1. E

    Fowl pox in chick 12-16 weeks old; vaccines/treatment?

    Hello, I have a happy, seemingly healthy young chick born mid April. She showed a few black spots on her comb. One quickly became inflamed and scabbed over. Now she has one on her eye and one on her chest. They get bigger daily. Is this fowl pox? If so, do I just use the sprays or vaccinate? If...
  2. C

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - Rusted Wing

    Hey y’all! I’m having an awful time trying to get answers. I have a 10 week old Blue laced red Wyandotte. I want to know if the red/rust coloring of the wing in the deciding factor for whether or not it’s a Roo. I’m getting mixed information. I really wish it were a hen. It’s so sweet.
  3. B

    Not eating enough because picky? Food & Poo Questions. (attached photo!!)

    My peachick is about 4 days old, and likes cooked egg, but doesn't like starter feed. I can sometimes get it to eat if I moisten the egg and put starter feed on it but its not as effective. I feel it isn't eating enough. maybe a teaspoon a couple times a day. What can I do to get it to eat more...
  4. CaliFarmsAR

    Help please!!!! Can Club foot and a joint infection be treated?!?!??

    Hey y’all! I need some help/advance here. I just started working at an equestrian barn and they have a 5 year old horses and he has Club foot and got a joint infection from the vet (they didn’t do the injection right). Can this be treated? If so what is the best way to? And after he recovers...
  5. Qquails899

    Introducing a new quail

    I keep quails as pets, I've only had 2 birds so far and they were 2 years old. One passed away this August, leaving the other one lonely. I tried to get an old friend for her, but I couldn't find anyone who sells their older birds so I got one that's about 2 months old. I'm afraid they won't get...
  6. HeathenHavenHomestead

    18 weeks trying to mate 10 week old

    I’m sure this has been discussed before but for some reason I have a really hard time using the search engine on BYC. Nothing ever comes up of relevance to what I’m trying to search. I usually wind up googling what I’m looking for then actually getting close to an article on BYC that I need...
  7. OrlandoMama

    My 13week pullet is sitting in nesting boxes. Will she be an early layer?

    I’ll be honest this is my first personal flock, but I’ve help raise chickens plenty of times with my parents for eggs and meat. I wasn’t expecting any eggs or laying behaviors for at least a month or so but one of my Rhode Island Reds started sitting in the nesting boxes. Also her comb and...
  8. R

    15-week old chicken laid egg

    Hi, I am concerned on my 15-week old chicken as today she laid her first egg(of course shell-less), should i start giving her layer feed? As i am concerned she is still young then she might become malnourished due to the early egg laying.
  9. R

    Help with young chicken with a broken lower beak

    So first of all im from Chile (sorry for the english) and its kinda hard to find a vet that can help birds/chickens over here and the one that i found told me that there nothing i can do and the only thing she can do is euthanasia... But my family and i dont want to do that so im looking for...
  10. L

    Wobbly Chicken

    Hi all :), We have just bought two white leghorns around two weeks ago, apparently at point of lay but am presuming they are younger due to size. One is doing well, however the other one has become lethargic in last day or so, will eat and drink have a short walk around but as soon as it...
  11. M

    TWO YOUNG ROOSTERS - West Palm Beach Florida

    Hi I am new to this forum, we recently purchased a home and were given 6 hens and two young roosters. My husband is disabled and the roosters are just to competitive and rambunctious for us to handle. I would really like to find them a good home, We are in the West Palm Beach area. They...
  12. L

    What breed is my chicken?

    Hi can anyone tell me which breed my 8 week old chicken is ? Has a pale face and pink crown and wattles .. yellow feet , do not know the sex yet and is too young for eggs at the moment.. would appreciate some feedback. Thankyou
  13. sixlittlechickens

    Need to Rehome 14 week old Silkie Bantam

    We have an adorable 14 week old healthy Silkie bantam roo in need of a good home. We ordered a straight run and got 3 roos, and there are not enough hens for the roosters, so we are looking to find a good home for one of them. He allows himself to be pet and held and hasn't started crowing yet...
  14. WardFam

    Young Leghorn Laying then stopped

    Hello! we are brand new to chicken raising... our first girl: a leghorn started laying a few weeks ago, right around 16 weeks old. at first she’d lay every couple of days then she went about four or five days of laying, now it’s been more than a week since she’s layed. (It has been about 90...
  15. Khaki mama

    Gender?-khaki cambells (pics)

    So we hatched six ducklings and they are about 4 and a half weeks old now, any ideas on the genders. One of them which we call Sargent has recentaly developed more of a brown beak then the others and definitely is the leader of them all. Heres some pics of Sargent. Sorry there not the best they...
  16. Gerby26

    What age is good enough to rehome!

    I have a amazing black drake muscovy who is 9-10 weeks old. He is fairly independent and very spunky, he allows me and some other people in my family to pet him on the back. But I have 2 drakes out the 3 ducklings I originally got. And we are keeping the other because he is even friendlier...
  17. ChickChic00

    4 Month Old Female Ducks Mixed

    What would happen if you breed a 4 month old mixed female duck. The mix is Rouen/Cayuga if that helps. No eggs yet. I just wanted to know if it would harm the female. I am not just tossing them in a pen and breeding them or anything, I just wanted to know if it would seriously harm the females...
  18. K

    Puffy eyes, no other symptoms

    Hi everyone, im new to chickens and this is my first flock. I have 11 chickens and a rooster all about 13 weeks old now and free range. About a month and a half ago, I started noticing one or two chickens with a reddish and puffy eye. About two/three weeks later, about half the flock had at...
  19. ejtalbert

    Is this a EE or a "Starlight Green Egger"

    So I just got this chick about 12 weeks ago, and she and a bunch of others were marked as "Starlight Green Eggers" which I had never heard of, but they laying info seemed plentiful so we got one. Now I am wondering if technically she is an Easter Egger. She looks just like one to me. I don't...
  20. M

    My Chickens Stay Mostly in the Coop

    For a few days now my 7 chickens have remained inside the coop and not coming down to the run most of the day. I don't understand why. None of them seem sick. I can coax them out for a few minutes to eat some snacks, but they will go right back in. A robin did try and build a nest in the yard...
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