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    A proud silver she-cat stood a top a huge tree trunk that belonged to a once huge tree. On both sides of her, standing two mouse lengths away were two other great leaders. The full moon shined directly above the many cats that gathered in the large clearing. The silver she-cat shook her pelt, which shimmered in the moon light, before she spoke loudly to get all the cats attention " The gathering will began now." the she-cat waits for a moment to make sure everycat is listening before she continues "As you all know there is a new threat to the clans. A group of cats that call themselves a tribe has appeared from the shadows and is attacking the clans in small bursts. We leaders fear for our warriors lives and the declining prey. All clans are to be on the lookout and warriors must not confront the enemy alone for fear of losing your life. Now more than ever the clans need to work together to defeat this threat and must put away their petty rivalries for the time being until we vanquish is threat." The she-cat nodded to the other leaders once she was finished and she sat down and listened to the mumbling concerns of the cats below.
    After the gathering a cat slithered from their hiding spot and dash stealthily back to their leader and reported what they had heard at the gathering. Their leader nodded and called a meeting of their own "Cats of the Tribe of Burning Fire, the clan scum are making plans against us so we must now make plans against them, and I have a perfect one" The leader hissed loudly to their tribe before turning around and slipping off into their den to construct a plan.


    The Tribe of Burning Fire is invading the clans and are ruthless and bad.

    But in reality they come from a harsh mountain that has run out of food and is covered with predators and they are only trying to survive. The do kill cats and invade others because they do not know of the warrior code because they do not live by it. They have different traditions that clash violently with the clans but...

    In the end everyone is just trying to survive

    Clan information:

    Starclan: The place where good clan cats go when then die.


    Dark Forest: The place where bad clan cats go when they die.


    Waterfallclan: This clan is home to mostly light colored cats who live closely by the warrior code. They love to decorate with shiny shells, pebbles, and fish scales.

    Territory: Waterfallclan has a territory with many small brooks and small trickling waterfalls. It's loosely covered by birch and willow trees that scatter here and there.

    Waterfallclan Camp: The camp is located in a cave behind the largest waterfall, this waterfall is the that runs into Bird Foot Lake.

    Bird Foot Lake: This small lake has the Waterfallclan's largest waterfall running into it. On the opposite side of the lake the three largest rivers come out of the lake. It was named when a clan cat discover after they climbed a tree that the lake looks like a bird's foot print.

    Training Stream: This is the stream where mentors take their apprentices to train. It's also the place they teach cats how to swim.

    Warm Shore: This shore is perfect for sunning cats because the shore has smooth stones and the sun is almost always shining on it. This shore is highly fought over by Waterfallclan and Cloudclan because an oak tree fell over the river border of the two clans and Cloudclan believes that Starclan let the oak tree fall to symbolize the territory as theirs. As of now it belongs to Waterfallclan.


    Small Fish: common
    Crabs: common
    Water vole: uncommon
    Frogs: uncommon
    Snakes: rare
    Salmon: rare


    Cloudclan: This clan is home to both light and dark cats, most are spotted, who live strictly by the warrior code because they believe they are closest to Starclan because of their tree top lifestyle.

    Territory: Cloudclan has a territory that's a thick forest of oak, scycamore, maple, and cedar trees. Cloudclan cats rarely leave the tree tops

    Cloudclan Camp: The camp is five oak trees that have grown together to form one huge tree. The dens are located at various levels on the tree.

    Star Touch Tree: This is an old sycamore tree that just happens to be the tallest tree in Cloudclan territory. Cats who climb to the top say it's like touching Starclan.

    Black Trees: Here blackened, burned, and broken trees can be found in this small spot of Cloudclan territory, it's considered cursed and only foolish apprentices go here.

    Training Branch: This is a very wide branch that apprentices can train on with out the fear of following out of the trees as long as they pay attention.


    Squirrel: common
    Small Birds: common
    Mice: uncommon
    Bats: uncommon
    Owls: rare
    Moles: rare


    Pineclan: This clan is home to mostly dark colored cats who live loosely by the warrior code. They are very mysterious and they like to keep their claws sharpened.

    Territory: A mainly dense and shadowy pine forest with bits of marsh land here and there. There are also many thickets and brambles.

