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  1. J

    HELP! Possible EYP and need to know how long to wait before taking a new antibiotic

    Hi everyone! I NEED HELP/a ADVICE! Does anyone know how long I need to wait inbetween giving my girl a new antibiotic (Baytril) after giving her 10 days of her first antibiotic that didn’t work? (sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim) Sorry for the long post, BUT...... I seem to be having an issue...
  2. cluelesschickmother

    Starved chicks... one dead and one with enlarged crop!!

    I will preface by saying that I am really screwed up... I start with the story of what happened and end with my plead for help. We purchased two three week old splash silkie chicks to add to our flock of juvenile silkies from a wonderful small local hatchery. They supplied us with what we...
  3. Chickenguy6373


    Help my chicken keeps putting his neck up and down and opening his mouth like he is trying to suck in air he is an RIR don’t know age
  4. Chickenguy6373

    Help silkie chick

    Can anyone help I have a silkie chick who has been limping for 2-3 weeks all his toes stay straight out and he holds it up when standing he cannot perch
  5. Kathy Golla

    Bumblefoot-end stage healing

    Hello, I have a BO that has bumblefoot on both feet. Both feet luckily were not bad and we are currently in the healing process waiting for the hole the scab/small core was in to heal completely up. I have a question about the healing process. I'll talk about the foot that was treated first. It...
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