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8 Years
Jan 29, 2011

StormPride is a pride of lions who hunt and live proudly among there territory, the vast African Sahvanna of Tanzania. The males are protective of their land and will often ward off any intruders, as the lionesses are fierce huntresses and strong mothers.

Recent News-Milo has now created a pride of his own, MoonPride. They came to recruit others and let them know about it but were involved in a brawl with Darweshi before they could even do so. Khairi and the pride are currently on the look out for them.

~All BYC rules apply
~No instant killing or killing another's character without approval
~No hard core cussing
~No heated arguements
~Be realistic
~No ripping out body parts unless permitted or the character is already dead. Rule removed for further awesomeness.

~Please do not join and never come back again
~No roleplaying another person's character

(It is recommended that you choose an African name for the lion you roleplay, though it is not required. The site "Behind The Name" is a good place to look for one.)

If you wish to join, please fill out this form, summarize it, and PM it to me.

Type; if known:

The Dominant Lion. S/he is usually a male, but can be a female.

Khairi- A handsome, large, young, and rather muscular male lion. His mane is a light gold color with streaks of a sandy color; his fur also being the same as his streaks. His claws are razor sharp and very powerful, the things being able to draw blood within seconds. He is known for being friendly towards lionesses, but usually cannot stand other males and will often challenge them if they trouble his pride; the reason why he has such a little amount of other male lions. When they are willing, he will mate with any lioness. Khairi had a rough life in the past, when he was only days old his parents and other siblings were shot by poachers while he was resting in a bush, leaving him stranded by himself until he joined a nearby group, EmberPride. They treated him horribly and fed him small amounts of food and water each week, causing him to be malnourished and exhausted under the hot savhanna sun. Nonetheless, they forced him to train for extensive periods of time and injured him if he disobeyed, which gave him the stamina and strength he is known for today. He eventually broke through the other pride and left to join StormPride, where he managed to drive off their old leader, who wasn't doing much for the pride. He enjoys leading his pride proudly.

The Lionesses. They are both huntresses for the pride and mothers.

Afaafa- A dark gold lioness with long, deadly fangs. She is kind towards all, unless she is provoked to fight, which can cause her to become brutal and unafraid to insult others. She was born in StormPride and lived in it for her whole life, her father being the old and corrupt leader and mother being a nomad who she has never met. Some say she was killed by the leader, others say she vanished because she wasn't ready for motherhood. Afaafa doesn't let this bother her, and is a very good huntress for the pride. Her siblings are Doli and Hafidha.

Doli- A rather small dark gold and feminine looking lioness who can be rather vain at times. She takes a lot of time into her grooming sessions in the morning and when dirty, which can be time consuming. Other than this, she is sweet and nurturing, and very caring towards her pride. She usually doesn't fight as she can't stand violence, so instead when battles break out, she protects the cubs. Sister to Afaafa and Hafidha.

Hafidha- A medium gold lioness with muscular hocks and piercing yellow eyes. She is very quiet and shy, only speaking when she finds it nessicary. She is seemingly friendly, although easily annoyed with her short temper. A very good huntress who can sense a meal within miles away, usually bringing in the best kill. Sister to Doli and Afaafa.

Kamali- A very small half-blood lion- being about half the size of a normal lion. Her fur is a very light gold- so much it is almost white. She has small, amber eyes, and large, very rounded ears. Definitely the follower-type. She bravely goes forth in any task given by another pride member. She is very nimble, and skilled at climbing trees- in her other pride, she was often used as a spy. Her father, Eze, was a full lion- who fell deeply in love with her mother, Uzima, who was an African Serval. She had two children in her life, Kamali, and her twin, Panya. She lived in her family's pride for many years, until the rains came, and every member of the pack was washed away in a separate direction, Kamali and Panya were carried by a river to the territory of StormPride. Eze, Mother: Uzima, Twin: Panya. (crazygoatlady915)

Panya- She takes her apperance from her mother- she is a golden tan- with a few marbled spots, and a tapered tail. Her eyes are a striking green, and she is nimble and quick. Her claws are worn down from clinging to a log when she was washed away, so for now, she is not a good hunter/warrior. She is rather shy, but when she gets to know everybody, she takes control, and is very good at thinking two steps ahead. Father: Eze, Mother: Uzima, Twin: Kamali. (crazygoatlady915)

Zola- A very light caramel color lioness with a cream chest and darker gold ears, tail, lower leg and dorsal stripe. She is lean and muscular, but built for speed rather than strength. She's shy around strangers, but once she gets to know people she can be fun, energetic, sassy, sarcastic, flirty, bold and strong-willed. She was born in a circus but tagged and releassed after the circus mistreated her. She hates humans. All of her relatives are dead. (Quinn4321)

Tsamba- Dusty yellow fur with one brown paw and a brown stripe running down her back. She has deep brown eyes. Strong, independent. She likes to know that she is helping someone. Samba will hold grudges forever. Originally a nomad, she came to StormPride just before she had Jambi. Her relatives are some other nomads, including her other cubs. (NixNoodleNumbat)

