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    Please do not recreate this thread in any way. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    •Three stallions named Husky, Cash, and Tse have been kidnapping mares, beating them, and mating them. Kotori, Ursula, Yuma, and some loners were taken.

    Equine Art:)

    Here's some artwork of the horses here on SB and OB!

    [​IMG] Persephone of SeaBand, by chickendiva25. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Calypso of OceanBand, by chickendiva25. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Ares of the rebels/outcasts of OceanBand, by The Turken Lady. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Fail Horse, by duckluv. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Amouris of OceanBand, by me. [​IMG] Imagine shading, and that's what it really looks like! My scanner messed it up. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Jackal of SeaBand, by chickendiva25. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Dancer of SeaBand, by chickendiva25. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Baylee of SeaBand, by chickendiva25. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Ares of BloodBand, by miss heny. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Silva of BloodBand, by miss heny. [​IMG]


    [​IMG] <--- Courtesy of miss heny! [​IMG]

    Here's a map of Assateague, the Ponies' island. They roam the whole thing, but their favorite spots to graze at are the bays.


    Here's a map of Assateague island's territories.
    The light blue is MistBand, the sea blue is SeaBand, the red is the band of kidnappers.

    FROM THE HEART OF SEABAND, it takes...

    3 days to get to the kidnapper's territory,

    2 days to get to MistBand

    at a steady canter.

    You know the basic rules... [​IMG]

    *No really bad language, obviously. Just keep in mind the age of people on here. [​IMG] INCLUDING using the Lord's name in vain, saying "This s*cks!", or cr*p. (20 points)
    *No "explicit content". No bloody stuff, or anything else bad. Stallions and mares may fight, but you can't just run up and kill someone. You need "permission", sneak attack or not. Actually, I'll go so far as to say, no killings unless the horse's controller them self says that they are dead. If a horse dies, the player obviously can make another in place of it, and it won't count. Please, no random, bloody, fights. Fights should only be for ranks. (10 points)
    *No REAL, heated arguments here, please:) Please handle personal issues with others elsewhere:) [​IMG] (10 points)
    *Please actually RP on SeaBand once in a while. The breeding farms are taking over. It's fine if you want to RP there, just please limit that. [​IMG]
    *Here at SeaBand, you must promise never to leave a horse out. I'm sure we've all suffered having our horses, chickens, lions, wolves, etc be ignored. We want SB to be very friendly to ANY horse that joins, unless there is a large reason not to. We've recently had a member leave us because of this, and I don't want it to happen again.
    *No dramatic posts (e.g., "No one answers me!", "Don't! I'll leave if you do it!") (50 points)
    *BE REALISTIC. A wild horse cannot become automatically become tame. A stallion cannot die in one blow. (50 points)
    *Follow our fighting "points" system when fighting. [​IMG] (70 points)
    *Do not complain, please! [​IMG] This is based off of a real horse band, so it has to be realistic. [​IMG] (50 points)
    *DO NOT RP WITHOUT A FORM. [​IMG] (80 points)
    PM with the username and post #(s) if anyone is doing anything against the rules, or that should be against the rules:) I'll ban them.
    The points system is something I borrowed from DuckLover179. Every time you break a rule, that rule's amount of points are added to you. Once you reach 100, you will be banned for one day. The second time it will be 5 days, and the 3rd time you will be banned. [​IMG] I will PM you when you're around 80-90. Thank you!

    Combat Rules & Points System
    ᶲOnly one attack/blow per post.ᶲ
    ᶲBe realistic.ᶲ
    ᶲDon't be gory.ᶲ
    ᶲNO CONTROLLING OTHER CHARACTERS. This means no, "He slammed into her, breaking her ribs," or "He pounced on her, causing her to freeze with fear."ᶲ

    ...More coming soon. [​IMG]

