wood ducks

  1. J

    Wood duck sale and disposal permit Massachusetts

    Hello I am trying to breed my wood ducks and sell them I am in the process of getting the federal water fowl sale and disposal permit but I am wondering if I am required to have a state permit in Massachusetts in order to do so I would love to hear some of your answers out there thank you very...
  2. outsageous

    information on wood ducks needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been raising a Wood duck for almost 10 weeks now, & I’m a little confused about some things. I’m really trying to figure out how old it is & what sex it is. I was waiting patiently for the yellow ring to form around the eye, but I have yet to see that happen. I thought it would...
  3. C

    Help/advice: rescuing wood duck eggs

    Hello there, I've been searching for help online to figure out how to help some wood duck eggs and I noticed that there are people here who seem to have experience hatching duck eggs. Here's the situation: we had a mother wood duck lay and incubate eggs in our screech owl box. A raccoon...
  4. G

    Wood duck nest box not working

    We installed 3 wood duck nest boxes several years ago. And I’m observing wood ducks on the lake. But it seems they won’t use the nice and safe pine shaving filled boxes. Any suggestions?
  5. S

    wood ducks and other wild duck

    I have wood ducks I bought legally and next spring will have off spring to sell. just received my permit application. square footage of aviary is 256 square feet. two breeding boxes,6.5 feet tall with 8ft pitch and a 4x4x1ft pond ,how many ducks can I keep in that square footage and do you...
  6. O

    New to backyard chickens

    Hello just wanted to introduce myself since I am new to this site. I have turned my 4 acres into a somewhat mini farm. I have 10 goats, 8 different breeds of chickens, 3 different breeds of quail, and hogs. I am interested in certain pheasant types and in mandarin and wood ducks. Would love to...
  7. Cailyn Riley

    Mandarin and wood duck questions!

    it has taken me forever to figure out how to post- for that reason I have a million and one questions. First, here’s some background. We found a baby wood duck back in July- our intentions were to give him to our local wildlife sanctuary but actually heard some terrible things about them from...
  8. Ashlee the bird newb

    Hello y' all this is my introduction

    I'm Ashlee, and I actually don't own fowl, the most I own that is actually a bird is a peach faced lovebird named Jojo. I also own a 20 gallon tetra and angelfish tank, a 5 gallon tank (that'll soon have a snail and some shrimp) with a betta named Vitbi , and a nine year old yorkie named Reeses...
  9. K

    Raising rescued baby wood ducks

    We rescued wood duck eggs and incubated them. 7 hatched! They are now 5 1/2 weeks old and thriving. I have a friend that has a large pond that I will release them at when they are ready. What age should I release them? When do they start to fly? I have them on duck starter food- do they stay on...
  10. C

    First time hatching ducklings need help!

    I hatched out three baby wood ducks and they are about two days old. They are all running around except two of them have either the umbilical cord or dried blood covering their vent. I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to lose them! Please help
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