Adayna- A very beautiful lioness with dusky brown with spots on her legs. She has little spots on her face. Her belly is a smooth ivory. Her body frame is petite, making others want to protect her. She has strength that is surprising, and fends for herself well. She is meek, doesn't like fighting. Young, and dreams of having cubs. She loves cubs and peace. She dislikes violence, but will fight if need be. Her Pride was all killed in a lightning storm, she survived. She had brothers and sisters, but assumed they died and has been a wanderer since. (DuckyGurl)

Ayita- A slim lion of the beige kind. Long and leggy, with large brown eyes. A very beautiful lion, different from the others. Gentle towards cubs. Friendly but tough and headstrong. Is a good hunter and can stand on her own two feet. There is little history known of Ayita. She found the pride after escaping from poachers. Her recent pride has been trapped. She is new and a little touchy about her history. (FarmCoe)

Nyah- A white lioness. She is very sweet to most lions, and cubs. She hopes to have a cub of her own. She stumbled upon StormPride after leaving her family, in search of a new home. She's a great fighter, and will protect her friends, and family. (DuckLover174)

Neo- She has leucism, a.k.a. she is a white lion. She's more off white than a true white color. She's 345 pounds. She has light stone grey eyes. Neo is quiet, shy, and a loner. She never quite feels that she's fits in anywhere. She enjoys hunting, and would like to socialize with other prides, but is afraid to. She fears rejection more than anything. Even though she doesn't socialize much, she takes care of herself well. But Neo has always wanted a family. She has a great sense of smell and is very observant. She is very submissive around higher ranking lions, and tends to stay out of their way. Because of this, she has been made fun of and picked on in the past. She never stopped to consider perhaps the other cubs were jealous of her white fur. Even when she's angry she holds in her anger, and takes it out elsewhere. She's kind.. But inexpirienced when it comes to taking care of cubs. Both of her parents were normal colored, tan furred lions. Neo's mother's great grandmother carried the gene for the leucism. Neo didn't come from any real pride, her parents wanted to form one but were seperated. Neo and a brother (deceased) was born. Her brother died from getting seperated and killed off by hyenas. Neo felt alone and her mother and father were devastated. She started hunting with her mother early, because she just loved it. They took a warthog down together. When Neo was just about ready to do stuff on her own, her father was killed by poachers. Unknowingly to Neo and her mother though. Her mom went to go search for him but never came back. She came across EmberPride when searching for her mother, and the lionesses her age teased her about not having a mom and about her fur. Neo moved on... (Moochie)

Hakuna- A three and a half year old white lion, is a small lioness with a startling white coat and hard gray-blue eyes. She's rather shy and doesn't trust anyone but a very few, though she can get quite chatty if she warms up to someone. She was born on a filthy farm and sold before her eyes had even opened to a snobbish couple wanting something to brag about to their friends. After almost a year, their daughter took pity on the cub and released her, not knowing that a lion, even a small one, would raise trouble in a highly populated city. Dodging numerous attempts to catch her and just as many cars for two years, Hakuna learned how to catch the fat pigeons and rats that populated the city. She was finally caught by animal control, deemed dangerous, and flown to Africa, where she was released after being tagged. For a while she stuck close to the two-leg village, where she was tossed scraps of meat. Eventually she wandered into unclaimed territory, catching tiny gazelles. She has occasionally seen a Jeep nearby, but hides in the tall grasses before they can see anything but a waving white tail. (duckluv)

Ebele- A beautiful lioness with golden fur and and faded white on her face, ears, tail and paws. She was raised by her nomadic mother, Dumisani as a cub and was almost grown when they settled with the StormPride. She is calm and quiet, but not to be messed with and very protective if needed. She has two cubs with Khairi, Desta and Ayokunle. (orpingtonbabies)

Luna- A small, lightly built white lioness with cloudy blue eyes. She has unusually large claws for her size, but she usually doesn't use them to hunt. She is blind in both eyes, but she has superb hearing abilities. Luna can hear prey from extremely long distances, making her good at tracking them. She depends on her ears to see and get around. Luna is shy at times, but easily warms up to other lions. She has a tendency to bump into things, making her careful when she navigates around the pride. Luna usually stays at home during hunts, watching the cubs, but she does help the other lionesses find prey every once and a while. She has a soft spot for cubs. Luna was born in captivity,as a circus lion. Her father was one of the most agile circus lions in the world, so they had high hopes for her. The circus crew tried to train her to jump into hoops again and again, but they couldn't get her to. Eventually, when they figured out she was blind, they left her alone in the African plains to fend for herself. She had trouble hunting, since she couldn't see at all and her white coat warned prey whenever she was near. When she arrived on the Stormpride border, she was close to death. The pride lions found her and took her in, nursing her back to health. Luna's relatives are still in the Circus, unaware she is even alive. (The Turken Lady)

Kike- Has golden brown fur, with a few spots here and there. Different in attitude. Little is known about her and her history. (miss heny)

Jambi- Honey brown fur, with one brown paw, a symbol of Samba's offspring. She is quite pretty. She is kind to most pride members, but she can be feisty. Born and raised in StormPride. Her relatives are Tsamba. (NixNoodleNumbat)

Bella- A usual looking lion. Friendly. (bella1210)

Aailyah- A young strawberry gold lioness with a light colored belly. She has blue eyes and a dark nose, and is a very playful and happy spirit despite having a rough past, including becoming an orphan. Aailyah was separated by her parents when she strayed too far and was nearly killed by a small group of cheetahs who stalked her to the great stream and shoved her in; an attempt to kill her. She floated down and eventually made her way out by StormPride, and raced towards it after seeing cubs her age. She was then fostered by Doli.

