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Hello, and welcome to ForestClan (AirClan and GroundClan combined.) If you'd like to join, please do!
------> Sign made by Crazyaboutchickens

» {R U L E S}
- Common sense. ALL BYC guidelines and rules apply - Use your head, and if you must, your eyes as well.
- Respect.
- Inactivity. Please participate, and have fun at it too. Chickens inactive for a period of more than a week will be deleted, unless a valid reason shows otherwise.
- Practicality. Be realistic. A chicken cannot run into a Bunch of Cats an come out unhurt. An apprentice cannot have a mate, a chick cannot defeat a senior warrior and a chicken cannot magically come back to life.
- Medicine chickens may have a mate, but no chicks.
- Please do not spam or advertise unless you are given the privilege to.
- Please do not join and then never come back again. It's disheartening and quite difficult to manage.

» {N E W S & A N N O U N C E M E N T S}
A nearby clan, Groundclan, has survived the burning down of it's camp. They found their way to AirClan and Rainstar and GroundClan's leader, Bluestar, decided to combine clans, making ForestClan.

» {M A T E S & C R U S H E S}

Desertsky likes Landflight and visa-versa
Oakstreak can't decide on who she likes

» {S E A S O N}
Leaf fall (Fall)

» {ForestClan T E R R I T O R Y}
ForestClan territory is in a pretty open area that is mostly in the cover of lots of old pine trees. The ground is covered in pine needles The camp is in a big place surrounded by firmly placed boulders. The crickets, camouflaged by the pineneedle covered landscape, chirp in the distance as you enter and the ancient pine trees stand around you like the stoic guards around a hidden place. You look around you at the large rocks protruding from the earth and wonder at the beauty of it all, the gentle sunlight making them glitter. A wild bird sings softly high above and the needles sway in the breeze....

Two beautiful hens, one barred and one pretty, blue hen, walk up to you. "I am Rainstar," says one, "And I am Bluestar," says the other. "Welcome to ForestClan. Please Join, as we will honor you for your loyalty, strength and faith."

BYC Username:

NOTE: These names are in warrior format. No more"Sunshine". Sunshineflower is how it goes. If you are a warrior you do Ex. Owlflight
Leaffern etc. Apprentices: ___ paw Chicks:_____chick

Rainstar, Barred Plymouth Rock – A large, Barred Rock hen with great fighting skills. She is very serious about her work and can get pretty grouchy. She will do anything to save a member of her clan. (Louieandthecrew)

Bluestar, Blue Hen - A very sweet blue hen with shades of white. (crazyaboutchickens)

Sparrowpelt, Isa Brown - A gentle and caring white rooster with brown and tan flecks. Very long spurs. Came from a hatchery and was to soon be killed because of his gender but escaped before they caught him. (ChickieBooBoo)

Landflight, mixed breed - A courageous hen with a pale sky-blue color feathers that reflect light when she flies. (Chookies Rox)

Medicine Chicken:
Cinderheart, Lavander Orpington - A sweet and caring hen that knows a lot about medicine. (ChickieBooBoo)

Brokenheart, Welsummer – A large Welsummer rooster that is fairly nice once he gets to know you. Got his name because his mate and first three chicks were all killed when he left them in his anger. Before he was named Brokenheart, he was called Maplefeather. (Louieandthecrew)

SkyTorrent, Sultan - A speckled, blue-gray hen with beautiful green feathered legs and a long tail. Tries very hard to live up to other's expectations but sometimes fails to do so. She can fly through the rain. (Chookies Rox)

Firefeather, Red Sex Link - A feircly loyal, bright red rooster with black claws. (Mikman)

Desertsky, Red Cochin - A determined young rooster light redish-brown feathers climbing down his legs and bright orange eyes. (Louieandthecrew)

Bluebell, Coronation Sussex - A patient, soft-hearted, sympathetic, empathic, loving, perfectly white hen with almost glowing eyes. Her neck feathers and tail feathers are blue-gray. She has experiance with medicine. (BirdNut)

BlackWolf, Sumatra/Yokahama hybrid - A cold cock with black feathers and dark Amethyst highlights and white flecks scattered accross his body. A very long tail and several spurs on each leg. Has a soft heart but rarely shows it. (BirdNut)

Oakstreak, Old English Game - A little, sweet pullet with chocolate brown eyes. Brown feathers on her body and tail and light brown streaks down her neck. Can make a loud screeching noise when in danger. (Louieandthecrew)

Birchstroke, Mixed Bantam - A kind, grayish white cockerel with thin black lines running down his neck. Brown eyes. Good at fighting when needed and good at climbing high, very quickly. (duckluv character, made with Louieandthecrew's help)

Riverswimmer, Unknown breed - A spazzy, loveable hen with white feathers and orange stripes. Loves the river! (melovefrench)

Floatpaw, Black Sex Link - A competely black hen with a white face that is very sweet but, can be crazy at times. She is a very hard worker, as she has been surviving in the woods since before she could remember. (Crazyaboutchickens)

Broodies and Chicks:

InkSplash, Splash Silkie - A sweet, kind, and caring, but, if any chicks are indanger, she can seem even EVIL. (Duckluv)

Domeurchick, Cubalaya - A pale white cockerel with strange red eyes and no pigment. Shy, yet nice, once you get to know him. (Duckluv)

Sapchick, Mixed breed - A cheerful, brown ruffled cockerel with deep brown eyes. Very good at climbing. (Duckluv)

Sunchick, Breed unidentifiable - A secretive, shy pullet with soft golden feathers with speckles of orange peeking through each one. Very good at hiding, and almost disapearing. (Duckluv)


Rogues and Loners:StormingSkies, a mix cock fighter - A mousy gray rooster with darker patches and a long, white scar down his left wing that, when he feels strong emotion towards something, glows very brightly. Bred to be a cock fighter by blood but, by his owners, was first thought to be a hen. When they learned that he was a cock, they tossed him to teh dogs. He escaped but was scarred both phisically and emotionally. Strong enough to kill off a bear if needed but rarely unleashes this power. (duckluv)

Blackgem, Black Rosecomb - A pitch black hen with smiling brown eyes and a perfect rosecomb. (Gerbil)

Skydancing, Black Rosecomb - A pitch black rooster with light blue eyes. Wears a small golden leg band on his left leg. (Gerbil)

This page will be updated as needed. Please tell me if I've forgotten anything!

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Name: Sparrowpelt
Gender: rooster
Rank: warrior
Appearance: white with brown/tan flecks, large spurs
Personality: gentle and caring, a good hunter
History: was hatched at a hatchery and about to be killed because he was a roo, he escaped and was raised by a wild duck
BYC Username: ChickieBooBoo
Breed(Optional): Isa Brown
i think i'll join here too

Name: Floatpaw
Gender: Hen
Rank: apprentice
Appearance: completely black with a white face
Personality: very nice , yet crazy at times
Abilities: is a hard worker
History: has been surviving in the woods for as long as she can rember
BYC Username: crazyaboutchickens
Breed(Optional): BSL
AIRclan. This is one I have to join

Name: SkyTorrent
Gender: Hen
Appearance: Speckled blue-grey with pretty green feather legs and a long tail
Personality: She can't always live up to other's expectations but tries very hard.
Abilities: flies through rain
BYC username: Chookies
Breed: Sultan
"Hi SparrowPelt, how are you?" clcuks FloatPaw

"I am good thankyou" Said Sparrowpelt. "How are you?"

hey SkyTorrent!
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