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    ~•Sn☼w Pack•~ "The Wild is calling, for You!" A Wolf-Pack RP.

    Who are we?

    Snow Pack is a group of Wolves, Not those fierce man eaters, but Gentle, Friendly Wolves. They live alongside the Chicken Clans, but never bother them. Or, yet. Someday, these 2 groups of animals will meet. Most Snow Pack wolves are White, Grey or A mixture of 1 of those with black. The rarest color is White and Red, which is the Alpha-Males fur. His name is Beavertail. All wolves in Snow Pack are named after local animals, such as the beaver.
    • If you don't like this thread, please stay off it [​IMG]
    • All BYC Rules
    • No "Instant Killing"
    • Try not to get too Bloody/Gross PLEASE!
    • Just have fun!
    • Must be named after REAL ANIMALS
    • Secret Code (See Joining Form): Winter

    Pack Positions (Highest displayed at top only):
    Alpha-Male: The leader, and must be male. Name ends with a noticeable part of the name's Animal.
    Alpha-Female: Basically the deputy, and at the same time, a leader. She must be female. Name ends with a noticeable part of the name's Animal.
    Herb Wolf: Medicine is his or hers duty, to heal and ease. Never goes into battle.
    Scouts: The swiftest, fastest and smallest wolves of the pack. Used to scout out food and plot possible attack routes. Also used as spies.
    Hunters: The scouts help find food when off mission, and the hunters move in and make the kill.
    Guards: The Bulkiest, Strongest Wolves in the Pack. They sleep with the Warriors, and are used as Guards to protect ALL members of the Pack.
    Pup-Mothers: They are females and raise pups untill they are Paws. Temporary position for Scouts/Warriors.
    Pups: The pups, duh!
    Paws:The Apprentices, all have "paw" at the end of their names. About 6 Moons old at start, 13 at finish.

    Cause no trouble to the pack, and may have been from the pack but left. Not from any pack. Can be made trusted.
    Rouges: Try to cause trouble in the pack, usually banned from the clan for a murder or other crime. DANGER: Do NOT trust, no matter how kind they seem!
    P.S.O (Pup. Stealer. Organization)
    These trouble-makers are a group of rouges from Snow Pack who steal our pups!
    What is an Apprentice?
    An apprentice is A Student. A learning animal. A Trainee. A Follower. At the bottom of the Alliance, you will see a section called "Apprentices and they're Mentors." Here, you will find the Paws paired up to a Hunter, Scout or Alpha. Whoever their Mentor is will determine their Rank. You have the choice of choosing who the Mentor is, and Apprentice's are only the Paws.
    You have been walking for many a moon now, and you think you are going to give out. You occasionally think you see a strange She-Wolf spying on you, and your sure you are seeing birds, as the shape is very Small. You come across a giant pile of rock, probably from a rock-fall. You slowly struggle up it, slipping a whole lot. You finally climb the last rock, and here, you see paradise. Prey. Lots of Prey. Deer, Moose, Birds, Turkey. Turkey. an easy to catch meal, your favorite. You spot a large Tom, so you slither up behind it and attack. The battle for the Toms life is lost. You hungrily dig in when a small Grey/Black She-wolf snarls her way to you. "Why are you stealing our prey?" She politely asks. "I-I- I didn't know, and I was hungry!" you Cry. She nods. "I'm Otter, From Snow Pack. You don't seem to be from the P.S.O, so join us. Or, simply Die." She winks, and starts walking away. Should you stay or follow?

    Beavertail- A Snow white and Fox red he-wolf who is loyal, energetic and loving. His mother was a wolf, father a fox.

    Swangrace (Swan, preferably to her)-She-wolf. Her underparts are a pure, snowy white, but her upperparts are a faint creamy brown. Her claws are ivorycolored, green eyes, a long dusty brown mane, and she inherited large, keen ears. She is muscular but streamlined in build. Sweet, loving, honest, and guards her clan fiercely.

    Herb Wolf:
    Osprey- Slate gray She-Wolf with white underparts, like a typical gray wolf. The only marked difference that sets her apart are odd markings on her face. Sweet, optimistic, and loving.