Tanz- White paws with a tawny coloration to her body. Very outgoing; was born into a zoo in Tanzania and realeased into the wild at 1 1/2 years old. She is related to her brother Taz and secretly likes Killer. (Muscovie Lover)

Uganda- A dark gold lioness with sharp black points and a smooth pelt. She is very loyal and protective, and would give up her life for her pridemates. She is a very fierce fighter. She is a Tsavo lion. Her past is shrouded from all by a veil of secrecy. She has no relatives in Stormpride, but there are indications that she has some somewhere. Her family has a known reputation for being man-eaters, and she is not one to tangle with. (horselovingchickcrazykid)

Kenya- A lioness with a black line down her back. She is sweet, loving, brave, bright spirited, and very cunning. Earlier on, she escaped when hunters were taking her to sell her on the black market. When they were driving they didn't strap her crate in and it fell off and broke when they hit a bump. She escaped and was alone for awhile until she was found by a bachelor pride and was captured. She escaped, but is currently pregnant. (pekinduck<3er)

Other Males. There are very few of these, as the Dominant Lion usually boots them out.

Kirabo- Sandy beige in color with dappling of rust on his face and faint etching of the same color in stripes along his back, down half of his tail that smoothly blends to solid tan and ends in a bouffant tassle. A grand and impressively long mane of tawny crowns his face, with small, round, white-fringed ears peeking through the silken fur. Like most cats that possess Liger ancestry, he is quite large, exceeding the size of most males and he has long claws adorning his wide paws that make him deadly in battle. He bears a diagonal scar over his snout from attack by an opposing pride. A gentle giant who is quiet and says very little, but he still prefers to be social and linger close to the action. He keeps a very cool head in crisis and rarely panicks. He is fiercely loyal to Khairi. His mother Mishka, a pure Lion, was born in Tanzania unto a family of nomads. His father Isaac, a Liger, was a zoo escapee who joined the small group and soon fell head over heels for Mishka and they became mates when she felt the same. Kirabo simply decided when he was old enough that he didn't like the life of a nomad, and left to seek a real pride. He took a liking to Stormpride, and, though challenged, was accepted to join. Mishka, mother; Isaac, father. (BirdNut)

Dizin- Dark brown fur with black rimmed ears and a very dark grey stripe running down his nose. Playful, corageous and a quick learner. He enjoys play-fighting with Jambi, Gahiji or anyone else who wants to. When a fire killed his family, he joined StormPride to be with his only relative left, Gahiji. He has a slight crush on Jambi. (NixNoodleNumbat)

Killer- A very muscular lion with very white fur and a deep scar across his left eye. He is young, only two years old. Though calm, he can be quite vicious when needed. Walks with the pride. All that is known of his history is that he is the only survivor of his old pride after a group of nomads came and killed everyone, but didn't see Killer slinking around the corner. Once done he spent half of his life as a nomad, dodging more dominant males. (Muscovie Lover)

Taz- Opposite of his sister. Tawny paws with white body. He's very shy around Khairi, yet bold and willing to fight for his sister. He was born in a zoo in Tanzania and realeased into the wild at 1 1/2 years old. His sister is Tanz. (Muscovie Lover)

Jesse- A deep golden color with an massive black and gold mane surrounding his head. He is smaller then other most male. He is aggressive, doesn't like to be beaten by another male. A rare Asiatic lion in breed. He has always lived alone, never had a mate or much in the way of a family. (SebrightLuver)

Cubs. They are always the first fed, as they need to be strong and healthy for the next generation.

Desta- A female cub with light brown fur and dark eyes. Born into the pack, daughter of Ebele and Khairi. Desta is a happy-go-lucky cub who brings joy wherever she goes. She has one younger brother: Ayokunle. (orpingtonbabies)

Ayokunle- A shy and quiet, but friendly cub with light gold fur and black tips on his ears and tail as well as one black paw. His mother is Ebele and he has one older sister: Desta. (orpingtonbabies)

Mwamba- Still working on description...

Shawana- Still working on description...

Darweshi- Still working on description...

Elders. The most wise and honored in the pride, always fed first with the cubs.

Gahiji- A lion with Grey-brown fur; and a large and rounded dark brown mane. He is old and wise. Gahiji enjoys looking after and teaching the cubs. He is generous and fair. He came to StormPride many, many years ago. His grandson is Dizin. His mate and family died in a fire. His opinion is valued greatly in making descisions. (NixNoodleNumbat)

Dumisani- A beautiful though slightly faded white lioness with beautiful golden markings on her paws, ears and face. Once a beautiful, wild and sometimes fiesty nomadic lioness; Dumi as she was sometimes called had only one cub, Ebele, who was raised as a nomad until she was almost a young lioness and she and her mother settled down in the StormPride. As an elder, Dumisani calmed down and became one of the most respected and loved elders of the StormPride. She is like a grandmother to all cubs.(orpingtonbabies)



Fang- Died from natural causes, as she was ancient.

