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In the beautiful mountains and forests of northern Idaho, there is an Indian reservation, and a small town, only three miles away. Skinwalkers have threatened the people of both the Hothlepoya reservation and the town for decades, but things have now gotten worse, much worse... There has been sickness, break-ins, car accidents, mysterious murders and unexplainable deaths. The townspeople have no idea who or what is casing this streak of "bad luck", and the authorities are working overtime to find answers for all the questions and accusations flying their way.

But those on the reservation, they know what is happening, or at least Medicine Woman Orenda, she does. Orenda and The elders have met, discussed the worsening situation, they have done all they could to protect their people and the townspeople over the years, and they have come to one conclusion; they most fight fire with fire.

The elders have called for volunteers from their people, volunteers to become a half-Skinwalker, to be connected to the evil, but not fully part of it, and volunteers to become Medicine people, to help protect them and stop the evil from harming those around them.

A Skinwalker is a medicine person or which who chose to use his or her power for evil, and use what if called "Frenzy magic", to inflict pain and suffering on others. To become a Skinwalker requires the most evil of deeds, the killing of a close family member, and induction by another Skinwalker. They become humans who have acquired immense supernatural power, including the ability to transform into gruesome looking animals and sometimes, other people.

Skinwalkers are known to grave rob, cause car accidents, curse others with sickness, and murder. They use a powder, called "Corpse dust", to sicken, paralyze, and kill their victims. It is made from skulls, finger bones, and the bones of infants.

Skinwalker feed off of fear, sadness, and all negative emotions, it makes them stronger... They live among other humans, and seem just like anyone else. Though most Skinwalkers transform only at night, and live in their human form during the day, some will transform in the day, though it is rare.

Half Skinwalkers
They can only transform into one animal, unlike a true Skinwalker, who can transform into any animal. But like the true Skinwalker, they do not need the full pelt of that animal to transform, they only need a piece of it; skin, hair, tooth, bone, etc. When in human form, a half Skinwalker is stronger and faster then any human, and their senses are heightened like that of an animals. In animal form, they are stronger and faster then the animal that they take the form of.

Medicine people
They use herbal plants, spells and songs to do everything from healing to banishing, and have devoted their lives to the tribe. Those that wish to become a true Medicine person, most leave any relationships they have behind them, and work only towards the betterment of their people.

1. All BYC rules apply.
2. Gertrude McFuzz and I are in charge, what we say goes.
3. Take any fights or disagreements with other players to PMs.
4. ​Try to keep the population of girls and guys even.
5. All characters will suffer, and some will die. If you can't handle your characters dying, only make one character. Your favorite will be spared.
6. Keep it PG13. But be realistic with fighting, romance, and everyday life. Just keep the gory and heavy details to a minimum.
7. Censor any cursing, except for the first letter. (s***)
8. You can have as many characters as you want, but you have to play them.
9. No perfect characters, everyone has faults, and so should they.
10. Do NOT play other peoples' characters without their permission, and run it by us.
11. No one-liners, wright at least a small paragraph, unless the creativity juices aren't flowing.
12. Please use correct spelling and decent grammar.
13. Only use North American animals for your character/s to shift in to.
14. If you have read the rules, put your character's favorite thing in "Other" section on the Character Form. (Favorite song, book, movie, activity, etc.)

The characters that can be played are; a Native American on the reservation or in town, or someone from the town or an evil Skinwalker, with permission from one of us.

Please don't post Character Forms, PM them to: LoveThatChick or Gertrude McFuzz

Here is the Character page.

Character Form:
Name: (First and last, please.)
Location: (Reservation or Town)
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