    Wren-Pure, thick, dazziling white coat with light blue eyes that stick out among her fur. She-wolf. Mysterious, kind, gentle, quiet, a little stubborn, loving, easy to get along with

    Otter- A Small Grey and black, Runt-O-the Litter She-wolf who is fast, swift and barely ever seen!

    Sandpiper- A thin Light Brown Wolf She-wolf who tends to hide in bushes when scouting. Very Shy and un-talkative and also cringes at everything.

    Pig- A spunky and mischievous Brown He-wolf who is 1 1/2 Feet tall.

    Hawk- A snow white She-Wolf with a small streak of red running from between her eyes to the tip of her nose. Usually quiet, calm, but hot tempered she-wolf

    Very pale gray She-Wolf who is quiet, but strong hearted. Better off independent.

    Eeve-Creamy white fur runs across her face and underside. She-wolf with Green eyes, and light brown fur covers her back. She Is quiet yet smart, & can think quickly to get out of difficult situations.

    - Blue-gray She wolf, with black streaks running over her back. Her tail is striped as well. Her legs have little fain black stripes running up them, and her face's stripes are more pronounced.She is kind, but can be fiery. Very very loyal and loving and can get carried away sometimes. She wants to raise her own pups one day, but is content for now.

    Zebra Grey She-wolf, with one blue eye and one brown. She is Outgoing, kind, and caring. Sometimes has a little too much empathy. Very protective, and a good actor.

    Kouprey- A Mostly white, along with some grayish furred He-Wolf who is good-tempered, happy, and loves to hunt.

    Crow- Soft fawn eyes of this He-wolf peek out from this under black eye brows, his face is calm and masked with white. The rest of him is a dull dusty gray dappled with white and his large broom-like tail is tipped white. Acts like a tough guy and generally is, but also he has a soft side and is usually up for anything. He’s Gerbils sworn guardian and to her, “Uncle“.

    Bear- Deep inky black He-wolf , so dark that he almost does not reflect light. His eerily glowing yellow eyes are of stark contrast to his body. He has some slate gray highlights on his toes, eyebrows, and the tip of his tail. Acts like a Loner most of the time. Also very Mysterious, quiet, and he usually keeps to himself. He often comes across as the emotionless, stoic type. He is afraid to ever love again after a tragedy in his life, and thus has not expressed having any crush. He has a very deep voice and long, bear-like claws.

    Falcon- A White She-Wolf with beige streaks on her back. She is Usually nice but has a certain darkness to her

    Robin- Light grey She-Wolf with a white belly with bright, sparkling blue eyes. She's sweet and outgoing, stands up for herself and her friends, helps rescue pups.

    Mouse-Fairly small night-black she-wolf except for on the tips of her ears and tail, and on her paws. She has inquisitive amber eyes. Very feisty. She thinks quickly and can catch almost any animal easily. Can be calm, but most of the time she is up for a fight. Likes to start fights, sometimes getting herself dangerously injured. Always poised for attack. At night time, when she thinks no one is listening, she cries. Her mother wanted boys, but all she got was one girl. Mouse grew up treated harshly, being beaten for every little mistake she made. When she got older, she was forced into being the executioner, murdering anyone who stood against the alpha male of her pack. Likes Eagle.

    Sparrow- Although his name is Sparrow, he resembles a robin. Sparrow is mostly black with white socks, tail tip and a border of white at the tips of his ears. His chest has bits of deep red on it. He-wolf. Kind and caring. He can be mischievous at times, and enjoys swimming, and catching fish.

    Eagle- A brown, white, black and gray patched He-wolf. He's very loyal, eats more than most, is fast for his size, brave, and won’t talk about where he came from.

    Tiger- An old grizzled He-wolf who has five black stripes running parallel to his spine on each side, which are actually deep scars. There is no fur around his neck, as humans restrained him in the past. Now he hates all humans. He sits at the border of the territory and howls until he is found.

    MoosePaw- Completely Red She-wolf with 2 large green eyes. Very energetic, curious and challenging. Her Red Fur is so Dark it appears brown, hence MOOSE.

    Chipmunk- Brownish/Grayish She-wolf who is Sweet and Caring. Finds herself Pretty.

    Dove- A totally white she-wolf except for a black streak from her nose to the tip of her tail. Motherly, sometimes a little bossy, calm, gentle, and a hunting expert.