Rozi- Killed by EmberPride. They took her body.

Nomads. These lions are usually the more adventuruous type and stay out of the prides and reside by small travelling groups instead. They are always welcome to change their minds and live with StormPride.

Leyona- Yellowish colored fur, black nose and eyes. She is very muscular, but quick and agile. She has a very strong jaw, and deadly fangs. Her claws are extremely dangerous. She is only slightly smaller than most lions, but makes up for it with her strength. She is very kind, but will attack when threatened; of course, not many dare cross her path. She is very smart and mysterious. She can outwit many lions. She is patient and gentle with cubs. She is the first born in her family, who are all nomads. She roams the savhanna with her Mother, Father and younger siblings. She was born and raised to defend herself and others. She is very kind towards Stormpride, and hangs out with them often. She doesn't stay overnight with them, and sometimes she doesn't come at all. She sometimes considers joining Stormpride, but usually disregards it. (chickendiva25)


Map of main area-

Map of StormPride-

Map of BreezePride-


BreezePride is very similar to StormPride though they hardly ever meet. Like most prides are to each other, they're rivals. The leader, an older male, is often challenged by younger nomadic males and sometimes his own cubs who have just finished growing up.

The Dominant Lion

Nkruma- Though older than most males in his pride, he is a very handsome lion with a dark gold coat, a mane with a similar colored base that is flowing and heavy, surronded by extremely dark brown hair, and a has patches of white under his eyes, at the tips of his paws, and on his muzzle. Nkruma's fangs are a pearly white and are very sharp, long, and deadly, making it common to see them when he speaks. He isn't very tall, but is heavy in weight and very muscular. He is friendly with most but likes to keep his pride in a row. So if someone is not behaving or disobeying, he will discipline them immediately. Was born into the pride and took over his father's place when he was killed.


Olayinka- A young, beautiful light strawberry gold lioness with a light colored underside, cheeks, and under-eyes. She has two slightly darker toned spots over her expressive deep ember red eyes, which are adorned with stripes of black that look like Cleopatra's eyeliner. Her nose is pink and the tips of her ears are frayed. Olayinka is very friendly and is a great hunter, her claws being thick enough to tear buffalo's flesh completely and bring back a good feast. Though, she can be a bit stubborn. Protective with her cubs. When the lioness was a juvenille she was searching for a pride and eventually found one, BreezePride. She is Nkruma's favorite lioness, though she does not love him back and is with Taonga instead.

Yejide- A tall and rather leggy lioness with a tail that is so long the tip bobs along the ground as she walks. Her fur is of a light, almost pale gold and she has small faded spots on her forehead and lower legs. Her eyes are of a yellow color, highlighted with some peachy orange. Around her whiskers are white spots. She is shy and not quite as outgoing and bubbly as her sister. Prefers to hunt alone and watch the cubs. Nkruma and Subira's daughter, Lerato's sister.

Lerato- Identical to her sister, nothing sets them apart in appearance. But unlike Yejide, she is amazingly outgoing and bubbly, loving to socialize with others and sometimes even cause trouble. Sometimes considers becoming a nomad with her friends, Mbali and Nkiru. Her mate is Adisa, she is daughter to Nkruma and Subira, and is Lerato's sister.

Subira- A medium gold lioness with a tall body and several little specks on her lower legs. Her muzzle is white and under her whiskers are several white spots. Her eyes are an electric yellow. Subira is a fierce huntress and loves to teach the cubs how to hunt and become better citizens to their pride. Joined not too long ago after she was done roaming alone as a nomad.

Male Lions

Taonga- A young lion with a deep, shaggy strawberry gold mane and a lighter gold body. He is very big and muscular, and has sharp, long claws. He is friendly and very kind with his mate, Olayinka, and would do anything for her. A good father, protective to his cubs and willing to teach them. He is often challenged by Nkruma for taking his favorite lioness and was almost booted out for it. Thankfully Olayinka came in the way and stopped it all before things became too gory, and reluctantly promised to mother Nkruma's cubs after she was done raising Taonga's.

Adisa- A lion with a light, mohawk like mane and a very sturdy body. His body is sharpely chisled and his eyes are of an electric yellow. He is very sweet and rather silent, not liking to disrupt the pride's peace as he is fiercely loyal and fought for his rights in the pride because he was a lower ranked male. Lerato's mate.


Adaeze- One of Taonga and Olayinka's cubs. She is a strawberry gold with powerful little hindlegs and large, ember colored eyes. Her undersides are a creamy white and her eyes look like they have Cleopatra eyeliner. Her claws are fairly long for a cub and her body has small, widespread and faded spots. Adaeze likes to be a leader and can be very bossy at times. Otherwise, she is sweet and is loyal to her mother.

Baako- One of Taonga and Olayinka's cubs. He is similar looking to Adaeze, despite his larger muscles and fangs. A large claw scar is on his left rump from his much more dominant sister scratching her when angry at him. He is now much more submissive and always obeys her. Baako is a little more shy and timid, he doesn't always like to be alone either.

