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    Deep in the wild heart of Canada, there lies a valley. Silver Mist Valley, so named by wolves many moons ago for the mist that settles over the mountains that surround it.
    There are three main packs that live here in the valley: Moon Pack, Dawn Pack, and Ice Pack. Ever since the fall of Nightshade Pack, these wolves have dwelled in the valley for many years, and lived in peace.

    Well, until recently.

    There are lone wolves living in the mountains around the valley. Some of them are outcasts of the three packs, while others are descendants of Nightshade Pack. Many of these loners have started coming together, forming a mighty pack hungry for victory over Silver Mist Valley. They call themselves Cinder Pack, and are becoming stronger with each day that passes.

    But that's not all.
    It's winter, and any wolf will know that it's a hard time. But this year, the season has been incredibly harsh. Food is scarce, making more and more wolves go hungry.

    The three packs will have to work together if they want to remain in the valley- will you survive, or not?

    All Site Rules Apply. This should be obvious, but I am reminding you anyway (Just because I can). If you haven't read the BYC Site Rules already, I suggest you do so before joining this thread.

    Do Not Copy This Role Play. There is no need to copy anyone else Role Play. If you want to participate in one, please either join one someone else has already put their hard work into making, or come up with a unique one of your own.
    M. Me and @DarthLayer are the ones who have come up with this role play, and we will be here to accept your forms. Also, please do not do anything that will effect the original plot without my approval.
    Literacy. I am expecting at least two lines of your lovely writing. This means per wolf too, not three words for however many charries you may be RPing all crammed into one post. I am afraid I'm going to be rather strict on this (But don't worry, I wont bite)- it really isn't that hard though, anyone can do it with a little effort.
    Forms. This is another thing I will be looking at- perfect characters (AKA, Mary/Gary Sues) will simply not be accepted into this role play. It is no fun for anyone, and most often causes disruptions between our fellow RPers. 'Mary/Gary Sue's' can be impeccable personalities, unbeatable in a fight, etc. etc. You may have as many characters as you like, but for the sake of other RPers, please keep track of them all. Feel free to make them as simple or fancy as you like, as long as it provides the basic information in the form provided. In the 'Other' section of your forms, put 'Cheesy Muffin'. By doing so, you signify that you have read and understand the rules for this RP. Please do not begin Role Playing until your form has been accepted.
    Keep It G Rated. This is extremely important. Swearing and all of that unnecessary behavior is simply not acceptable. On top of that, your wolves may have pups- on the one condition that you do not go into any details. The same applies for fights, please do not go into major detail about how badly injured your wolf is. Disputes amongst the wolves are obviously going to happen, but we do not need to know all about it.
    Have Fun! I bet you knew this was coming. But anyway, please try to remain active on the thread (You might make me cry if all of you abandon me), and enjoy your time on here C:


    Moon Pack- ​
    With one of the biggest territories, Moon Pack are with no doubt the closest knit pack- and the most secretive. They don't have the most water though; which means smaller prey, such as rabbits, are what they hunt most of the time. These are not exactly large wolves, tending to be on the smaller, more slender side- but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

    Dawn Pack- Named after the sun that shines on their territory first out of all the packs, Dawn pack have plenty of rivers and forest. This makes for lots of prey, like caribou, most of the time. The wolves that live here are usually good hunters. Because of their abundant hunting grounds though, Dawn Pack are often competing with others. The prey has since dropped dramatically everywhere, causing even more fights then normal.

    ❄ ​
    Ice Pack- Living highest in the valley out of the three established packs are Ice Pack. They are not as sheltered as Moon and Dawn Pack, but well suited to the harsh winds that often sweep their territory. They do most of their hunting further down near the river where there are elk, moose, and the occasional beaver.

    Loner Land/Cinder Pack- With winds that rake relentlessly over the rocky outcrops, snow covering the ground, and little to no prey, the lone wolves that live here usually don't last that long. Any hares or lost caribou that stray around the mountains are normally very scrawny, and it's first in first served for hunting. It is likely the desperation for food, warmth, and company that drives most wolves to become a member of Cinder Pack, and it's numbers are ever growing.

    Alpha- Two in each pack. They are mates, and have ultimate freedom of where to go, how to do it, and when to do it. The rest of the pack will generally follow.
    Beta- Two in each pack. They are mates, and second command. If one of the Alphas die, the Beta of the same gender step up into his or her place, until the Alpha finds a new mate. If both the Alphas die, the Betas take their place.
    Pack Member- The main body of a pack. There are usually between five and ten. They are the workers, and do most of the hunting and fighting.
    Pup- The young of the pack. Average litters consist of four- six pups. They remain in this rank until six- seven months of age.
    Omega- The lowest ranked wolves in a pack. They may have the job of puppy sitter, and eat last.
    Loner- The outsiders, many of them being Omegas who have been driven away from their pack. Some of them may be descendants of Nightshade Pack. They live alone in the surrounding mountains, unless they find a mate or join another pack.




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  1. Americano Blue

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    Hello Spring
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    Dude, nice job!!
  2. ((Thanks C: I'll have the links to the character page, and OCC thread up soon))
  3. Frindizzle

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    ( Can we use our old forms, Silver?)
  4. Americano Blue

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Hello Spring
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    ᑎame: Bella
    ᗩge: 5
    Gender: Female
    personality: Can be really nice, a bit bossy, typically looks for approval, flirts sometimes, a good at lying, a bit skittish, fast learner, doesn't fully understand her strengths and weaknesses, she will probably do anything if you dare her, love to have fun.
    ᑭack: Loner
    ᖇank: Loner
    ᗰate: None (Open)
    ᑭups: None
    ᕼistory: She has always been a loner. She tried to join a pack but was soon chased out. After her den caught on fire somehow, she learned to move locations all the time. She can't remember much about her past.
    ᑌsername: Americano Blue
    Other: Cheesy muffin
    Pic: [​IMG]
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  5. DarthLayer

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    Jun 1, 2013
    ᑎame: Raven
    ᗩge : 3
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sweet and kind to most in her pack, but isn't afraid to put others in check and takes her responsibilities seriously. She is very devoted to Ice pack and does her best to help everyone else.
    ᑭack: Ice
    ᖇank: Beta
    ᗰate: none yet
    ᑭups: none yet
    ᕼistory :She has the normal history of growing up in this pack, but her parents disappeared when she was year old. When she was announced as a beta when the current one passed, she was sad her parents weren't here to see. She gladly took the role and tries her best.
    Picture/ Description: [​IMG]
    ᑌsername: DarthLayer
    Other: Cheesy Muffin
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  6. ((Sure, just make sure they are somewhat detailed C: ))

    ((First off, could you please change her name to something a bit less human? Oh, and I knew I forgot something when I published this! Picture or description, too please? Otherwise, it looks great C: ))
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  8. ((Hmm?))
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    On the moon.
    ᑎame: Strider.
    ᗩge: 6
    Gender: Boy
    ᑭersonality: Nice, strong, fast.
    ᑭack: Moon
    ᖇank: LEADER!!!!!
    ᗰate: None yet.
    ᑭups: None yet.
    ᕼistory: Living just a regular life.
    ᑌsername: ClucksnDucks11
    Other: None.[​IMG]
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