    There's obviously a lead stallion and mare. The lead stallion and mare must be mated, or "together", like in a real band. Other mated couples can go down the ranks together, but you don't need a mate to join or be higher up in ranks, just leader. **You can absolutely challenge the Lead Stallion. If the challenger wins, the leader and is out, but his mate is given the chance to fight if the challenger has a mate trying to climb up in ranks. If the Lead Stallion and his mate are beaten, they only go down one rank. There may be a Lead Stallion without a mate, or a Lead Mare without a mate.** Here's who is sitting where:

    Lead stallion and mare: Fuco and Ursula
    Jackal and Kotori
    *Yet to be determined*

    To join, just fill in the basic info about your horse. You may make an orphaned foal, if you'd like. Also, even if this isn't too realistic, there may be a stallion for every mare in this band. It leads to some fighting, but we learn to deal with it. Your horse may be any breed, as a lot of islanders keep other breeds of horses that may escape.
    **Limit 4 Horses per player, preferably a family**

    BYC Username:
    Horse's Name:
    ***Marking, scars, etc:
    Family Members:
    Extra Info:
    **"Life Story":

    *There will obviously be just one set of lead horses. First come, first serve:) If you have an objection to whoever you're paired with, or if you want to drop a rank, just PM me:) There can be small "brawls" for ranks, but no 'to the death' type things, please.
    **Optional. If you weren't born into SeaBand, just say how you got there, or if you are a wanderer and want to join, just say how you got where you are.
    ***Chincoteague Ponies almost always have patches or spots.

    SeaBand roams the whole island of Assateague. They have no boundaries outside of humans. A lot of their biggest fear is the annual Chincoteague round-up, where humans called "saltwater cowboys" round up the band and drive them through town, and across the Assateague channel from Assateague island onto Chincoteague island. There they are penned up, some of the foals auctioned away to visitors and locals. There is a carnival around after the event. It seems to be fun for humans, but the many people scare the small amount of ponies that get rounded up, about 150. Some of the ponies, however, love the event, and the attention. It seems to be fun for the small children that unknowingly stroke the wild foal's noses as they are waiting to be sold. Their parents will scold them for touching a wild animal, but the magic of a small child is a new event for the ponies, sometimes soothing.

    SeaBand is a smaller band, and it only contains Chincoteague Ponies. They are thought to have descended from Spanish horses that swam to the island's shore after a shipwreck. They formed a new, unique, breed as they roamed along the coast. It is still a mystery, although. Some people say it is more likely that they descend from released livestock in the 1700s. Their mystery is part of the magic of Chincoteague Ponies.



    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Fuco Roso (Fuco)
    Gender: Stallion
    *Rank: Timache's mate & Lead Stallion... He's had lots of challenges, and no one is certain he's destined to be in charge...
    Color: Shiny red roan with white patches
    Marking, scars, etc: Stripe down face, stockings on all four legs
    Personality: Compassionate, wise, but easily angered.
    Family Members:
    Extra Info: Timache - deceased, Mate - Ursula, Daughter - Kotori, Son - Yuma
    **"Life Story": Fuco was born into SeaBand, and doesn't plan to leave. He's a gorgeous shining roan with white patches a temper, but he has loads of empathy and compassion, and a good heart. Timache sees through his tough exterior, and he's a softie, like most stallions. He will put up a great fight when fighting for something that's his, or that he believes is right. Fuco is the fastest in the band by far, but he doesn't have the best endurance. Fuco's old main goal in life was to be lead stallion, but when he met Timache, he gave up that goal, as she wasn't too into him fighting every day.

    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Abedabun - We'll call him Beda (Native American for sight of day, apparently)
    Gender: Stallion
    *Rank: Lowest male spot avalible
    Color: Chestnut
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Star on his forhead, overo
    Personality: Nervous, vengeful
    Family Members: No one, he was a wanderer
    Extra Info: wanderer
    **"Life Story": Beda was abandoned as a colt, and grew alone, sadly. He had a bad past of fighting with Fuco, but he has decided to put that behind him.

