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  1. Kally_Zahirniak

    Wing pin feathers??

    Hello everyone! So my hen Mushu who is almost 8 months and laying eggs still has wing pin feathers. My other chickens who are the same age and younger are fine there wings developed perfectly. Her wings still seem to be stuck in the wax, she is very uncoordinated and has bad balance probably due...
  2. J

    Mallard duckling wing issue

    I’ve noticed one of my ducklings having issues with her wings. She just seems like she’s having to constantly pull them up. None of my others are having this problem that I’ve noticed. Anyone know what it is and what I can do?
  3. Milkyisa

    oil on rescued pekin ducks wings

    Hi, I rescued a female pekin duck about a year ago. When I first got her, the tips of her wings were dirty and brown and seemed to be deteriorating. I didn’t really know what it was first, so I just kept her clean and it didn’t seem to bother her. Now, her wings are quite bad. I’ve figured out...
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