Efua- One of Taonga and Olayinka's cubs. She is a darker gold, less strawberry colored, and a lot smaller than her other siblings. Her eyes are a deep, dark ember and her whole face and body is dappled in little spots. She is very playful and smart, clever and loves to play pranks on others. A very kind little lioness.

Enitan- One of Taonga and Olayinka's cubs. She is almost identical to Adaeze, aside from her lighter eyes and light colored paws and muzzle. Enitan is friendly and a lot less wild than her siblings. She prefers to act civilized and ladylike, though she is very much into hunting.

Farai- One of Adisa and Lerato's cubs. He is taller and skinnier than most, though at the same time very sturdy, and his coat is a light gold. His tail is long and his whole body is dappled with little faded spots. He is extremely playful and bubbly, being Efua's best friend.

Isingoma- One of Adisa and Lerato's cubs. Similar in color to his minute younger brother, though slightly darker and shorter. He acts similarly and loves to play, despite being a bit more mature about things. Wants to grow up and be just like his father.


All were killed by poachers recently. Their bodies were taken with them for their hides.

~☼Cheetah Prides☼~

The cheetah prides are small groups of cheetahs who are often seen around the lion prides. They usually consist mainly of males due to the fact that females prefer to raise their cubs under solitary conditions. These prides have overlapping territories and often share some of the same boundaries as the lions, so it isn't too uncommon to see cheetahs lurking around in the tall grasses while hunting or a mother with her cubs.


SunPride is a different pride. It is ruled by a DNA fluke leader, a black cheetah with blue eyes and the ranks aren't the same as a normal pride would have.


Abioye- A black blue eyed she-cheetah. Little is known about her background. (miss heny)


Ghofiri- A handsome cheetah, his body being very skinny and aerodynamic, causing him to be the most swift and agile in the group. Though he does not weight very much, he is amazingly powerful and has thick sharp claws. His fur is a light gold and his face is slightly more brown, being covered in faded spots. The male cheetah's spots are a heavy black, being larger on his rump and the tip of his tail. Ghofiri's under eyes and muzzle are a pale cream tone and his eyes are a light peachy orange, slightly darker near his pupils. His features are very well chisled and his hindlegs are very muscular. He is very kind and generous towards others, a great hunter to top it off. Brother to Idriis, who arrived with him when they were both juvenille but ready to begin living on their own. (Zinnia-Hen)


Boipelo- Very joyful (hence her name) and has a lovey golden fur with nice spots. (miss heny)

Chiumbo- The smallest member of SunPride, but a very good hunter. (miss heny)

Ime- Has great amounts of patience with her daughter, Kagiso, who seemingly gets into mischeif almost everyday. (miss heny)

Idriis- Looks similar to Ghofiri, despite his heavyset features and blotchier spots. His eyes are more of a dark yellow, opposed to his brother's rather exotic peach eyes. He is friendly, but a little more timid and shy. Can be fierce towards enemies when needed. Arrived with him when they were ready to leave their mother. (Zinnia-Hen)

Penda- A light, sandy brown she-leopard with broken brown rings. She is very kind, hardworking, and protective. Penda was born and raised in the group even if she was not a cheetah but instead a look alike, so SunPride seemingly took her under its wing. She's currently pregnant with Idriis's cub(s). (NixNoodleNumbat)

Folami- An older male with a slim body and a gold coat. His spots are black and perfectly spread, the ones on his hocks and tail being blotchier than the rest. His face is slender with faded spots on his cheeks and forehead, Folami's eyes being a piercing electric yellow. His tail is calf length and black tipped, and he has a large claw mark on his left rump. He is very rude towards newcomers and likes to show off his dominance to them, hoping to have them become submissive. Though he is fiercly loyal with his pride, he sometimes, but very rarely, likes to challenge Abioye. (Zinnia-Hen)


Kagiso- Cub of Ime. Her father is unknown. (miss heny)


Juta- An elderly male with darker gold fur and smaller spots spread across his body. His muzzle is slightly gray and his claws have became very blunt and broken overtime. His left fang is split in half and the other is cracked, both being very yellow and holey. Being an avid warrior in his younger days, he is covered in war scars and his right eye has a bloody gash across it. Juta is a very kind and gentle elder, respectful with the younger crowd and enjoys teaching them. He is one of the most honored members. (Zinnia-Hen)


None, yet.


None, yet.

~☼Female Cheetahs who are raising cubs☼~

In progress.

~☼Hyena Clans☼~

The hyena clans consist of the spotted variety and usually roam the savanna in large social groups, though an occasional loner will appear. Unlike most groups in the area the packs are led and dominated by matriachs, or females. They are fierce and often clash with the lion prides over territory and prey.

To join, fill out this form:



LotusClan is like any Hyena clan, really. They are fierce and like to cause trouble but are very respectful towards eachother.


Bolanle- Is a darker gold with faded black spots spread throughout her body. Her lower legs are a smokey black color and she has a patch of the same tone on her rump and face. Bolanle's muzzle is black and her ears are battle torn. She has a spikier and larger mane than most up on her back. She is a very sinister creature, loving to cause trouble around the lion prides. Her laugh is very destinctive and her voice is rather seductive. Little is known about her past.