    BYC Username: Dutchgirl
    Horse's Name: Piper
    Gender: Male
    *Rank: Higher-Stallion
    Color: Piebald with brown and white splotches. He has a dark brown mane and tail with blue eyes.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Torn left ear from a predator. A few light scratches from a single past round-up.
    Personality: Very protective of all mares and equally competitive with the other stallions. Dreams of being lead stallion someday. Is very proud and neither hates nor likes humans -- he enjoys running from them and escaping every time, except once, and he doesn't brag about that.
    Family Members: None, so far.
    Extra Info: Was only rounded up once, and he was a yearling then. Is a descendant of the legendary Pied Piper, who he is named for, and thus a distant relative of Misty of Chincoteague. tongue
    **"Life Story": Was born in SeaBand. His mother died when he was a foal, and that was the year he was rounded up on Pony Penning Day. He only narrowly missed being sold, as he hid most of the time and there were a lot of foals that year. He grew into a fine stallion and has never come within roping distance of the firemen-turned-cowboys, although he enjoys bragging about how close he let them get and then got away.

    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Jovon
    Gender: Stallion
    *Rank: He's new, so just average.
    Color: Buckskin
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Small white star on forehead.
    Personality: Loving, protecting, loyal
    Family Members: No one, yet:)
    Extra Info:
    **"Life Story": Jovon lived a really happy life in Virginia. One night, when he was sleeping, a strange, rough-handed man came and led Jovon out, forcing him to follow with his whip. The men took him near the coast, and sold him for slaughter. He was whipped when he didn't listen to their commands. Somehow, he escaped, and ended up swimming to the closest island, Assateauge island. (I guess that's not really realistic... [​IMG] )

    BYC Username: The Turken Lady
    Horse's Name: Percy
    Gender: Stallion
    *Rank: Higher Stallion
    Color: Black
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Has a torn left ear,large scar across his back leg,and a slight limp from fighting
    Personality: Percy is feisty,yet loving and caring to the ones he's close to. He sometimes gets in small fights with other stallions,but his mate,Luxa,always breaks them up.
    Family Members: None
    Extra Info: Luxa's Mate
    **"Life Story": Percy once belonged to a small herd similar to Seaband. When he was young,they were all captured during the annual round-up,except for Percy. He was forced to live on his own,as a wandering nomad. He arrived in Seaband years later. Yet to this day,no-one knows where he came from,not even Luxa. Deceased. [​IMG]

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Achak
    Gender: Male
    *Rank: Lower Average-Stallion
    Color: Black.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: He is a purebred Shetland pony, his mane being long, his forelock often shrowding his dark gleaming eyes, and his feet slightly feathered. Very handsome.
    Personality: Friendly, though a ladies man. Loves to gather the mare's attention and intimadate other males.
    Family Members: He doesn't know.
    Extra Info: His nickname is "Shorty". His mate is Lucy.
    **"Life Story": Was born at the breeding farms and raised by a larger mare who often shunned him and did not give him the attention he needed as a foal. Once older he became a stud who was used often and considered the top stallion. Was often teased by the others, who were larger horses, for his size and laughed at. Though it frustrated him he ignored them and went on his way. Achak escaped once the farm was shut down.

    BYC Username: The Turken Lady
    Horse's Name: Crispin
    Gender: Colt
    *Rank: Foal
    Color: Black splotched with white.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Has a small white star on his head and white stockings.
    Personality: Usually a show-offy type. Is curious and also loves looking for adventure.
    Family Members: Sire (Father) - Percy (Deceased) Dam (Mother) - Luxa
    Extra Info: None
    **"Life Story": Born to Luxa in Seaband after his father,Percy,died.

    BYC Username: DuckLover2399
    Horse's Name: Jackal
    Gender: Foal/Colt
    *Rank: Foal
    Color: Black
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Small black feathering on hooves, Small star on forehead, Small scar on fetlook from triping while running,He has stunning green eyes like his mom baylee but he has flecks of blue in the making them shine even more
    Personality: Confident, young stallion he is not afraid of anything or anyone he has come upon, He will fight for who he loves and what he belives in. All around great young colt
    Family Members: Sire (dad)- Unknown Dam (mom)- Baylee
    Extra Info: She was forceably breed by the two-legs to an unknown stallion
    **"Life Story": Jackal was born to Baylee a wanderer. He has been wandering since he was born (Not much of a life story eh?)


