1. E

    Ducklings hatched with Yolk not fully absorbed.

    I had a time crawling all over internet articles that pertain to ducklings and chicks hatching with their yolks not being fully absorbed. Which seems to be surprisingly rare. This may sometimes occur when the duckling/chick is premature. All of the articles I came across had rather sad...
  2. Thechickentrainer1999

    Clear discharge from vent

    Went to check on the hens before bed and noticed one was acting different. She has clear liquid coming from her vent when she jumped on the roost bar some of it dripped below her and the other hens wanted to eat it? Could this be an egg broken inside of her? And if so, what can I do. Please help!
  3. LizzzyJo

    What are the Visual Stages of a Fertilized Egg?

    Hello! So, my roo is 6 months old now and I am beginning to get eggs that have a bit more prominent white spot on the yolk. However, the ones from this morning had a rather hard, flat, white disk attached to the yolk by a string. The disks were about a half inch in diameter. It didn't look like...
  4. Newbie80

    Incubator:Ducks problems

    We are hatching duck eggs in our classroom in an incubator. Monday we lost a duckling who hatched prematurely (we're assuming - it came out bloody and still had a full yoke). Yesterday two more pipped and then staled. We decided to leave them and give them time. This morning my coworker arrived...
  5. imneva

    What the heck is this??

    cracked an egg and got this! Is it the start of a double Yolker? Or what ??
  6. J

    Duck egg candling day 12

    this is my first time incubating eggs laying down the entire time. What should a candle of it look like at day 12? My egg is developing but to me it looks strange. I don't have a picture but can someone post pictures of yours at this more developed stage so I can compare. It looks like the yolk...
  7. Thechickentrainer1999


    2 months ago, I lost my pet chicken and it has been extremely hard for me. I kept her last egg that she laid and it has been sitting on the shelf for exactly 2 months as of tomorrow. I'm trying to keep it forever the shell that is but I'm afraid that it might rot. What's your opinion? Will it...
  8. K

    Duckling hatched with yolk attached

    Hey , I have my first duckling hatched today. He came out all except the bottom. He has the yolk attached to him and isn’t absorbed all the way, we’ve wrapped him back up in a damp washcloth and put him back in the incubator , is there anything else to do ?
  9. S

    Yolk-like poop, napping bird

    I recently purchased a red sex link hen with 3 others, just 18 weeks old or so. The one I’m worried about has very odd poos and appears lethargic, just napping all day and not really eating or drinking. She does perk up when I go to move her. I now have her separated from the group in a dog...
  10. Dianna63020

    Turkry hatched runny yolk

    I had a turkey hatch that the yolk was runny. She appears ok but I never seen that. She has an umbilical cord that seems long right at an inch. But there was raw runny yolk in the egg. Is this ok? I jus have never seen this before.
  11. SidneyC


    This chick pipped day 21/22 and then died in it's shell the next day. This is what it looks like..what should I think?
  12. C

    HELP: umbilical cord still attached to egg and chicken

    Hey guys. I hatched more chickens and one of them still has umbilical cord still attached to it and the egg attached to the other end. I left her in the incubator. It doesn’t affect her walking, She looks quite healthy otherwise. I decided to let nature take its course and for the cord to fall...
  13. kesrchicky16

    Duck yolk!

    When I bake I use my duck eggs, except cookies. Pure duck eggs can be a but much in cookies. IMO. That being said I'm used to cracking my duck eggs but this one shocked me. This is it next to a chicken egg.
  14. EggMan207

    Getting better flavor from the eggs/darker yolks

    Does anyone have any tips on what to feed the hens to make the eggs more flavorful or health? I think they are good now, but looking to make them better (the yolks are sometimes yellow and sometimes a are dark, almost orange color). I sell my eggs locally and people like the darker yolks and the...
  15. S

    Shell-less egg white only egg

    Hello! I am relatively new to chickens. I have 3 hens (Rhode island reds, I believe) and 1 bantam rooster. We have had them since about June and they have been great layers for us. They started not laying as much and we added whole corn to their feed, and started offering oyster shell a few...
  16. Thorleifur

    Watery Crop, Watery Poos, Laying Issues

    My hen is 7 months old, has been laying since 5 months (only taking a day or two off on rare occasion). She has not laid for two days and has been having watery poos. Sometimes no solids, all clear liquid. Today I noticed she was drinking excessive amounts of water which has made her crop...
  17. Hthomas23

    Desperate need of help please!

    Hiya, I could really do with some advise. I have 2 female African Runner Ducks who have been sitting on 5 eggs for around 2 1/2 - 3 weeks . around 5pm today I found one of the eggs in the garden. It looks like a rat has began eating the shell but the duckling was still moving inside I emptied...
  18. J

    Fly strike & Hole - Odd Problem

    Hi all! This is an extremely unusual health issue and I'm looking for any possible help. Three weeks ago I noticed one of our hens was sluggish & poo covered. I immediately took her for a bath only to discover the entire circular area under her vent/anus was covered in maggots. We rinsed &...
  19. Herdcutter

    Jersey Giant laying egg yolk with regular egg.

    I have a question. I have a Jersey Giant. It took me awhile to figure out who was laying double yolkers, but it is our biggest girl. All spring I fed pelleted layer. And then, I had a duck get lame, so I've switched to Flock Raiser and added oyster shell for the hens. OK, so all spring, I would...
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