1. ThatChickenLady708


    I just bought these babies & this one has a serious spot on it! I thought it was poopy butt, but when I actually got in there I saw the poor thing has (what looks to be) a scab! This particular baby has been very sleepy. I chalked it up to being, well, a baby. It eats, drinks & runs around for...
  2. R

    Chicken eye excessive tears exposed lacrimal membrane

    Please help.... I don't know why one of my 8month old pullet's one eye is excessively lacrimating with bubbling tears and also a white membrane is covering the medial aspect.... What should i do? But the eye(pupil) itself seems clear not cloudy. Please help.... i don't want her to get blind...
  3. Flowerfairy

    Dog Attack. (Warning graphic photo)

    Long story short: A husky dog had gotten into my yard as a lady was walking it. Not sure how she lost control of the dog but the dog got ahold of two of my chickens. I was not home for the incident but I came shortly after. Feathers were everywhere. One set of feathers from my speckled Sussex...
  4. T

    Adult Wyandote Hen badly bitten on back of neck

    At 1 a.m. tonight I interrupted some kind of animal attack. Likely raccoon. I was late in closing up the coop. My hen was squawking and laying still outside. She was missing a lot of feathers in a few areas, but the only serious wound was on the back of her neck. (See picture.) Initially sprayed...
  5. E

    Injured duck unable to walk

    My 3 ducks got attacked by a coyote 3 nights ago. 2 passed away, but one survived the attack. He has five wounds, but we treated them and he is healing very well. Up until today he has been able to slowly walk around, but today he has began limping and refusing to put any weight on his foot. I...
  6. Kiariana

    Wound on molting hen- from picking? Need to do anything??

    One of my molting hens has a scabbed wound on her butt, where she's started molting. I think it is probably from picking and already sprayed the birds with stop-pick, but the area is swollen and firm to the touch. I want to make sure this isn't something to worry overmuch about. I've given her a...
  7. PopoMyers

    What to use for flushing wounds

    Ok, I have watched too many vet shows and read numerous articles about what to use to flush out wounds. ( like bumblefoot surgery, dirty wounds) What do you prefer to use, what is the best recommended, how to make the dilutions? Peroxide is not good? ( Injures tissue) Povidone, iodine...
  8. sophiasflock

    My hens tongue is through the skin under her beak

    My year and 2 month old hen has a injury. This has never happened to me before and I tried to research about it, I didn’t get much help. Her tongue pierced through the soft skin under her beak in between her 2 small wattles. The end that is poking out is hard and will not move at all. I tried to...
  9. SophiaLinn

    Help with bumble foot

    previous post on this chicken for context: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/advice-on-residual-bumble-foot-problems.1486032/ So since this post i’ve been doing epsom salt soaks and applying prid. Today I pulled out the plug. I’m a little frustrated because the vet said the...
  10. K

    Torn ear lobe

    Hey everyone! Looking for some first aid advice! It appears that one of my hens got her head through some chicken wire and tugged and she tore her ear lobe right down. I currently have her separated from everyone else, cleaned the wound, and have given her some electrolyte water. She is eating...
  11. SophiaLinn

    Crusty head wound?

    One of my chickens that was added to the flock about a month ago has a weird crusty wound on her head that I just noticed today. I don’t know how long it may have been there because she’s normally very skittish and doesn’t let me near her or pick her up. But now she’s squatting so I was able to...
  12. T

    Fox Attack, need advice

    This is Milky, she was attacked by a fox yesterday. We got to her just in time, and the wound doesn’t seem to have gone deeper than skin and we cleaned the wound out already. What is scaring me though is that she’s always timid and scared of us, but she’s not struggling too much when we pick her...
  13. R

    Foot wound?

    Please help my indoor chickens..... They have black spots growth or wound on their feet .... been placing betadine and also oregano extract on their feet... not only on their feet there seems to have white spot on their comb / wattle. Multiple chickens involved. 2 pullet 5 month old, 3 2month...
  14. thirteen wings farms

    HELLO !! IMPORTANT HELP PLEASE DUCK ATTACKED NOSEBLEED long story it’s important though

    so on friday (it’s monday) my duck mushu was found in the evening injured and covered in fly eggs. i used a lice comb to get most of the eggs off, but a few straggling maggots made their way into her head wound, which seems to go down to the bone. it is located right between her eyes and right...
  15. NewToTheFlocks

    Young Hen bullied and brutally injured, help!

    **Graphic Imagery Warning!** Hello, Yesterday around 6pm I found out that one of my family’s juvenile birds escaped their side of the enclosure (they are separated from the adult birds by a plastic mesh fence) and was brutally attacked by the hens. She is a Rhode Island White around 2 1/2...
  16. R

    2 week old chicks losing back feathers

    Please help me with this thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/bully-4-week-old-chick.1475476/page-3 I have two week old chicks yesterday found with bald spots on their back near the tail area. Could this be caused by parasite? Or is just pecking by others? 5 out of 7 chicks have...
  17. L

    Head wound care and treatment (graphic pictures)

    Six days ago, I caught the rooster harassing and pecking at the RIR who ended up injured. Her name is Pinky. He had her backed up into a corner against the house and was just going at her. I promptly went outside and broke it up and checked her. Thankfully she was not injured, but she did spend...
  18. E

    Treating wound

    In the process of establishing a pecking order between our existing flock and two new chickens, one got an open wound on her neck. Wondering if the would will heal on its own or if we need to do something to treat it. We have separated her and the other new chicken from the flock again.
  19. J

    Unknown duck injury

    I noticed this wound under the end of my female peckin’s right wing. I’m guessing it was from a tumble down the hill, but I’m not certain. If anyone has had any similar issues, or knows how to treat the wound, then any information would be greatly appreciated.
  20. otoro

    The Fox Attacks: Chapter III

    So yesterday was our third run in with a local fox. He hasn't killed one of our girls yet, but came close twice. Yesterday was another close call. He bit "Princess" - an Ameracauna who is 3 years old twice. While she is not in critical condition, I think her injuries are more than mild. She...
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