    [color=navy=BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Timache
    Gender: Mare
    *Rank: Lead mare, but no one is sure if she can keep her rank.
    Color: Grullo; [URL]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grullo[/URL] : Has a couple white splashes.
    Marking, scars, etc: Skewbald with ghost on face, and one sock on back left leg. (Ghost: White on face shaped like ghost; "Arms" are strips of white reaching out across eyes. And I HAVE met a horse with this, although it's pretty rare. [​IMG] )
    Personality: Kind, but tough if you're in her face.
    Family Members: Fuco, and soon to be foal.
    Extra Info: Pregnant with Fuco's foal.
    **"Life Story": Timache's parents were wanderers, as their parents were kicked out of the band together, the two pairs. The family found SeaBand when Timache's dam was pregnant with her. Timache is a pretty grullo with a few white splashes on her belly and sides, and one sock. She doesn't have too much color besides grullo. Her heart is filled with kindness, empathy, and love. It sounds sappy, but she's always there for everyone. Although she has a calm aura around her, and many think of her as quiet, she will put up a very good fight for anything she believes is right. Timache is a great mare, but you don't want to get in her way. ḋεсεαṡεḋ [​IMG] [/color]

    BYC Username:DuckyGurl
    Horse's Name: Carolyn
    Gender: Mare
    *Rank: Mare-average.
    Color: Startling black and white patches all over her body, striped hooves. Fine conformation, dished head. Very pretty.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Black patches all over her body, a bald face. Blue eyes.
    Personality: Fiery. She can be responsible and loving, but she has a fun side as well. She loves to play and has a very loyal heart. She dreams of falling in love and having a foal.
    Family Members: None.
    Extra Info:
    **"Life Story": She was a beautiful show pony, However the little girl that owned her was very very cruel. One day, on the way to a show, the trailer broke down. She was lead out to walk around and she smelled the horses of Chincoteague. She ripped her lead out of her handler's hands and raced out to sea. They all thought she had drifted away, but nevertheless she came out on shore to stumble upon Seaband.

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Ursula
    Gender: Female
    *Rank: Higher-Mare, right under the lead mare,
    Color: Pinto; A light palomino looking one with white spots. Her mane and tail are white.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Her mane is very long, almost reaching the ground as her tail barely drags. She has a long forelock that sometimes cover both of her eyes. Very pretty. Her fur is short, not shaggy at all. A shetland pony.
    Personality: Generous and kind, very selfless. Hardley ever mean. Sensitive and considerate of other's feelings.
    Family Members: Narbflaith; mother. Cadeyrn, father. Both went missing when she was very young. Mate - Fuco Roso, "Step-daughter" - Kotori,
    Extra Info: Is still young compared to most ponies. She's about 5.
    **"Life Story": Born in the band from her two parents, both shetland ponies. They mysteriously went missing when she was only a few weeks old. Grew up to be one of the highest ranked mares for her selfless actions.

    BYC Username: BirdNut
    Horse's Name: Nero
    Gender: Female
    *Rank: A mare of average ranking.
    Color: Pure ebony with small patches of white dappled all over her body, with white socks reaching up to her fetlocks, and bone-colored hooves. She is fairly large for a Chincoteague pony. A thick band of white stretches from her muzzle to her forehead, a forelock of pure ebony hanging over it, and behind it an ivory mane of impressive length.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: A neatly braided mane, sometimes accented with feathers.
    Personality: Shy, reserved, and mostly keeps to herself, but very friendly and open once she gets to know you. She keeps a very cool head in crisis, and is quick-thinking.
    Family Members: Coal, Father; Shadow, mother.
    Extra Info: She is afraid of most humans, but is very close friends with a neighborhood girl whom she allows to frequently braid her long mane.
    **"Life Story": She was born unto a family of nomadic, lone ponies, but craved more for her life and joined Seaband. She spent some time in captivity when a man found her to be a valuable pony and roped her for himself. She found her chance to escape his poorly-kept pen when he turned his back, so she bucked him down onto his stomach and leapt over the fence to flee.

