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Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
Here are the results of our accidental hatch. One of our hens, Big Mama, went broody in a huge way. She was setting on any eggs she could find, growling at me and all that. But with 2 dozen other hens in the pen, she was starting to get confused about which was her nest spot. She finally managed to find a hidden corner and keep a clutch of eggs going for 10 days before moving to another set. I found them cold and alone and Big Mama grumbling over a new clutch elsewhere, so these went into the incubator.



Jul 15, 2020
Do you have time to just sit and watch this bird and how it interacts with the others? That would probably be your best bet, especially if you have known females. Does it try to mount them or otherwise behave like a male?

My guess is male based on the chest, but the golden ones can be tricky. I sorted a female into the bachelor pen based on the chest once, she was pretty beat up by the time I realized my mistake but she healed ok.
I know what you mean, I’ve put him in a breeder cage with a flock of females. Will keep an eye out to see if he does any male stuff lol.

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