.. right? So, apart from that "yucky" thought...
  14. Starlings and dogs

    HELP!! Wildbird eggs

    so one of my family cats killed a mother bird that has 3 eggs that are in reach, so i can easily reach them but i dont know what to do with them once i get them down. i have raised nestlings before but never had to hatch them from an egg. I think the mother was a fly catcher but am unsure...
  15. gotenkslovesme

    Duckling died

    Hi, Need a bit of help. Due to an odd set of circumstances I ended up with a very young duckling. He had been eating, drinking and pooping. Very vocal and cuddly. Yesterday he kept trying to poop and would fail a lot of the time. He was up this morning but wenr back to sleep so was put in bed...
  16. bernie131

    Domestic breeds with wild, do they fly?

    My Peking duck and a Mallard drake are "keeping house",...will the offspring be able to fly?
  17. T

    Help! Wild duck with a broken foot!

    Hi all! I just made this account temporarily to try and find some ideas / help with a wild duck that (we think?) had been partly run over. The male duck who is in question seems fine, other than his foot. He eats, flies and hops on one foot due to his other foot being broken. We can’t take him...
  18. Sakiza

    Looking for Exotic Birds in Upstate NY

    Hello! We have a small hobby farm with a 5 acre pond and an in work aviary! We are looking for wild ducks and other exotic fowl. Please let me know if you have anything available! Guinea Geese Duck Peafowl Pheasant
  19. Smuvers Farm

    Wild Birds *Caught* in Run....

    We're finding wild birds in our run. Our run has 1/4 inch hardware cloth walls, and bird netting on top. This is what I found yesterday, although it WAS NOT tangled up in the netting until I went to feed the chickens, and it was trying to *escape* from me: Pic by P.I.C. We have a maybe 12...
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