    BYC Username: duckluv.
    Horse's Name: Nymsee.
    Gender: Female.
    *Rank: Average-Mare.
    Color: Flaxen Chestnut.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: From her ears to her withers, one side of her body is white. The other side is splashed with several large splotches.
    Personality: Outgoing and bold, she seems to be afraid of nothing.
    Family Members: None known.
    Extra Info: N/A
    **"Life Story": She was rounded up for pony penning and sold, but as she was being loaded into the trailer, a young boy took pity on 'the poor wittle powny', as he said it, and distracted the men loading her in. As their attention was diverted, she jerked hard on the lead line, breaking free of their grip. She ran as far as she could, into the sea, and back to her homeland. After wandering for a while, she eventually found SeaBand.

    BYC Username: chickendiva25
    Horses name: Wysteria
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Higer-mare
    Color: Pure white
    ***Markings, scars etc: Dark grey muzzle, feathering on all her hooves, very light cream mane and tail
    Personality: Gentle, thoughtful, patient, mysterious
    Family members:
    Extra info: Wysteria's herd was believed to be spirits of the sea. The fishermen who would fish in the sea nearby would say that her herd would roam at night, and dissapear in the day. Her entire herd was white, hence the belief they were created out of sea-foam.
    Life story: She was born into Oceanherd. Her parents were the lead Stallion and mare. When she turned four years old, she started roaming the island and found Seaband after about two months.

    BYC Username: Quinn4321
    Horse's Name: Nalia
    Gender: Mare
    *Rank: average
    Color: Dark smoky gray with a white patch around an eye. She has light feathering on her feet.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: a snip and a white patch around her eyes.
    Personality: Funny, can be shy, flirty, sassy, sarcastic
    Family Members: none
    Extra Info:
    **"Life Story": Born into another herd, driven out.

    BYC Username: chickendiva25
    Horses name: Wysteria
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Higer-mare
    Color: Pure white
    ***Markings, scars etc: Dark grey muzzle, feathering on all her hooves, very light cream mane and tail
    Personality: Gentle, thoughtful, patient, mysterious
    Family members:
    Extra info: Wysteria's herd was believed to be spirits of the sea. The fishermen who would fish in the sea nearby would say that her herd would roam at night, and dissapear in the day. Her entire herd was white, hence the belief they were created out of sea-foam.
    Life story: She was born into Oceanherd. Her parents were the lead Stallion and mare. When she turned four years old, she started roaming the island and found Seaband after about two months.

    BYC Username:Duck Lover 2399
    Horse's Name: Apache's Dawn (a.k.a Dancer)
    Gender: Female
    *Rank:Highest one i can have
    Color: Patch is a Buckskin Overeo, with icey blue eyes that show her compassion and love for everyone
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Small scar right above the tail.
    Personality: Patch is a fun bubbly mare that loves to be with other horses. She loves to play with colts and fillys. That she will defend fiercly if needed. She is a very good fighter but dosent useually like to.
    Family Members: none at the moment.
    Extra Info: Nothing really
    **"Life Story": Patch used to be a show pony. Her life was wonderful. Her master was wonderful. Until one day a trailer came. A man got out of the tralier and hit her with something sharp on the tail. Her master comforted her. So she thougt she was going to be fine until. she got a wiff of blood and rotting meat. Patch could smell other horses too. They were screaming at her to run. It scared her. So she ran. Far into the forest. She finally stooped in the middle of the forest. Shes so tired she passes out. She wakes up and notices she still has her halter on. She starts rubbing up against a try it dosent come off. She knows she needs to find a herd can you help her?

