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I'm trying to improve my Texas A&M's & Wisconsin Jumbo Bobwhites. My goal it to make them to lay more eggs, have them be meatier, and of course calmer.

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For heaven's sake.

Can some of you whose posts have been removed be any more rude to an enthusiastic member??????

I have cleaned this thread up and warnings have been issued.

No one is forcing anyone to post here.

If you don't want to participate then move along.

Anyone can start a discussion on anything that follows BYC rules.

I hope I am crystal clear on this.


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The Coturnix are my specialty. I heart them to death. I am working on size and trying to keep their colors intact.

Mibotsu posted one of my projects not long ago on my Golden Tuxedo project. The post to that thread is : https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=608333
is a lethal gene involved in the line. I am using Texas A and Ms and either Manchurian Golds or Italians. I mixed a M. Gold to the Italian and then Crossed the offspring to a Jumbo Brown to get the right size gene involved in there. Because M. Golds carry the lethal gene, it will be present in the tuxedo as well, or the pandas (which is the stage I am at at this point).

So the color genes involved so far is: Y, E, Y^F

Y being Yellow
E being extended brown
and Y^F being fawn

and we can't forget recessive white wh


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