    Finch- She-wolf with Pale blonde fur on the top, with white underparts. A few black stripes on her legs, one going down her tail, and another traveling vertically down her muzzle. Dark eyes. Shy, but willing to have pups. Also willing to nurse any pups that need nursing, but only can if she has pups. Needs a mate badly... and not just for her sake.

    Gerbil- Glossy black She-Wolf with a faint white ridge going down her back. Very Optimistic, loud and occasionally annoying. Gerbil and her 'uncle' Crow escaped from the catchers and since then they have been wandering the woods in search of somewhere safe to stay. For Now.

    Bee- A very Bright Brown He-wolf with Dark, Rich Dark Brown stripes running Over his Backbone to the other side. This pattern continues 8 times, giving him the looks of a Bee. Very Secretive, Flirty Wolf. He is Otters younger brother, And, Beavertail's Grandson, giving him a respected position, even as a Pup.

    Squirrel- An All black He-Wolf with a white face, a red stripe going down his muzzle, and a red-tipped tail. Very playful and makes friends easily, and is eager to learn. Very protective towards his mother and siblings, but as curious as a cat.

    Ibis- Pure white She Wolf, not a speck of any other color. Full of expression, frosty blue eyes. Very fuzzy and pretty. Brave for such a young age, isn't afraid to speak up. Bubbly and playful, ready to learn. She was Abandoned in the forest by her parents at only a few weeks old.

    Civet- Black mask, tail, and rear left leg over a white coat. She-wolf. She is quiet and shy, though curious. Also drifts from one thought to a different one quite quickly.

    Bluejay-Blueish-gray She-wolf with white underparts and legs, and black markings. Black mask over eyes, white face. Proud, with a touch of haughtiness, but really very friendly. Extremely quick. Tends to be quick to insulting, but soon realizes her plight and just as quickly apologizes.

    Bandicoot- A light brown she-wolf with a white belly, she is easily spotted among the other pups by the two black stripes running down her sides and dark brown ears. She also has amber eyes. Timid yet kind. She is cautious of most things.

    She/Wolf-She has reddish paws, and red smudges on her face. A red tipped tail. Her body is all cream except the red smudges. Her eyes are a deep brown.She is tender, sensitive. Sweet and lovable. She looks forward to growing up and defending her Pack. Her siblings and parents are Chickadee and Sparrow, Viper.

    Viper- She-Wolf- She is mostly white with black socks, ear tips, tail tip and mane thingo. There is a thin line of deep red running from her nose, down her back and to the tip of her tail. Red-brown eyes.
    Personality: Although she has an evil-sounding name, Viper is very nice. Kind, generous and shy. Viper aspires to be a herb-wolf, and tries to learn as much as she can from Wren. Parents are Sparrow and Chickadee.

    Snake- Mottled She-Wolf with a dusty brown and black fur, with some flecks of white dappled around. Her ears flop at the tips. She is not completely Wolf, but is also Part Greyhound. She's also very Nonchalant, easygoing, and extremely calm. Mongoose has fallen in love with her, and she too has developed a fancy toward him.

    Lion- Tannish brown He-Wolf, with dark brown battle scars on his legs, chest, and hips. Dark brown eyes. A sort of dirt-brown mane-like thick fur on his neck and around his face. Kind and brave and a skilled hunter. A spiritual father to all pups, and attentive to his own children and mate. Experienced in many things. Came from a pack that eventually died out from an onslaught of heartworm. Suffered from heartworm also and thus lost his mate Dove and her yet unborn pups. Does not hate humans but rather accepts them as a stupid species that is dumb enough to try to kill off the greatest race on earth - wolves. As a pup was a friend to an elderly lady, and now is a friend to any human that will accept him also.

    Silver-gray He-Wolf, though his coat is crossed with many dark scars. Fairly kind. He was deemed a rogue at his last pack and driven out for unfair reasons. For a long while he walked around by the borders, determined to help others. One day he heard a commotion, and walked over the border to see what it was about. Every pack member was surrounding a thin she-wolf, her three pups, and the alpha-male. By listening, he learned that the she-wolf had been caught hunting for herself. She boldly stated that it was only for her pups, as she couldn't produce enough milk by living on the scraps the pack gave her. The alpha-male declared that she was a selfish moose before ripping out her throat. He did the same with two of the she-wolf's pups before Hellbender could intervene, but the old rogue managed to kill six of the pack's members and get the last pup out alive. He named it Civet.