    BYC Username: The Turken Lady
    Horse's Name: Luxa
    Gender: Mare
    *Rank: Average mare
    Color: Dun with large white splotches.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: A large white star on her head.
    Personality: Luxa is smart,cute,and gentle. She is usually either with her mate,Percy,or walking along the large,tranquil beach. She loves nature.
    Family Members: None
    Extra Info: Percy's mate.
    **"Life Story": Luxa appeared one day on the island as a small foal,alone and hungry. Her parents were never found,so Seaband took her in. Another mare took care of her until she grew up. To this day,she still remembers nothing of her parents. Deceased. [​IMG]

    BYC Username: duckluv
    Horse's Name: Hurona.
    Gender: Female.
    *Rank: Average.
    Color: Bay.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: None.
    Personality: Quiet and calm, she likes to think things through before
    Family Members: Her filly, Melusine.
    Extra Info: None.
    **"Life Story": Nothing interesting.

    BYC Username: miss heny
    Horse's Name: bandit
    Gender: female
    *Rank: unknow
    Color: black
    ***Marking, scars, etc: has a white mask on her face
    Personality: sweet kind
    Family Members: none
    Extra Info:
    **"Life Story": was raise on a farm but was dumped on the island because they could not keep her

    BYC Username:pekinduck<3er
    Horse's Name:penny
    *Rank:Shes new so average
    Color:looks like this http://www.google.com/imgres?q=chincote … &ty=86
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Lightning bolt marking on forehead
    Personality:Loving,doesnt care for flirters,High spirited,good mother
    Family Members:none looking for mate
    Extra Info:eek:nce she was attacked by a gang of stallions and was forrcibley bred with
    **"Life Story":She was born on this island, her mother was taken and her father she does not know of except he was a powerful leader.

    BYC Username: equinehugger3 [​IMG]
    Horse's Name: Kotori
    Gender: Filly (female)
    *Rank: Filly
    Color: Strawberry roan
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Blaze from her forehead to her muzzle, and one stocking, on her hind left leg
    Personality: Very bubbly, and outgoing. Totaly extrovert.
    Family Members: Dam (Mother) - Timache, Sire (Father) - Fuco Roso, "Step-Dam" - Ursula, Half-brother - Yuma
    Extra Info: She's very sweet, but her personality still has time to grow, since she is just a newborn filly(; [​IMG]
    **"Life Story": Kotori was born into SeaBand, obviously. [​IMG] (Sorry to kill her description... It's just that there's not much to say about a newborn filly's life story. [​IMG] )

    BYC Username:DuckLover2399
    Horse's Name:Rain
    *Rank:Average Mare
    ***Marking, scars, etc:some black in her tail
    Personality:sweet loving mare. Fierce and full of energy
    Family Members:none
    Extra Info:andualusian
    **"Life Story":born as a show horse escaped in a fire.

    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Galante
    Gender: Mare
    *Rank: High mare, only because of her fighting skills.
    Color: A gorgeous cherry bay. She's very muscular, and can be mean, but she respects her elders.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: A snip above a strip of pink on her nose.
    Personality: She's absolutely fierce, and unbelievably strong. She's also very loyal and respectful to her elders, though, so she's an amazing companion. (She's a Connemara)
    Family Members: No one yet.
    **"Life Story": Unrevealed.


    BYC Username:crazyhorselovingchickengi
    Horse's Name:Blue Moon (Moon)
    Color:blue roan
    ***Marking, scars, etc: a white moon-shaped patch on cheek
    Personality:sweet, playful, and full of life
    Family Members:none in seaband
    Extra Info:eek:rphan
    **"Life Story" She was separated from her mother and stumbled upon seaband by accident. She is forever searching for her mother but has yet to find her and cannot remember where she came from.

    BYC Username: DuckLover179
    Horse's Name: Unknown.
    Gender: Filly
    *Rank: Very low
    Color: Dark grayish brown with white.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Very small markings on hocks.
    Personality: Sweet, and shy.
    Family Members: None.
    Extra Info: None.
    **"Life Story": Her mother was killed in battle, leaving the poor filly alone, wandering around. She soon came upon SeaBand.