Matata- A higher ranked female. She is a light creammy gold with unusually large black spots. Sweet and gentle, but a deadly killer. Hails from the far north. She lost her pups before arriving at LotusClan. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

Shenzi- Right under the leader in rank; has a golden coat, spots of deep brown, yellow eyes, black feet, and a stubby tail. Sweet, but can be vicious if provoked. She likes to be bossy at times. Has lived her whole life at the clan. (DuckLover2399)

Vadise- Middle ranked, not too high ranked but not the underweasel. Has yellow-tan fur, dark brown spots, dark brown legs and muzzle, black eyes, and a short tail with long dark hairs. Vadise is a little ditsy; "Laughs" at kills and food finds alot, even "laughs" when stalking things sometimes (also laughs as a nervous disorder). She also appears to be a little flirty with nomad male hyenas, when really trying to mess with them. Vadise likes to mess around with lions and other animals, usually pranking them. But Vadise knows when to settle down around higher ranking hyenas. Spends alot of time with younger hyenas, teaching them her ways of pranking and such. It also seems she has some sort of hyena ADHD. Vadise's father is ?, and mother is ?. She killed her brother as a pup while play-fighting. Vadise likes to pop the tires on tour jeeps and poacher jeeps. Dangerous but she does it. (Moochie)

Spots- Looks like a normal cheetah, but is a gray instead of black and gold. She is sweet and tough, yet rather shy and loving. She grew up with her family earlier on. She has a single pup with her at the time. (pekinduck<3er)


Andile- A lighter gold in color with widespread and smaller spots. His face is similarly colored with white points and a darker muzzle. His ears are rather large. Though respectful and kind with his clan mates, Andile is rather protective of the females when male nomads come into sight. Bolanle just laughs at him and reminds him he isn't the boss. He was born into pride to two lower ranking parents who are now long gone. Refered to as the 'omega' hyena.





Chukwudi- A young bachelor nomad who roams the land with his brother, Ime. He is a dark brownish gold in color with many spots covering his body in all shapes in sizes, some blotchier and closer together than others. The tip of his stubby tail is black as is his muzzle. His eyes are a light frosty blue. Very handsome, being much larger and more muscular than most males. He is mischevious and loves to flirt with the females of LotusClan, hoping to take one with him everytime even if Bolanle shoos them away. He seems to never learn his lesson there. Was born in a distant Clan to the north in Ethopia but decided to move to northern Tanzania with Ime, in search of an adventure.

Ime- A young bachelor nomad who roams the savanna with Chukwudi, his brother. Has the same colored coat and features as his brother despite the fact he is much smaller and less rotuned. Very different in personality, a little shy and less bold. But he does like to woo the ladies. He often regrets moving from his old clan with his much more mischevious brother.

Kagiso- A nomad hyena who lives with her mate inside a cliffside cave, only leaving to hunt and be active at night. Unlike the other hyenas in the area, she is the less social striped variety. Her fur is a light yellow-ish gold color and her stripes are rather thick, dark, and blotchy. Her mane is short and shaggy, her face is dark, and her tail is fluffy and stripe-less. Though friendly she is a bit timid and shy around the spotted hyena clans and prefers to live solitarily with her mate.

Jelani- Kagiso's mate, also a striped hyena. His fur is a light pale gold and his stipes are a deep black, being more widespread and less blotchy. His face is adorned with little stipes and his throat and muzzle are black. Jelani's mane is huge and extends from the back of his head to the tip of his tail. Very handsome. Friendly but similar in attitude to Kagiso, though slightly quieter.

~☼Baboon Harems☼~

The baboons roam the savannas in large groups led strictly by patriachs. There are only a small minority of males all from different harems, one being the leader, many females of assorted ranks they were born into, and several of their offspring. Males can be rather cold and controlling with outsiders and even their own mates when not obeying, and females are forced to stay in the same group for their whole life. Large fights against different harems break out occasionally, usually for females and ranks. Nonetheless they are still very caring and love to love one another.

To join, fill out this form:

Relatives and which harems they're in:




Bani- A female of higher ranking. Silver hair adorns the sides of her face, shoulders, elbows, hands, and chest. Light brown hair is on back of head, stomach, back, and back legs. Very docile and loves children. Came from somewhere in the far east. Her baby, Kotu, is her only relative in the harem with her. She is a Hamadryas baboon. (horsecrazychickloivingkid)

Males. There are very few of these.

Babies. Once the males grow older they will be driven out.

Kotu- He is a dark gold all over. Very rambunctious, playful, and full of life, from somewhere in the far east. His mother is Bani, and is in the same harem as him. A Hamadryas baboon. (horsecrazychickloivingkid)


~☼Impala Herds☼~

Life is a hard task everyday for the impala herds, as they are treated as food by most predators in the area. Despite this, they normally try to live their lives to the fullest. Their herds are massive and come in all shapes and sizes. Some are all female, some are all bachelor males, some are nursery groups, and others are both male and female. The all female groups are often rounded up by the males, and once they are pregnant with their fawns they will try to go somewhere more isolated for most of their gestation, despite their mates pleading. Once they give birth the fawns are set into nursery groups, only coming to their mothers when hungry or see predators near. When the males grow older they will be forced from the herd and form bachelor groups. All herds are nomadic and move when food becomes less plentiful. Males are extremely territorial and will even try to chase away very young males.

