¿Where can poultry supplies be purchased?


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Quick question:
What is the best term to use when searching for a store with poultry feed and supplies?
Or, what company/store do you buy such items from that might be located in Salt Lake City?

Long version of my question:
Do you have a favorite place to purchase feed and other supplies from? I am just starting into the hobby of raising chicken’s. I’d like to visit a supply store and browse products before obtaining my first birds. I’m hoping to find someplace local that I can frequent for most of my (future) flocks needs. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. So far I’m confused as to what stores and companies sell supplies for raising poultry. I’ve ruled out pet stores as well as factories that sell only large farming equipment. Specifically, the products I’m looking for are: chick crumbles, grit, grain, cage/dust bath substrate etc. Would a store with those supplies sell incubators? I have an r-com but I’d like to purchase a mini incubator too.


Any help or suggestions from BYC forum members will be incredibly appreciated. Thank you for devoting some time to read a question from a newbie.

Here are some local places I’ve found for Salt Lake City:
Steve Regan Company
AA Callister
(not a great list so far…)
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Poultry supplies are often sold at businesses referred to as feed stores, farm stores and feed mills.

Online, many of the larger hatcheries sell a lot of these poultry supplies, also.

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