wobbly chick

  1. B

    Bad Hatch!!! Sick Chicks?

    Help!! My hen went broody and hatched several chicks just recently. It was not the greatest hatch and five chicks did not live as of this moment. I have two in the house currently because they did not look well. One, named Meatloaf, was very wobbly on the day of her hatch. She seemed to get a...
  2. T

    10 week old wobbly when walking and lump on head

    We have a ten week old cream legbar we purchased from Meyer Hatchery. She was always lazy when we took her outside before they permanently moved outside. The last week or two I have grown more and more concerned about her laziness and realized she was very wobbly when she walks. She is able...
  3. boggart

    Chick is lethargic and has an empty crop

    Good morning. My little chick “Roo” is very lethargic today and will hardly pick at his food. His crop is empty/squishy compared to my other chicks, he has a poopy butt, and he is wobbly on his feet with low-hanging wings. Any ideas of what could be wrong and what I can do to help?
  4. thegavulichs

    wobbly chick

    I received 15 chicks last week. Tomorrow they will be a week old. One of the black sex-links still seems wobbly. She is eating and drinking like the rest of the chicks, but she's very clumsy like they are were the first two days. What can I do to help her and is this normal?
  5. carrierebecca1

    Wobbly chick, 3 days okd

    hi, we got six Day-Old chicks on Monday. All were vaccinated except the one Silkie because she’s a bantam. The Silkie is eating and drinking and alert, however, she is very wobbly. Her legs seem strong and not splayed from what I can tell, and her toes see fine too. She was getting aggressively...
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