    Pineclan Camp: The camp is located in the farthest reaches of Pineclan territory. It's a small incline hidden by trees and surrounded by brambles.

    Two Pines: Two pine trees that form an X. Cats like to go here to do friendly challenges like racing and climbing.

    Fox Tunnel: An old tunnel once made by foxes long ago. Pineclan cats use it in times of battle to easily get to the through Cloudclan territory with out worrying about cats attacking them from above.

    Deep Marsh: A small marsh spot that is deeper then it looks. It's marked by brambles so cats won't fall in and drown. It's avoided by all.

    Needle Clearing: This is a clearing covered in a thick layer of pine needles. Mentors often take apprentices here to train and learn to be silent while walking on the needles.


    Mice: common
    Frogs: common
    Voles: uncommon
    Snakes: uncommon
    Squirrels: rare
    Birds: rare


    Gathering Place: Every full moon clans report here in peace. A rather large clearing with a huge tree stump near the middle, Leader's Stump. Leaders speak from on top of the stump, deputies and medicine cats sit at the bottom of the stump.


    Moondip: Every half moon the medicine cats most go here to meet up. It's a hollowed out piece of ground with pond at the bottom for Starclan communication, it has perfect sized flat rocks around it for the cats to lay on.


    Clan Ranks and Names:

    Leader: The cats the leads the clan and makes most the rules. One per clan

    Deputy: Second in command. They organize patrols and become leader after the first one dies. One per clan.

    Medicine cat: Cat that does not fight or hunt, they are the healers. Two to three per clan.

    Medicine cat apprentice: Cat in training to be a medicine cat. One per clan.

    Warrior: The bulk of the clan, hunts and fights. Many per clan.

    Apprentice: Cat training to become a warrior: Few per clan.

    Queen: Cat who raises kits. Few per clan.

    Kit: To young to be apprenticed. Become apprenticed at 6 moons. Few per clan

    Elder: Old cat that has retired. Few per clan.

    Leaders names end with star. Example: Mousestar

    Deputy, warriors, queens, medicine cats, and elders have different names. Examples: Mousefur, Mouseclaw, Mouseheart, and etc.

    Apprentices end with paw. Example: Mousepaw

    Kits end with kit. Example: Mousekit


    Tribe Information:

    Tribe of Endless Hunting: Place where Tribe cats go when they die.


    Tribe of Burning Fire: This tribe is home to mostly earthy colored cats. They are crafty and sneaky and a vicious enemy but they are family to each other.

    Territory: They use to live in on a near by mountain but it had become over ran by predators and it was losing prey fast. They moved to a small moor land with small hills.

    Tribe of Burning Fire Camp: In a large cavern under the moor, there's four tunnels connecting to the Camp. They camp has a hole at the top so light can get in, the hole is surrounded by rocks so the camp can't be found.

    Tribe Tunnels: These many tunnels were made by rabbits long ago and are now the Tribe's main way of living.

    Burning Moors: Moors of dead grass, there isn't much prey and the Tribe doesn't go up there much in fear of be spotted by clan cats.

    Garlic Patches: There are many garlic patches near the Tribe's territory. They are used to mask the scent of the Tribe.

    Rippling Stream: This small stream is the source of water for the Tribe. It's also the way The Seer of Rippling Signs can communicate with The Tribe of Endless Hunting.


    Stolen prey from clans: common
    Rabbits: rare


    Tribe Ranks and Names:

    Healer: The Healer leads and heals the Tribe, they are also responsible for reads signs for The Tribe of Endless Hunting. There is only one.

    Healer to-be: The cat the The Tribe of Endless Hunting sends a sign to be the next Healer. There is only one.

    Prey-Hunter: These cats are small and fast. They catch prey for the Tribe. There are many.

    Tribe-Guard: These cats are big and strong. They guard the Tribe Tunnels and when there's a battle they fight. There are many.

    To-be: These cats are training to be either a Prey-Hunter or a Tribe-Guard. The Healer chooses what they train to be. There are a few.

    Kit-Mother: These cats have and take care of the kits. There are only a few.

