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  1. T

    4 wk old silkie wry neck coming back

    I have a 4 week old silkie I’ve been going above and freaking beyond for to fix its wry neck and for a week or so it was fixed. No sign of wry neck. I had been giving it nutridrench and then when it stopped drooping it’s neck I continued to give it the nutridrench just not as often. Well I had...
  2. T

    Wry neck survivor with bulging eye

    Hi all. I have a silky that showed signs of wry neck at 2/3 days old. I immediately looked it up, found a lot of info from this site about vitamin e and selenium and began giving it both of these. It cured it but then a week or so later, so it was about 2 weeks old at this point maybe, it...
  3. A

    Wry neck, botulism, or something else?

    Bantam hen, older (9-10+ years old) About a week & a half ago I noticed one of my older hens was having some trouble breathing, but figured it was because of a high pollen count here, humidity, and the change in weather…or that it was just old age related and that she would be passing soon...
  4. J

    Possible Wry Neck? HELP!

    Advice Needed! I have a 5 month old Silkie Pullet battling with what I believe is Wry Neck. As of today it’s officially been a week and I have seen improvements! I know people say it get worse before it get better but now I’m worried about her bowels. She has been eating and drinking now on her...
  5. RainValleyFarm

    Wry neck and eye problem?

    I have a 6 day old chick struggling with wry neck. She has been struggling since day one. Been giving her raw yolk and water with some honey. I can get some rooster booster down her but she's very bad about anything with vitamins mixed in it. If I drop it onto her beak she flings her head and it...
  6. B

    3 wk old chick severe sour crop? Help

    Hello- my little girl who had wry neck already and a rupture air sac(that I “popped”) in her short life and impacted crop now I believe has sour crop! She has a huge balloon in her crop (center of chest, don’t think it’s an air sac) and is vomiting often. She’s clearly starving but can’t hold...
  7. M

    Help! Chick with wry neck.

    Help! I’ve got a 6 week old Ameracauna chick with wry neck. We’ve been isolating her, as well as supplementing selenium, vitamin E, and adding electrolytes to her water. She seemed a little better for a few days, but today she’s been writhing as her neck will twist and then she is “stuck” on...
  8. M

    Crook neck after illness

    My Rhode Island Red has developed a stargazing neck after being ill. The illness seems to be gone but she can not hold her neck up. She is: About a year old Healthy until getting a respiratory illness- took Tylan prescription While taking Tylan we provided probiotics and vitamin water, which...
  9. nmr

    Feeding silkie chick with wry neck?

    I have a silkie chick (hatched 12/25/20) with wry neck and I’m wondering if I should start trying to feed her with an oral syringe. I was hoping someone could point me to a good video or instructions for hand-feeding a chick with wry neck. She does seem to be eating and drinking on her own, but...
  10. Myavia

    Wry Neck In Day Old Chick

    Hi I have a silkie chick who just hatched a day or two ago. Today, when I took the chicks out of the incubator, I noticed that one of the chicks has wry neck. It wasnt super bad at first, just a bit crooked looking off to the side, but it’s already progress so much that the chick can barely...
  11. L

    One day old chick with wry neck. Please help!!

    Hi everyone I have a little orpington buff chick that hatched yesterday and sadly it seems like he has wry neck. The only things that I can get my hands on is selenium and vitamin E tables from a drug store. Our pet and vet shops don’t seem to have any supplements for chickens. The only other...
  12. A

    Rescue Duck- still having neck problems.

    I posted about these two ducklings a friend brought to my house after she found them at a lake. While she was there someone left them and drove away. They seemed malnourished (weak, bent legs) and so I started them on B vitamins in addition to their chick food and nutritional yeast and greens...
  13. Buttnugetcentral

    Air bubble

    One of my 6 month old polish bantam has wry neck for the last 2 weeks, we have been treating with nutri drench and antibiotics. We just found an air bubble on her right side just above her wing by her head. What is it and do I pop it. Her wry neck has only gotten a small bit better also she has...
  14. Buttnugetcentral

    Air bubble on shoulder

    One of my 6 month old polish bantam has wry neck for the last 2 weeks, we have been treating with nutri drench and antibiotics. We just found an air bubble on her right side just above her wing by her head. What is it and do I pop it. Her wry neck has only gotten a small bit better also
  15. BSallee

    HELP!! My Silver Laced Wyandotte has had wry neck since August

    My little girl has had wry neck since August. She can eat and drink on her own now but she still loses control of her head and it will twist under her and almost windmill till she regains control. I have her inside and I take her out to visit her sisters and she can walk around with her head...
  16. K Mole

    Wry neck in baby silkie

    Last night while we were bringing out girls in from outside, one kicked our silkie in the head when she went to jump on a perch. Immediately after our silkie had wry neck. It seems to have worsened overnight so I separated her from the others. There is vitamin e in her water. I also have...
  17. chickbee

    Wry Neck? Neurological? What is this?

    I have a hen that is a couple years old. Rescued/adopted from an animal sanctuary near me. In the mornings, when she comes out of her coop, I notice her body pulling to the right and left while her head stays in place. It happens repeatedly. She isn't doing it all the time. Her neck doesn't...
  18. A

    Wry neck

    Hi :) I have my first chick born with wry neck. I have read that vitamin E oil helps but I am having trouble finding a dosage amount. Is anyone able to help? Thank you in advance :)
  19. S

    Runner Duckling with Severe Corkscrew Neck (wry neck?) and Shriveled Foot

    (First paragraph is about hatching process of all the eggs, second paragraph talks about the duckling in need) So, I ordered my duck eggs from Metzer farms (First time hatching or owning ducks) on July 1st and received them late on July 6th or 7th. On Monday, August 3rd (about 28 days), most of...
  20. F

    HELP! Sick 3 month old Buff Orpington. Is this vitamin deficiency, Marek's or Wry Neck???

    Yesterday morning, Blondie, my 3 month old Buff Orpington, wouldn't come out of the coop. She was acting lethargic so I immediately brought her inside and gave her some electrolytes in water. She then started getting really droopy, very tired and wouldn't eat or drink. I posted a video to a FB...
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