To join, fill out this form:

Relatives and which herd they're in:
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The rules in Fangpride are no different than those of the Stormpride roleplay. Please respect them; violators will be reported.

Fangpride is a pride consisting of not Lions, but Cheetahs. They are rather hostile toward newcomers and deal harshly with intruders. They seem to have a sinister way about them, but it's usually only noticeable when you get on their bad side.


Kgosi: A handsome King Cheetah male who is unusually brutish in build and has a deep, thunderous voice. He is strict, protective of his pride, and would do anything to keep it's members safe; even if it meant putting his life on the line. He usually keeps a cool head in crisis, and has a lot of patience, but he is dangerous when angered. He prefers to dictate war, but when fighting, he fights using the advantage of size and strength rather than speed. He is big-boned and thick-skinned, so though he is slow, it is difficult to inflict damage to him. He was born in another pride, but left when he sought more for his life.


Male members are rarely accepted by Kgosi.

Baako: A dark, tarnished golden cheetah with starkly contrasted, piercing yellow eyes, who is dark, mysterious, stoic, and very quiet. He prefers to keep to himself and enjoys silence. Baako is fierce and is merely a blur in battle, shredding at his enemies with his long, sharp claws. He is average in build with an elongate tail that lightly dusts the ground behind him as he walks. He was born unto a family of nomads and is still trying to convince Kgosi of his loyalty.

Chipo: A gorgeous King Cheetah female who is the first-born daughter of Kgosi. She is unusually personable compared to most of Fangpride, and sometimes to a fault; she will get into trouble if she is too friendly to outsiders. She is soft-hearted, kind, and just.

Makena: A tall, lanky cream-colored Tanzanian Cheetah. He was raised by a family of Leopards when they rescued him as a child, and they willingly accepted him, thinking he was one of their own species. He left when he felt he didn't fit in, and he figured out that he was a Cheetah and not a Leopard. Because of living there, he has learned and thoroughly practiced the deft hunting of the Leopard.

Gbemisola: She is tall and leggy, very slim and sleek. Her fur of a rich gold color and her black spots are widespread. Her tail is so long the tip usually rests against the floor. She has small black dots all over her face that she usually refers to as freckles. She can be very nasty and mean when provoked or around intruders, but is very generous and loyal with pride-mates. She was born a nomad with her small family and barely even knew her father until one day came along and decided to visit his fully grown children. From reasons unknown by Gbemisola, he killed her mother and fled that night, leaving her body for her to see. Kato, her brother, was also nowhere to be found. She was so upset she left the area and accidently stumbled upon FangPride. She watched for days on end, taking note, and eventually decided to join. (Zinnia-Hen)

-More to be written-

Please PM me if you would like to join.



Fleetpack is a pack of African Wild Dogs. They are peaceful in nature and mostly keep to themselves, but retaliate very violently when fought with. They always hunt in groups that depart from the territory, and bring the kill back home for the Elders and Pups. They diligently protect their pack and have small patrols of two or three dogs that take turns pacing along the border to keep watch.

Dominant Male (Reserved)
Dominant Female
Natasha: A fierce fighter, who is willing to protect the pack at all costs. The top of her back is golden with a few black rosettes and a solid black under belly. The base of her tail is golden, the middle is black, and the end of it is white. The top of her head is creamy with a black stripe from her nose to the back of her head. She has a black muzzle, ears, and ruff, with heavy black and white marbling on her legs, flanks, and shoulders, fading slowly to gold. Faint marbling of black, gold, and white marks her back legs. She came from the far west at a young age, and little else is known of her history. -horsecrazychicklovingkid
Hunters (Open)
Nthanda: A gorgeous dog with a pelt of golden, with black-fringed rosettes of white flecked strictly on her hindquarters like an Appaloosa horse. Her paws are like white stockings, and end in a line of black. Her face is marked with a round mask of pure ebony fringed in blonde, with two, strangely intense eyes of amber. She is genuinely sweet at heart, and daydreams often, sometimes to a fault. Her dying mother came to Fleetpack with Nthanda dangling from her mouth by the scruff, leaving the pup under the shade of a tree and soon falling limp. Taking pity on the poor mother and the lonely little pup, Mudiwa brought her in and raised her with her own pup. Nobody has told Nthanda about how she came to Fleetpack, so she can never give a straight answer when asked about her past. -BirdNut

Boitumelo: A muscular and fairly senior warrior of Fleetpack who is knowledgeable in the ways of war and has been a large contributor to the training of Fleetpack's pups to be skilled hunters. He is very dignified, with a touch of haughtiness, and has the assertive attitude of a leader; some even have fabled him to be arrogant and mutter things amongst each other when he comes strolling by in his lordly gait. Pale wheat in color with cream fringing his dark face and oddly-shaped rosettes on his legs. His tail is dirty blonde with a stark white tip. He has been here since the first days of Fleetpack and is Mudiwa's brother, and is thus the uncle of Nthanda, Amara, and Adofo. -BirdNut