    Kit: These cats are young to be a To-be so they are cared for by Kit-Mothers. They become To-bes at 8 moons. There are few.

    Elder: These cats are to old to be very active. There are only a few.

    Healers always have the name The Seer of Rippling Signs.

    All Tribe cats have different names. Examples: Watcher of Fading Ice, Bee that Flies High, Spot that Clings to Tree, and etc.


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    Please do not steal this, I worked for many nonstop hours on this ! Also don't kill or mangle other's cats without their permission, that's not nice. And no I didn't list the herbs because I don't think it's to necessary.
    Have fun~ Frosty

    P.s there's probably miss spelling, just ignore it please, sorry for my speed typing and lack of spelling skills.

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    Name: Willowstar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24 moons
    Personality: Intelligent and thinks logically. She's kind and very loyal but expects respect. She can be strict but she just wants what's best for her clan.
    Description: Look at profile picture for a good picture. Silver with one white ear and one icy blue eye, she's missing half her face. She covers her face with a leaf except for special occasions like ceremonies or gatherings, then she covers her face with beautiful flowers.
    History: She was born a rogue and her and her family was attacked by a badger, she was the only survivor but she lost half her face. She was found by a Splashclan patrol and taken in. She trained hard and become a great powerful and intelligent cat.
    Clan/Tribe: Waterfallclan
    Rank: Leader
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Mother named Frost (Deceased), father is unknown.
    Siblings: Brother named Fox (Deceased)
    Other: Has 8 lives
    Username: Frost bite88

    ~*Forum to Join*~

    Name: Stormshade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 moons
    Personality: Very brave and bold, likes to challenge things. Very nice.
    Description: A powerful dark grey tom with black swirling tabby stripes. Has dark blue eyes.
    History: Born and raised in Waterfallclan
    Clan/Tribe: Waterfallclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Flintclaw (father), Brooktail (mother)
    Siblings: Waveshine (sister)
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

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    Name: The Seer of Rippling Signs (Seer for short)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33 moons
    Personality: Very kind and wise to his tribe. He can be cold when he has to be especially when it comes to the clans, which he despises.
    Description: A lean russet tom with brown spots. He has big yellow eyes.
    History: Born in the old mountain territory and become Seer after the last one died to an eagle. He got a sign from The Tribe of Endless Hunting that told them it was time to move from the territory. He bravely lead his tribe to where they are now.
    Clan/Tribe: The Tribe of Burning Fire
    Rank: Healer
    Mate/Crush: Open
    Kits: None
    Parents: Hawk that Catches Prey (Father), Pebble that Rolls Slowly (Mother, Deceased)
    Siblings: Swoop of Sharp Sparrow (Sister, Deceased)
    Other: He can't leave the camp because he only has one life and the Tribe can not rise losing their Seer
    Username: Frost bite88

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    Name: Star that Shines at Night (Star or Starshine)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 8 moons
    Personality: Cheerful, happy, looks on the bright side of things, tries to cheer up others.
    Description: Very small and lean black she-cat with a white star like shape on her chest, she has white paws and tail tip. She has light green eyes that shine.
    History: Born a moon after the Tribe had found their new home, she has only heard stories about the mountain.
    Clan/Tribe: The Tribe of Burning Fire
    Rank: Prey-Hunter To-be
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Stone Watcher of Blue Stone and Wolf that Howls at Night
    Siblings: Fire that Roars at Night (Sister), Nightflower (Sister)
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

    ~*Forum to Join*~

    Name: Sunstar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27 moons
    Personality: Very spiritual with strong faith in Starclan, expects all his clan to be strong believers to. Very kind and obeys every warrior cat code. Feels deep disgust for cats who do not follow the code, like Pineclan, loners, rogues, and especially the Tribe
    Description: Muscular white tom with fire colored ginger tabby patches. He has bright amber eyes.
    History: Born and raised in Cloudclan and trained strongly under the warrior code.
    Clan/Tribe: Cloudclan
    Rank: Leader
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Firetalon (Father), Lightpelt (Mother)
    Siblings: Sparkshine (Sister)
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

