1. A

    Chicken attacked by dog, please help!

    A dog we’ve been fostering got loose on our chickens yesterday. She attacked one of the chickens by the neck. The chicken is still alive, but she sustained serious injuries. At this point, I don’t know what to do going forward. So far, all that I’ve done is applied hydrogen peroxide regularly...
  2. S

    Help injured chicken

    Today my rooster was attacked my a loose dog in our neighborhood. It looks to have gotten ahold of his neck and he seems injured pretty bad. It seems as though only small wounds but all of his neck feathers are ripped off and hanging from one side of his face.! Help any advice would be greatly...
  3. K

    Flystrike and how to treat it?

    Can someone tell me if this is flystrike on my hens chest? I've had chickens my whole life and never dealt with flystrike before. If it is flystrike, how do I treat it?
  4. Lande-la

    Dog attacked my chicken

    I had a dog attack my chicken this morning. I got the dog off her. at first I thought she was dead but then I could see her breathing and when I picked her up she lifted her head. Other than that she was completely still and in shock. I immediately brought her in the house, put her in a crate...
  5. V

    My chick has a numb tongue? HELP!

    My 3-4 month old chick was beaten up badly yesterday after her siblings attacked her and pecked him badly around the head and neck. Her wounds are VERY bad and she has been pretty weak so we’ve been feeding her some food mixed with water. While feeding her, we noticed that her tongue kept...
  6. WatkinsCluckers


    I think I need to quarantine one of my Silkies due to a head sore that won’t get better. Do chickens get depressed when they have to be separated from the group? And if so, how long is too long?
  7. Esshea

    Cuckoo Maran chick keeps injuring Color pack

    I got chicks from Coastal a few weeks ago. 2 Cuckoo Marans and 2 color packs. They have been in the same brooder together since purchase and are about 4.5- 5 weeks old. When I saw the Marans at Coastal there was one who kept pecking the neck of another chick. I didn’t think I ended up with that...
  8. S

    My duck was attacked by something idk what! Advice needed

    Hello! So for a little background I got 3 Pekin ducklings back in March from tractor supply. I did a lot of research and raised them on our screened in porch with the intent to move them to the backyard when they’re bigger and eventually let them swim in our small lake in our backyard. Well this...
  9. D

    🆘 Major wound! flystrike

    Came out this morning to blood drops in the chicken coop and one of my chickens with a severe wound right under her vent completely infested with maggots. It seems that the flash was eaten overnight and now some of her internals are basically exposed. I’ve cleaned out all the maggots and I’m...
  10. baileeb

    Baby chick wound

    Hello all. As my chicks feathers are coming in ive noticed red, almost bleeding bald spots on their backs near shoulder blades. I believe it’s from other chicks pecking at her back. Should I seperate the perpetrator? Can I put neosporin (not sure if that’s spelt right) on the effected area? This...
  11. NH-McQs

    Large scabs on rooster comb

    Hi, Our large German Bielefelder rooster (age 2) has had scabs on his comb for several weeks. They were originally black, and have now changed to the color seen in the attached photos. I have tried to research, and all I can find is either the hens are pecking him or it's fowl pox, and...
  12. C

    Desperate please help!

    My dogs attacked my poor chicken Henrietta. I know this only happened because she is so friendly/trusting and doesn't run as fast as the other chickens. This is the sweetest chicken there is. She follows me around and stands on my shoulder and arms all the time. I really like her. It's the...
  13. Chickadooo

    Chicken got attacked by dog - video

    Let me know if video isn't working **Asking for tips/advice--- only from people who have experienced something similar, please** 1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) -- 1 year and 2 months old. Not sure on weight. 2) What is...
  14. IceHax

    Goose attacked by dog

    one of my 5 toulose geese was attacked by one of my two dogs tonight. It was entirely my fault, i usually close them up right before sunset, but today i was studying for an important exam and i figured i would do it before dinner instead, my dogs tolerate all the birds in the day, but for some...
  15. Barredbuzzard34

    Feathers ripped out and skin torn/muscle exposed (a LOT of pictures attached)

    Hi everybody. I have 12 barred rock pullets, probably about 8 weeks old. This morning, we had been free ranging them, and noticed one was not hanging out with the others. We found her hiding underneath a parked car, with her wing missing a lot of feathers. Upon further inspection it turned out...
  16. K

    How long do you keep a chicken separated while healing from a wound?

    Hello there! I’m new, but have kept backyard chickens for 5 years now. Yesterday night we had an attack. I think it was raccoons. One chicken was taken and another was injured. The injured chicken had a large patch of skin hanging down from the breast down to the leg. A surgeon friend of mine...
  17. P

    Wounded chicken from fox attack

    I had a hen get snatched by a fox yesterday evening around 6pm and drug into the woods. By 8pm she was running into the side of the pen wanting in...she escaped the fox! We let her in and locked her up. When i let her out today I noticed she had quite a few feathers missing, reached for her...
  18. Gonecluckingmad

    Injury? Infection? Worms? Help!

    Help! I'm at a loss on this one as I have never experienced it before. Half of my chickens face was swollen. I started with Vetericyn, then benadryl (1 dose), then Terramycin (7 days). It has been 11 days since the swelling started. It has decreased, but it's not gone. I pulled 'something'...
  19. M

    Senior chicken seriously injured!

    Today I walked out to the coop to find Val, my eight year old hen, limp in a pile of dirt. From what I can tell, it looks like her comb was pecked at and ripped off by the other chickens. Crusted blood is all over her face, and coming out of her nose... She is also having balance and vision...
  20. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Please Help! Injured, Bleeding Beak

    Hi all, we just noticed that our RIR ("Willow") has a cracked and chipped beak (two different spots). It's hard to capture but she had a crack down the side and a little chunk taken out at the top. It looks like it had been bleeding pretty good, since her beak was caked in old blood (and at that...
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