Vuur: A bright, peachy-colored dog who is mischeivous, daring, satirical, and clever. He is lanky in build with long, swiftly moving legs and flashy markings, such as ebony patches down his back centered with dapples of white. He is very fast and attacks with blinding speed in battle. He loves a good battle and will never turn one down, even if it's a brawl with a species larger than himself, like a lion. He rarely speaks of his past openly and nobody knows where he came from, and it took a long time for Jelani to trust him for this reason. -BirdNut

Amara: A tawny-colored dog with large, prominent rosettes filled with white fur on her sides, with smaller, more irregularly shaped ones on her rump. She is very calm and laid-back, and won't speak unless spoken to first. She is great to be around, has a calming aire about her, and is often the one to go to when other dogs are feeling distressed, as she has voiced that her shoulder is always open for others to cry on. She was Mudiwa's first daughter. -BirdNut
Adofo: An unusually bulky, big-boned dog who is rather slow and usually lags behind the rest of the pack when on hunting trips. His advantage is his astonishing strength, and his thick jaw is extremely powerful, and, paired with sharp fangs, is a very dangerous weapon. His ears are quite round and his nuzzle is short and thick, giving his face the appearance of a bear. His coloring is a drab, grayish straw with extensive but faint mottling of black and white. His legs are each marked with black stockings, and a single paw possesses two toes in the center that are white with cream-colored pads and ivory claws. He's temperamental and difficult to please, and is quick to fly into a rage, and is rather annoyed by Mudiwa's 'the glass is half-full' attitude. Adofo is Jelani's half-brother. -BirdNut
Mothers (Open)
Mudiwa: She is a social, bubbly dog that loves children, who is a lot of fun to be around and is known around the pack as 'Sunshine girl', because of her strange way of brightening any mood and finding the good in everything, but some find her rather annoying at times because she tends to ramble. She is a prized member of Fleetpack because of how she raised both of her children to be loyal warriors. She is a peachy-tinged blonde with wild, asymmetrical black marbling scattered all over her body, with a few rosettes. Her paws have short, black socks with white toes, soft, pink paw pads, and pearly white toenails. Her son is the leader, Jelani, and her adopted daughter is Nthanda. She is very proud of both and jumps at the chance to inconspicuously and good-naturedly brag about them, out of not arrogance, but mere mother's pride. She was born in the early days of Fleetpack, and lost her mate to a territorial Lion, and because of this, still feels some contempt toward Lions. -BirdNut
Pups (Open)
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Name: Kamali
Gender: Lioness
Appearance: She is a very small half-blood lion- being about half the size of a normal lion. Her fur is a very light gold- so much it is almost white. She has small, amber eyes, and large, very rounded ears.
Personality: Definitely the follower-type. She bravely goes forth in any task given by another pride member. She is very nimble, and skilled at climbing trees- in her other pride, she was often used as a spy.
Type; if known: Her father, Eze, was a full lion- who fell deeply in love with her mother, Uzima, who was an African Serval. She had two children in her life, Kamali, and her twin, Panya.
History: She lived in her family's pride for many years, until the rains came, and every member of the pack was washed away in a separate direction, Kamali and Panya were carried by a river to the territory of StormPride.
Relatives: father: Eze, Mother: Uzima, Twin: Panya
Username: crazygoatlady915

Name: Panya
Gender: Lioness
Appearance: She takes her apperance from her mother- she is a golden tan- with a few marbled spots, and a tapered tail. Her eyes are a striking green, and she is nimble and quick. Her claws are worn down from clinging to a log when she was washed away, so for now, she is not a good hunter/warrior.
Personality: She is rather shy, but when she gets to know everybody, she takes control, and is very good at thinking two steps ahead.
Type; if known: Lion/Serval.
History: Same as her sister's: Kamali.
Relatives: Father: Eze, Mother: Uzima, Twin: Kamali
Username: crazygoatlady915
I'm going to post the information on EmberPride here so I don't forget

Camila- A large yet light footed lioness with a strong, muscular build. She is often estimated because she is a lioness but has beaten as many lions as any male. She has a cruel heart with no room for weakness within her Pride.

Arrow- A smaller lion with a large mane that makes him look bigger then he actually is. He is very good at using his size to his advantage and is quite strong considering his size. He is a fast runner and quick on his feet, very agile when fighting.

Medicine Lion:
Ashlyn- A slim, beautiful lioness with brown spots dappling her coat. She was once a rogue lion, driven out of her previous Pride because she wasn't a good fighter. Arrow found her and took her in, then convinced Camila to let her become a medicine lion and has been there ever since.

Jamar- A short, stocky and extreamily muscular lion with a large, flowing mane. His shoulders are massive compared to the rest of his body and can knock any lion or lioness down by charging even if they are taller then him.

Gimbya- An average sized lioness, a brilliant hunter and is a decent fighter aswell. She is very fast, good for running down prey or an enemy is needed. She is extreamily loyal to her birth Pride and would die defending it.
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