    Mates (X) and Crushes (O) and Both ♥ Each other (XO) :
    O Sandpiper likes Kouprey. O
    O Beavertail likes Hawk. O
    XO Snake and Mongoose XO
    O Eagle likes Wren O
    O Bee likes Gerbil O
    O Squirrel likes Gerbil O
    X Lion and Dove X
    XChickadee and SparrowX
    Apprentices and their Mentors
    (Filled like • is mentored by , making him SnowPack's Future .)
    • MoosePaw is mentored by Otter, making him SnowPack's Future SCOUT.
    To Join, fill these categories out. Copy and paste the form, and do not right it in First party, (I am a small he-wolf with 1 eye...) or 3rd Party (He is a small he-wolf with 1 eye) but in 2nd Party, which is fake (Long, black scars down his back. Blue eyes.) If you don't do it like that, I will PM you back and make you do it all over again.
    l• He-Wolf/She-Wolf
    l•Fur Color
    l• Secret Code
    And PM me them! (Try not to make it too long, too short!!!)

    Suggested names:

    Leaders Pine- A Low to the ground Pine tree, On a large, smooth rock pile. All the branches on the bottom are removed, supplying enough room for him, Swan, and his Mate.
    Herb Den- A naturally Hollowed out Boulder with several Ridges, creating Shelves. A Small branch from the White Stream trickles into here. Up high, secondary Flood Shelter.
    Aqua Pod- *NEW* The main source of water in the Camp. The White Streams 1st Cataract empties here, but the water is very slow and clean by the time it gets to this Moose-sized Elk-Deep Water foundation.
    Scouts Hollow- A Large Cave lined with Reeds and soft moss on the floor. It is 2 Shoulder-Heights High and big enough for the whole pack to fit into. Is on the tallest point of the camp, also making it the Flood Shelter. Next to Herb Den.
    Hunters Log- A Huge Oak with separate Hollowed out areas, each Nest fitting 2 Wolves. No 2 Nests are connected and Usually Mate Hunters will sleep here. 30 Slots are open, and Scouts are allowed to sleep here. Each door slides closed to keep water and cold air out.
    Nursery- A Giant Bramble Bush against 3 Pine trees.
    Prisoner Fence- *NEW* A Long trail of Hawthorne bushes, Pricker Plants and Brambles creating a Circle in the middle of Camp. A small Entrance is guarded by a Scout, and the Prisoner is allowed to come out with this Guard.
    Food Ditch- A Giant Pit with a Log on top to cover it. All Meats go in here.
    A BASIC Map:
    Number Code:
    1: Leaders Pine (Right below Aqua-color)
    2: Hunters Log
    3: Nursery
    4: Scout's Hollow
    5: Herb Den
    6: Aqua Pod *NEW*
    7: Food Ditch
    8: Prisoner Fence *NEW*
    • Moose Lake- A large lake where tons of Moose come to eat, drink and spend the winter. Connects to the White Stream.
    • Chicken Territories- There are almost several of these on the western, southern and northern part of the territory.
    • The field- The main source of food. Birds, Deer, Moose, turkeys and fish live here. The fish are in the white stream.
    • White Stream- Runs around the field, full of large, 5-7 lb fish. Dumb and slow are these fish.
    • Deer Fall- A giant rock-falls remainders are here. They are a bunch of rocks piled about 50 feet high and 20 feet wide. Lead to the hill.
    • The Hill- A giant Hill which it's only entrance is Deer Fall. You can access the field here by going down this narrow path.
    • Turkeys, Chukar, Partridge, Owls, Crowns, Song Birds
    • Moose, Deer, Elk
    •Rabbits, Hares, Voles, Squirrels
    •Fish, Otters, Snakes
    Sacred Animals; do not eat, or you will be banned from the clan and become a loner!:

    The Alpha-Males and Alpha-Females Names begin with the animal, EX: Swan, Fish, Beaver, Goose. And end with a Name ends with a noticeable part of the name's Animal. EX: Swanfeather, Fishlips, Beavertail, Gooseneck. This is a Special privellage to these 2 Places ONLY!!!!!

