♣ WASHINGTON: MILLIE FLEUR Bantam Cochin rooster!!

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    ♣ Millie Fleur Bantam Cochin Rooster, 1 year old ♣

    I have two quality Bantam Cochin cockerels up for sale. They are young, and have a very nice Millie Fleur pattern. Their grandparents were imported from Europe. They've got feathered legs, and a hardy and friendly personality. They are both proven breeders, and are very protective of their hens, as well as very friendly. I am selling them because I'm reducing my bantam flock to make room for larger breeds. They are excellent examples of the Millie Fleur coloration; perfect for your breeding program!

    Young Cochin Roosters (bantam) = $25 dollars each... special consideration available for 4-Hers

    I am in Olympia, Washington; local pickup only please. PM me for more info. Thank you! [​IMG]
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    If you ever decide to ship let me know looking for a good MF Cochin roo
  3. BuffBeck

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    Yes, it would be nice if I could ship... but I have such a small flock; It would be a hassle for just a few. I'm sorry about that, and good luck finding a rooster near you!
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    I'd send you a prepaid bird-approved box (labeled "Live Birds" with cloth vent holes etc) with returned labels and instructions if you would sell to Illinois.

    I've had pigeons shipped to me (UPSP) and they were not harmed by the shipping a bit.

    Let me know.
  5. BuffBeck

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    It's just so far... I'd be worried about them on the road for that long. I wish you were local!
    Very sorry, but thank you for your interest.

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