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  1. You are a human. You were tested on, experimented on, abused, but you escaped. The people who experimented on you are hunting you, and they won't stop until they find you.


    Mutations: people who were given special powers by scientific experimentation. They often have one otherworldly feature. They can speak all human dialects and they vaguely understand animal dialects.

    Mutts: people whose brains were transplanted in animals. They have the senses of that animal, and they can speak all animal dialects along with English.


    Professor: They lead the experiments. They work against the law of America and hunt the experiments.

    Rebels: they understand that what the professors do is wrong and are ready to help any way they can.

    Aides: they assist the professors and also hunt the experiments.

    The experiments escaped to a valley with a swamp, a forest, and a lake. They have separated into 2 different packs. If they are to stay free, they must cooperate, and that won't be easy.

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