1. ChickChic00

    What breed are these 3 roosters?

    Got some roosters from a friend and he got them from rural king and one of them from a breeder. One is supposed to be a blue Sapphire gem. And the other two wyandottes. They don't really look both like wyandottes to me. One has straight comb and more black.
  2. T

    Red laced blue Wyandotte

    Sorry, but asking again. I’m trying to make sure this is looking like a pullet and not a cockerel. She’s about 9-10 weeks, bit more. She really likes to strut around with her tail up high. She’s also getting more of a comb than the others, with one little bead. I don’t know much about this...
  3. Bmeadows

    Family project

    My daughter and I are starting to raise chickens for eggs and entertainment. We have read a lot of tips on the internet about runs. I put some logs, stumps, big rocks and planted them a veggie garden. Anyone have any tips on how to get the shy chickens to interact with the other chickens and...
  4. K

    What traits/appearance is looked for in show quality gold laced wyandottes

    Hi everyone, I have recently purchased 2 gold laced wyandottes and i am hoping to eventually enter them in my local show. I was just wondering what traits/colour/appearance is looked for in gold laced wyandottes? Thank you
  5. XxAngiexX

    Hens or Roosters?

    I recently bought five, month-and-a-half-old chicks of different breeds. The man told us that they all should be pullets, but he wasn’t sure. There are two golden laced wyandottes, two red laced wyandottes, and I can’t remember what he said the last one was. I raise them as pets, and for the...
  6. J

    When to move chicks to coop outside

    Hi all, I am wondering what age we can move our chicks to the coop. I have seen so many different articles on when to actually let them in the coop outside. We have 14 Easter Egger Hens and they are currently 2 weeks and 2 days. We are starting to build the coop, now that we finally have nice...
  7. cstephens1987


    So my little flock is ranging in age from 4.5-5.5 weeks and I do believe I have spotted two, possibly three, roosters in the bunch. I'll post pictures and videos as they age for the next few weeks and let you guys tell me what you think (I'll keep my suspicions to myself for now). Also any help...
  8. violentpeach

    Wyandotte chicks and cayuga ducklings, advice?

    Hello, this is my first time raising birds. I grew up in farm country and have plenty of exposure to farm animals, but my family never had chickens, so I'm trying to do my due diligence to make sure i get things right. I've got four wyandotte chicks and two cayuga ducklings headed my way this...
  9. Crazy4Wyandottes

    New Member from NC - Liz

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes, I bought my first chickens last summer (2018) (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 9; I have 2 roosters and 7 hens. I would have 19, but my *former* dog killed 10! :o (3) What breeds do you have? I have 2 Easter...
  10. backyardchicks

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pullet or Rooster, 4 Weeks

    Pullet or Rooster? This is my first Blue Laced Red Wyandotte that I have ever had. Do the Wyandottes tend to feather slowly in both pullets and cockerels? This one is 4 weeks old and does not have very many feathers or much of a comb or waddle. If anyone has a photo that I can compare mine to...
  11. Thechickentrainer1999

    Wild Wyandottes!!!!!!

    I have had experience with chickens for over 6 years and have grown to love them more and more each day. I have raised 5 different types: black sex link, ee, buff orpington, black australorp, and silver laced Wyandottes. I have never had any problems taming them before but the wydottes are some...
  12. William Rains

    Silver Laced Wyandottes

    Hello, I have started hatching a couple of batches of chicks. But some are reaching an age where I am just guessing. I have a few photos here, of the first three I have hatched this year on the 2nd/3rd of June putting them at seven and a half weeks old. I think I may be lucky and have two...
  13. Ouwendyker

    Wyandotte Colour Genetics

    I have about 18 bantam wyandottes. 1 trio partridge, 1 pair golden laced, 1 pair buff laced(hens), 1 blue laced red hen, 1 pair white, 1 trio of black, 1 black rooster. All of them are in smaller pens in trios or pairs. I would like to have fewer but larger pens. The only way for me too do that...
  14. Broody Bottoms

    New Here From Texas

    Hi y'all, I have been reading the questions & replies on Backyard Chickens for a while now, so I finally decided I should join. A little over a year ago, I assembled a hen house & did some yard work for an elderly gentleman. Though I didn't expect anything in return for it, he insisted on...
  15. HuskerHens18

    What do you think of my Blue Wyandottes?

    Aren't these show quality Blue Wyandottes? NOT. Not only are they NOT BLUE, they're not even Wyandottes!!! I ordered them online and these are what arrived... so what are they? My first thought is Cochins. What colors are they? I am very curious and might want more actually. I can provide more...
  16. WestoftheRest

    Wyandotte Breeders.

    I am looking for someone who raises and ships Wyandotte eggs or chicks. I would even consider trios or pairs. I already have silver and gold laced chicks, so I am looking for different color patterns. Not really interested in black or white. Looking for quality birds, they don’t have to be...
  17. Hamaarahof

    Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Thanks for adding us. We run a hobby farm in western Canada. I grew up with exotic fowl from peacock to Emperor geese, to regular chickens and ducks of different breeds. It is not so exotic for us now. We focus more on heritage breeds and have a handful of SL Wyandottes, heritage ducks and Rex...
  18. Tiana's chickens


    5 weeks ago I spent $$ on 6 pure bred Wyandotte chicks, the were unsexed day olds but I would be happy if I just got 1 hen from them all... looking at the red colouring on their combs they all look like roosters to me now. Any thoughts? I have some people who are interested in buying the...
  19. ZeeAviatrix

    Same Breed Different Sized Eggs

    Hello, Chicken Lovers! One of my two hens, Emma, started laying eggs a couple of weeks ago...small, adorable, perfect little eggs. Today, the other hen named Millie, laid her first egg and, Oh, My!! her egg was huge in comparison! There is no problem guessing which one is her egg when looking...
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