    BYC Username: duckluv
    Horse's Name: Melusine
    Gender: Female.
    *Rank: Average.
    Color: Bay.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: None.
    Personality: Curious as any foal is, Melusine often acts before she thinks.
    Family Members: Her mother, Hurona.
    Extra Info: None.
    **"Life Story": She was born on this island.


    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Yuma, Native American for son of cheif.
    Gender: Male.
    *Rank: Foal.
    Color: A palomino roan, his whole backside being lighter than the rest of his body.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: He has a thick white blaze going down his forehead, a snip, and four long white socks on each of his legs. His face is slightly concave and his eyes are a mysterious blue, which none of his parents had and most likely inherited from an ancestor or grandparent.
    Personality: Sweet and playful, loving to hang around others. Very stubborn when he wants to be. A little curious.
    Family Members: Dam, Ursula. Sire, Fuco Roso.
    Extra Info: Loves to chase butterflies.
    **"Life Story": Was born in SeaBand a day before the pony pennings.

    In all, SeaBand is an isolated herd on Assateague Island, but that doesn't mean that life isn't exciting. There's always something new happening, good or bad...

    Most info about the Chincoteague Pony Swim is from: http://www.chincoteaguechamber.com/pony-swim , although I knew some(;

    Welcome to OceanBand

    [​IMG] <--- Thanks, MH! <3

    OceanBand is a band of Hippocampi that live deep underneath the sea. They prefer to stay by the US's East coast, but they move all over the world as they please.
    They are the only band of Hippocampi left in the world, because of food shortage. This is the rare mushroom that they eat:
    [​IMG] <--- [​IMG] Courtesy of duckluv
    [​IMG] Also courtesy of duckluv:)

    A Hippocampi is a half horse, half horse creature. From the chest up, it's just like a horse, mane, hooves and all. Below that, there is a fish's tail, webbed with glimmering scales.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Joining form:

    BYC username:
    Horse's name:
    Markings, scars, etc:
    Coat color:
    Scale color:

    Lead stallion:

    BYC username: equinehugger3
    Horse's name: Amouris
    Markings, scars, etc: A ghost on his forehead
    Coat color: Blue roan with dark brindling all over her body.
    Scale color: His deep sea blue tail is more like a whale's - broad and smooth. It is a deep sea blue, the fin at the end laced with a lighter blue.

    Lead mare:
    BYC username:DuckLover2399
    Horse's name:Star
    Markings, scars, etc: Small snip on her nose. Black and white man.
    Coat color:Black
    Scale color: Shiny deep black, And pale white scales

    Stallions - In OceanBand, VERY few stallions are allowed.:
    BYC username: The Turken Lady
    Horse's name: Ares
    Markings, scars, etc: Light Feathering on his feet.
    Coat color: Black with a very dark purple mane and tail.
    Scale color: Pure black without a hint of any other color. His dark colors make him barely visible at night.

    BYC username:horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse's name: Rano
    Markings, scars, etc: long fin that runs along spine
    Coat color:green with purple and blue highlights, purple tipped green mane.
    Scale color:green

    BYC username:horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse's name:Aqui
    Markings, scars, etc: Old scar that runs from foreleg to tail. Spiderweb like marking on forehead
    Coat color: creamy orange
    Scale color: scarlet

    BYC username: duckluv
    Horse's name: Morewyn (Mor-O-Win)
    Markings, scars, etc: Cherubic white wings spread a shadow on the ground below her; these she uses to both propel herself forward in the water faster than she would go if only her tail were in use and fly above the waves.
    Coat color: Her coat is of a blue so pale it's nearly white.
    Scale color: Instead of scales she has the smooth hide of a dolphin's tail.

    BYC username:horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse's name: Cora
    Markings, scars, etc: a mysterious red streak along flank
    Coat color: indigo, silver mane
    Scale color: golden

    BYC username: The Turken Lady
    Horse's name: Lily
    Markings, scars, etc: One side of Lily's face is burned. On the same side she has a large scar across her eye and a torn ear.
    Coat color: Light blue with a white mane.
    Scale color: Her scales are light blue with white splotches.


