wood duck

  1. outsageous

    information on wood ducks needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been raising a Wood duck for almost 10 weeks now, & I’m a little confused about some things. I’m really trying to figure out how old it is & what sex it is. I was waiting patiently for the yellow ring to form around the eye, but I have yet to see that happen. I thought it would...
  2. outsageous

    PLEASE help me

    Okay, so I have absolutely no idea what to do right now. I’ve had a little orphaned duckling for almost a month now. He hadn’t been with any other ducklings, & I knew ducklings weren’t supposed to be alone like that so I finally went and got a Muscovy duckling as a companion. At first, they were...
  3. ThreeOfSeven

    10 Baby Wood Ducks (1st thought they were Mallards)

    I started this post in an established thread under another topic, but thought I would re-post it here for help and input. Late yesterday, baby mallards were trapped in a storm drain. 4-5 people got together to rescue them. Mama mallard was around for a time, but then left. (I live in a...
  4. H

    Will my mallards ever befriend my Muscovy and Wood Duck?

    My rescued Mallards were 3 weeks when I introduced them to a newly hatched Wood Duck. They were Not welcoming and chased and pecked at the tiny little guy. I acquired 2 newly hatched Muscovy to keep him company. I want all to get along so eventually they can roam freely. To this extent, I...
  5. G

    Wood duck nest box not working

    We installed 3 wood duck nest boxes several years ago. And I’m observing wood ducks on the lake. But it seems they won’t use the nice and safe pine shaving filled boxes. Any suggestions?
  6. Roundlakeduck

    9 week old juvenile wood drake with sprained leg or Flipper ☹️

    I looked at it and nothing seems broken. He does not seem uncomfortable or in pain other than that?it. He can stretch out his leg, and put a bit of weight on it, but is having trouble walking. He also can swim pretty well with it too. I think it happened in one of his many attempts at flying...
  7. Brentqu

    Setting mandarin eggs :)

    I’m setting 10 mandarin eggs in my gqf1502 any tips and tricks would be awesome!!!
  8. Brentqu

    ISO wood duck eggs

    I’m wanting to hatch some wood duck eggs. Anybody have any?
  9. F

    Wood ducks wanted

    Does anyone sell woodducklings or eggs I have been looking everywhere and can’t find them and I’ve done my research. I also raise mallards and I’ve been looking for wood ducks for 3 years, I want to raise them as young so I can bond more. If anyone is selling eggs or ducklings please let me know...
  10. L

    wood duck information

    hi, i have recently order various duckling breeds that will come in just in time for spring. i love ducks, but am somewhat a beginner when it comes to raising them. i have been looking into raising wood (or mandarin) ducks to place on a pond next to my house. i’m wondering if they will need some...