1. Arbutus Peregrine

    Wildfires and smoke — hazardous air quality — Herbs for respiratory health?

    We are experiencing the worst air quality in the world today here in Portland, Oregon due to wildfires ... not something to brag about. My chickens are hanging in there and I’ve given them loads of extra trreats...but I’m wondering if there’s more I can do? Thinking about soaking herbs for...
  2. Texas Transplant

    How to Protect Your Birds From Hazardous Smoke Levels????

    Hopefully we can get some good ideas using our collective brain power on how to protect our birds from the hazardous smoke that's effecting a good deal of folks in the West of the U.S. right now. I'm in Oregon and I've got 4 older pullets and 3, 6 weeks old chicks. I can bring the babies inside...
  3. BrahmaMom1797

    Reintegration of 16 week old chicks to flock questions

    Hello all! I have a couple questions that I think I can answer myself but need a little confirmation on. I recently evacuated due to the wildfires raging in California and not only had to separate some of my flock, but also mix a bunch of them together. The night I left home with my family, we...
  4. Gonecluckingmad

    Southern California- Fire Evacuation Plan with Chickens?

    Hi SoCal Chicken Friends! I have had to evacuate due to wildfires 4 times over the last 15 years, but never with chickens. Have any of you? What did you do? Where did you go? Most hotels accept dogs and waive any pet fees for evacuees. However, I'm not so sure that my flock of 5 would be...
  5. SkyBlue49

    Wildfire Season

    Last year the smoke was heavy in the air. This year looks like it will be the same. This year we have a small flock of chickens. Any suggestions of how to protect their lungs. Thank you.
  6. JBirdy

    Suggestions for supporting chickens during smokey conditions?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for supporting chickens during smokey conditions due to wildfires? The fires aren't near us but the smoke is quite bad. I've limited their exercise to their run so that they are not exerting themselves, as well as providing consistently fresh...
  7. PirateGirl

    Natural Disaster Evacuation Plans: please share

    This morning I awoke to a landscape overwhelmed with smoke from nearby wildfires. Unfortunately that time of year is upon us and Colorado is in drought. It got me thinking, as it does every year, what my plan is for evacuation. When do I decide to go? What do I pack? What do I do with my...
  8. S


    Hi there. I don’t really know where to post this but I am just heartsick today. We had to flee the fire ravaging Glen Ellen late last night. Fire was approaching feom two directions and I had to get my family out. A friend got the horses loaded up and drove them to safety. I loaded our Subi up...
  9. KDOGG331

    Dogs stay with sheep in wildfire

    Saw this on FB and figured I would share it here too. I thought it was a sweet story but also a great example of true working dogs and clearly these are GOOD dogs. Won't leave their charges for anything. And I was amazed the one is 12 years old!!! I bet those dogs have some stories to tell...
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