    FireBand - Owned by miss heny

    higher the rank, the dif markings you can have and dif colors of fire [​IMG]

    1. red
    4. yellow
    5. any colors!

    so when you are five years, you can choose your flame colors (ones with wings and horns are OKAY)

    Lead stallion: BYC player name:DuckLover2399
    Horse name:Flame (originale eh?)
    Rank:Lead Stallion
    color of Flames:Blue
    tattoos: Swirls all over his body.

    Lead Mare: Fira

    (here is a pic of her, the manes and tail are green fire [​IMG])


    BYC player name:horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Horse name:Fuega
    Rank:5-year-old higher mare
    color of Flames:golden yellow
    tattoos: strange spiral on forehead

    BYC player name: equinehugger3
    Horse name: Alovlu
    Rank: 7 yo very high mare
    color of flames: Crimson at the moment. [​IMG]
    tattoos: She has a dove shaped mark over her right eye.


    most stallions are killed, but some are aloud to join and someday have mates:


    i shall work on names and forms in a few [​IMG]

    ~By miss heny
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    Apr 14, 2010
    Fuco snorted. "I don't like the sound of this. Silence is never golden; it means trouble," His nostrils flared and he pinned his ears. Rolling her eyes, Timache objected,"Not everything is a sign, sweet, and not all signs are bad. Just calm down. We'll find the band," She nuzzled Fuco's neck, trying to keep him calm. He never did anything wise when he was stressed.
  3. equinehugger3

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    Apr 14, 2010
    "Come on, Timache! This isn't a joke, love, we need to leave soon, and find the band," Fuco snorted uneasily. "Shhh, Fuco, it'll be okay. We need to stay here, otherwise we'll just get even more lost. I'm not sure how you lose 150 horses, but we did, and they'll be back here soon," Timache tried to say soothingly to Fuco, but he still was breathing uneasily. "How can a Lead Stallion lose his band?! I'm a terrible stallion... How will I be able to care for my foal if I can't care for 150 grown mares and stallions?!" Fuco was seriously stressing, his breathing getting heavier. Timache's face darkened. "This isn't your fault, sweet. It's probably Jaden's," Timache was referring to the new stallion that they had hastily accepted to the band. He looked lost and raggedy, and he apparently couldn't find a bachelor herd, so Fuco's fatherly instinct kicked in. He had kept a close eye on the young stallion, but it hadn't helped.
  4. equinehugger3

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    *Talking to myself over here [​IMG] *

    Beda's eyes became slits as he heard a whinny of rage coming from East. That was where he had left Fuco as he ushered the small band away. He was the only other stallion at the moment, and he was capable of hurting the mares, so they had no choice but to listen. His only regret was not forcing Timache to follow him, but Fuco would surely finish him if he took Fuco's mate. Beda didn't understand. Timache could have a younger, stronger mate, but she chose to stick to Fuco. This was what angered Beda the most... He could hear hooves falling against the ground a few miles away. Beda smiled to himself as he approached the sound, leaving the band to fend for themselves while he took care of business.
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    When Fuco saw Beda cantering toward him, he growled, "I hate this little boy. Why did we let him join our band? Just to break us, and we fell for it." Timache snorted sympathetically, "Sweet, it'll be okay. You can beat him in a fight any-" Timache cut off mid-sentence. Beda used to be a twig, but now muscles rippled across his body as he cantered across the land. "Darn! This is going to be more tough than I thought..." Fuco began to sweat. He hoped he could win this one, because he had everything to lose.
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    Hmmm, I might join. Let me think about it. I am EXTREMELY addicted as it is! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Haha, no pressure:) I felt weird talking to myself... But I wanted to start it up, pretty desperate, right? [​IMG]
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    Quote:"Hey, Fuco!" Jaden winked at Timache. She scowled and backed away. "Don't use that on me, Jaden," Fuco's eyes were slits. When he said Jaden's name, he said it like it was something disgusting and vile.
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    Apr 1, 2008
    I'll *think* about joining.
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