    Pup Stealer Organization (P.S.O)

    Alpha Male:

    A husky Brown and Red He-wolf with Torn, ribboned Ears. A Strange gash always is visible on his right side. Pups Stolen: 8

    A Pure white and Red-Necked She-wolf with a Bad attitude. She is VERY Sassy and not scared to steal even the smallest Pups. Pups Stolen: 13

    Herb Wolf:
    A Long-Haired, Easy Going Snow-White She-wolf who was born into P.S.O. Pups Stolen: 0

    A Pure, Chocolate Brown He-wolf. Good Tempered but Brave. Will kill any wolf to steal Pups. Pups Stolen: 2

    Skunk- A Striped White and Brown He-Wolf. Snotty and Royal, as he is Deerbloods and Goosethroat's Son. Pups Stolen: 6

    Moose- A light Brown She-wolf with A Darker Brown Head. Loyal, adventurous and Curious. Pups Stolen: 1

    A Pure Snow white He-Wolf and Black wolf with almost a checkered back. Very polite and sensitive. Pups Stolen: 0

    Trout- A Very Rude and Snotty Black and Grey She-wolf with no hair on her ears. The most fierce wolf in P.S.O. Pups Stolen: 14

    Tick: A Small but fierce She-wolf who's also a Skilled hunter. She's Purely Black. Pups Stolen: 3

    Rabbit: A Stringy-haired Gray and Brown Wolf with startling Blue-eyes. She is Beavers last daughter and Otter's only Sibling. She was taken from Snow Pack as a Pup and longs to see Otter again. Pups Stolen: 0

    Cobra- A Pure, small and skinny Black-haired She-wolf. Also a very good Moose-Hunter. Is Tick's sister, except Snake is Gentle, Out-going but still is a leader in Stolen Pups. Pups Stolen: 18
    A Striped Brown and Coated White She-wolf who cares for all the stolen Wolves. Pups Stolen: 4

    Rabbit's first and only Stolen Pup. He is a Wooly Grey He-Wolf, and was not really Stolen, but found. Rabbit plans to take him back to Snow Pack.
    Turkey- A Mis-match length in fur, The Rear's hair is sticking out everywhere, the front is a smooth as water. He is a Brown/Gray he-wolf and is very sensitive and scared.
    Leech- The only pup in P.S.O who almost escaped. Her old name was Fawn, but changed to Leech to humiliate her. She is the kindest Pup, but never leaves Spider's Protection. She is purely Red with white flecks.
    Chickadee- A Brown-capped She-wolf with a Gray body. Sweet, Loyal and would usually be found around Tick, as she makes fun of her size.

    More to be Stolen
    All PSO Wolves are free to be RP'ed by Whoever, Whenever. Even the Alpha's.
    NOTE: All the Orange Wolves in P.S.O are better. They do not steal, kill and are possibly stolen from Snow Pack)Also, even if a Pup is not in orange, they are helpless and considered "Good"
    Quote:Okay, so here is a list of Beavers possible successors! We will vote when we have 7 nominees. PM me 1 Wolf's name [He-wolfs ONLY] and make it a GOOD choice, please! The first 7 will go into the poll.
    •None yet!
    Also, I'm giving SP away to new leadership! PM me this completed form and the top 3 will be voted on. I choose which 3 forms are best!
    1•Are you active on this thread?-

    2•Do you promise to keep the front page the same, only adding stuff on, not subtracting?-

    3•Do you have at least 30 days on the RP and at least 2 Wolves?-

    4• Do you promise that you will take full responsibility on what occurs on this thread?-

    5• Which describes your most used Wolf? Choose 3 of their traits-

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    I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!!! let it BE KNOWN!!
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    I am alpha female, my name is Accalia it means she-wolf in latin
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    Quote:Um..... Okay? Maybe you should actually read all of it...... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    oh er darn! oh well how about OwlCrown?
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    oops [​IMG]

    l•Name Accalia
    l•Fur can I look like this?>[​IMG] click to make bigger
    l•Rank alpha female
    l•Personality sweet loving etc.
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    Quote:Please Read the WHOLE Page
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    *Kouprey slinks in, terrifed of being among so many strange wolves*
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    Quote:Please Read the WHOLE Page

    I did! what do I need to change?
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    Quote:Please Read the WHOLE Page

    I did! what do I need to change?

    1, you need to PM him
    2, the code
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