¿Crossing Cornish-cross(H) with SLWyandotte(R)?

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    My friend was raising more "McMeaties" this year, as we call them, and I managed to talk her out of continuing with them in years to come for various reasons, but this would be another story antirely. Around processing time, somehow one of our hens sustained a rather large injury behind her right leg, and there was this big, gnarly scab that formed after we had been doctoring her for a while. For whatever reason, in her mind, this constituted reason to leave the hen out of the processing batch and to do it later after the wound had healed (it was very hot weather at the time and they have a tendency to drop like flies in heat, hence my confusion at her decision). Time went on, the wound is nearly completely healed, and now we have this singular, giascudous white hen that waddles and hops along behind my little buff silkies as they forage in the side yard. She's really sweet - ya, I knew better than to get attached to an intended-for-meat animal, but I fail every once in a while - and she has been doing surprisingly well for her age/size. She appears perfectly healthy (as much as the crosses can ever be), doesn't have trouble walking and her legs are fine, breathing is fine.

    I wasn't going to say anything for a while, but after I had already decided I would convince my friend to keep her as long as she'll live and isn't suffering, she sprang the same idea on me. We got talking, and she had the idea of possibly crossing some of our wyandotte roosters with her, for what in theory would be a meatier, stockier version of a wyandotte, hopefully without the health problems. I just wanted to ask, have you ever heard of this particular cross or attempted to breed them? Any info would be very appreciated.

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