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  1. Garjzla

    Garjzla Overrun With Chickens

    Nov 28, 2014
    Please Read First

    A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.

    B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.

    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.

    D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.

    E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.



    Humans and humanoids used to live separately, but as humans populated more land the humanoids ran out of places to avoid them.
    So, they decided to live among the humans, but secretly. They still didn't trust anyone with their secret.

    Some turn themselves into humans, some cover up their animal features with makeup or clothes, and some just sneak around in the cities, staying hidden in allies and waiting until nighttime to get food.

    If their secret got out, the results could be both grand and devastating. Some humans would want to help them, and some would want to destroy them.

    Can their secret stay hidden, or will someone slip up and have their existence be known?



    History (optional):
    Pet (optional, mythical or normal):
    Picture (optional):
    Description (optional if there's a picture):
    Other (optional)


    Other things you should know:

    The only mythical creatures (besides pets) that are allowed are humanoids, or animals (mythical or normal) that can change into a human whenever they want.

    Humanoid examples: Harpies, mermaids, huldra, Satyr (or satyresses (female))


    My character:

    Name: Lapis
    Age: 258
    Gender: Female
    Species: Skogsra
    Personality: Lapis is quiet, and you can't quite tell if she's good or bad. She's clever, tricky, and will never tell you everything about herself.
    History (optional): Lapis used to be queen of Skogsra. When the king died, there was a rumor that it was her fault. But she simply said that another species was out to get them.
    And Lapis was correct. One night, at midnight, she left the entire group after warning them about the species. As far as she knows, they're all dead. Lapis believes that she's the last Skogsra, but doesn't mind.
    Pet (optional, mythical or normal): Lapis has a gigantic snake named Fenrir that comes to her when she calls, but he never enters the city due to his size.
    Picture (optional): [​IMG]

    Description (optional, if there's a picture):
    Other (optional): Lapis can speak to snakes and control them.

    Have fun and I hope you enjoy the story![​IMG]
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  2. Cluckcluck1215

    Cluckcluck1215 Overrun With Chickens

    Personality:kind and very sweet.morgana is very quiet.
    History:Morgana sister heather,is very evil,and has tried to kill her several times.
    Pet:a female hegehog named Lulu.
    Description:pure gray/silver hair with gray eyes,has a cow tail.she wears a pair of tan pants and a black shirt.

    Personality:mean,cold hearted,and evil.
    History:heather killed her and Morganas mom and dad when she was young and she ran away from morgana.
    Pet:a wolf with wings,her name is cinder.
    Description:pure black hair with very very pale skin.pricing blue stare.black pants with a blue shirt.
  3. Garjzla

    Garjzla Overrun With Chickens

    Nov 28, 2014

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