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  1. marielita777

    Two day old chick with wry neck

    I have a two day old chick with a wry neck. My question is, how often do I feed him the vitamin E and B-complex? Thank y’all so much in advance. 🥰
  2. A

    2.5 Week Old Chick- Wry Neck, Splay Legs, Curled Toes Got Better and Now Worse...

    This is Miracle when she(or he) was getting better, her feathers fuller and able to stand and starting to be able to eat on her own. She had a rough hatch where you can see her trying to come out of her shell for 24 hours about 2-3 days after the other chicks hatched in the incubator. They...
  3. A

    Wry Neck Advice

    In your opinion, how long would you give a chicken with wry neck before giving up? Im running out of hope and things to try. I haven’t noticed any improvements. I’ve been helping her for 20 days now and I don’t think it’s a vitamin deficiency anymore.
  4. S

    My quail has a qry neck and cannot stand or walk at all! Someone help.

    My quail recently got in an accident and hit her head off the floor causing her to get a wry neck. I am so worried. But now she's gone worse. I've been feeding her and helping her drink but now she refuses to eat and drink. She also cannot walk which I found very sad and researched it online...
  5. S

    Help! Second lame pullet in 2 weeks!

    Hi. Two weeks ago I posted about a salmon faverolle of mine “fluffy” that started walking backwards, drunken, flapping wings, trunk head sideways. I’ve tried most everything from antibiotics and probiotics, to vitamin B selenium and vitamin E supplementation. I’m giving up now and I think I...
  6. faithyea4

    Chicken with Wry neck - currently treating - is there anything else I can do?

    Hi all, I have a buff Orpington hen with wry neck. She’s under two years old and slowly it’s gotten worse, so I’ve isolated her from the other hens in a dog crate with water, food and I’ve been feeding her egg and sunflower seeds mixed together with vitamin E supplement. Right now it is...
  7. StepfordCuckoos

    Wry neck in silkie?

    I have a silkie who has been inside for a while now. She needed some major TLC and time to regrow her feathers. Her feathers have come in really nicely (she had lost almost all of them). Over the course of her time inside, she went broody and now we have a chick. I wanted to move her outside a...
  8. Wry Neck in a Chick

    Wry Neck in a Chick

    Symptoms My barred rock pullet was 9 days old when I noticed that something was wrong. Her little neck had begun to twist back and upwards, leaving her fighting to stand upright, and forcing her head slowly and mercilessly around until her throat faced the sky. It didn’t happen all at once, but...
  9. T

    Wry neck symptoms

    Hi , so I have a 13 week old silkie cockerel with wry neck symptoms. When we first noticed something was wrong (6/8 I think), it was just a small head tilt. I brought him inside and immediately started giving vitamin e with selenium and polyvisol. The next day he was standing with a slight head...
  10. R

    Month old Rhode Island Red with wry neck not being receptive to food or water, not even entirely sure if it’s wry neck

    I have six Rhode Island Red chicks who are about five weeks old. Monday, I notice one hen seemed to be super focused on her feet (I.e keeping her head down to her chest and rubbing her head back and forth) but after a couple of minutes, she straightened up and I didn’t see her doing it again...
  11. A


    Does anyone know how to treat a chick with wry neck? We’ve got a silkie chick (probably a rooster) with wry neck. He is a about a week and a half old. He’s in the brooder with 7 other chicks do you have any advice on what I can do? What are the risks? Can he die from it? (I do not cull my...
  12. BlossomSilkies

    VIDEO Strange Silkie behavior

    I have this little silky she’s about seven or eight weeks old. Mostly she’s acting normal but if you watch these two videos you’ll see her kind of look like she’s got her head way down under her tummy walking backwards, and one of them she even does a complete somersault. And when I pick her up...
  13. B

    Help - Is this a wry neck or constipation?

    What can I do to help it out and treat the situation?
  14. Phantom_k9

    Neck Jolting (Need Help!)

    One of our birds hasn't been doing so hot. As of tonight, her neck has started to jolt either left or right, and im not sure whats happening. She has been isolating a bit for a few days and hasn't been eating or drinking as much either, but she's 3 years old so i figured that it might just be...
  15. schnauzerpup

    Head trauma - wry neck?

    Our 14 week chick had accidental head trauma Tuesday (stick fell on head). Immediately had issues with balance, and was twisting head to the right constantly. It tried to eat initially, but has worsened. Now it sleep all day, rarely moves except with jerky legs/wings. It does move its tongue...
  16. MotherOfCharlie

    4 out of 11 quail hatchlings have wry neck! (I think)?? Is that possible?

    Hello Wise ones .. So, im on my second hatch .. out of 15 eggs, 11 have hatched so far! Which is great! One more is pipping! 4 of these tiny chicks have wry neck, I think .. can that be? It’s Sunday here in Germany, everything is closed .. I have them each separated in small boxes in the...
  17. M

    Crooked neck 6 weeks

    Hi everyone, I am a teacher and know nothing about raising chicks. My school hatched some eggs, one was taking way over 24 hours and I helped it ( I then read online that I shouldn’t have).In any case this chick is now 6 weeks old with a crooked neck and bald patches. He eats and grows well but...
  18. 907poultry

    Sick/injured Turkey Poult, possible wry neck?

    I have a (Royal palm?) turkey poult hatched 03/14 (~3 weeks) He/She weighs 119 grams. The others weigh 357g, 312g, 245g, and 253g. His/Her neck is held severely sloped to the side, it runs backwards in circles, and chirps incessantly. The neck started a couple days ago, it arrived small and has...
  19. Amy Weaver

    Wry Neck and Swollen Earlobe

    I've been treating a chicken for wry neck. She seemed to be getting better, then went backwards, hardly being able to hold her neck up at all. Today, I noticed her left earlobe is swollen (beginning stages... no debris, discharge, or sores). She's also been mouth breathing, so I have to assume...
  20. Grace


    Little Grace is now holding her head up!
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