    ~*Forum to Join*~

    Name: Canopykit ( shine)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 4 moons
    Personality: Very shy and quiet, likes to alone, very sweet.
    Description: A calico she-cat that has forest green eyes.
    History: Born in Cloudclan, not much else
    Clan/Tribe: Cloudclan
    Rank: kit (medicine cat apprentice in two moons)
    Mate/Crush: None
    Kits: None
    Parents: Sparkshine (Mother, Deceased), Branchfur (Father)
    Siblings: None
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

    ~*Forum to Join*~

    Name: Leopardmoon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 moons
    Personality: Very sweet and kind, but can become serious and cold almost instantly. She likes to organize patrols and run errands for her clan
    Description: Golden she-cat with darker gold leopard spots. She has black paws, ears, tail tip, a stripe that runs from her nose to her tail tip, and a crescent moon shape on her chest. Her eyes are a green blue
    History: Born in Pineclan and worked hard to be where she's at.
    Clan/Tribe: Pineclan
    Rank: Deputy
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Cheetahclaw (Mother), Sandfang (Father)
    Siblings: Paleclaw (Brother)
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

    ~*Forum to Join*~

    Name: Mudstrike
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16 moons
    Personality: Can be snappy and grumpy, is know to violent tendencies. Prefers to be alone so he doesn't upset any one because he tries to be a nice cat. He is super powerful
    Description: Very large muscular tom with light brown fur with darker brown paws and stripes on his legs, tail, and face. He has dark orange eyes.
    History: He was born half clan so he gets judged a lot.
    Clan/Tribe: Pineclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Creamheart (Mother), Wasp (Father)
    Siblings: Jumpsting (Brother)
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88
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    Name:Fire That Roars At Night(Fire)
    Age:23 moons
    Personality:Kind, sweet storng and brave in battle
    Description:Firey orange shecat
    History:Fire was abandoned as a kit and for that she was mostly hated by her Tribe and was a outcast for a while.When she was 10 moons old she came back, there was no Healer To-Be and the Tribe was desperate.She was shocked when they accepted her and even more shocked to be accepted by the Tribe Of Endless Hunting
    Clan/Tribe:Tribe Of Burning Fire
    Rank:Healer To-Be
    Kits:She doesn't want any
    Parents:Stone Watcher of Blue Stone and Wolf That Howls at Night
    Siblings:Star in Dark Night(Nightflower)An Star That Shines At Night

    Name:Nightflower(Star in Dark Night Formaly)
    Age:23 moons
    Personality:Kind, sweet, strong
    Description:pure black Shecat with a white flower like splotch on her forhead(hence her name)
    History:Nightflower decided to give up her name and Tribe and join the Clans.She knows her sister is mad and upset with her but she tries to not think about her.Nightflower was shock when she was chosen by Rainstar as deputy, she never thought it would happen cause of her Tribe Blood.
    Kits:None, but wants some maybe
    Parents:Stone Watcher Of Blue Stone and Wolf That Howls At Night
    Siblings:Fire That Roars At Night and Star That Shines At Night

    Age:45 moons
    Personality:Snappy, kind
    Description:Gray Shecat
    Mate/Crush:He was Hawkclaw but he was killed
    Other:I hope it's OK that I made a Leader and Deputy for the same Clan

    Age:Unknown/25 moons
    Personality:Kind, sweet/Kind, sweet, loving, firce, protective
    Description:Glden tabby/Jet black Shecat with electric blue eyes
    History:Goldentails best friend is Fernshade/Her best friend is Goldentail
    Mate/Crush:She keeps it a secret/He is unknown and dead, but she knows
    Kits:They will be:Firekit, Darkkit, And Wingkit.
    Parents:Dead/Cloverfur and Snapwing
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    It's coming along....... but veeeeery slowly [​IMG]

  5. XD it's fine, it took a couple of hours to make my characters so go at your pace, I don't mind
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    Oh good. That's comforting [​IMG] I'm typing them up on a document so I can log off if need be.

  7. That's so convenient, I use my Kindle so I can't do that!
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    I use my kindle alot too! I would probably type them up on my computer anyway, so I can keep track of them without having to constantly look at the member page [​IMG]

  10. Man that sounds so much easier but I've gotten use to the way I have to do it by now so I just kinda expect it

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