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May 15, 2019
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I have no problem naming my food!!!! I even name the deer in the woods while scouting/hunting. Pets with Purpose!!!!! Or as I referred earlier....recyclable pets. Those with names, personalities, or other usefulness i.e. egg production sometimes get to hang around longer to be spoiled a bit more, but in the end they are all FOOOD in reserve.
I guess I'm just too much of a city girl whose main experience with animals are as pets. My cats are family members to me. If I name an animal it becomes an individual that I care about.

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May 4, 2015
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My mom was raised in Los Angeles. Back in the old days (think WW11) she named all of her pets. It was understood that they were pets until they were dinner.

The area I live in right now is suburban, but we’re less than an hour from the Mexican boarder. There is a large immigrant community here that still has pets until they’re dinner. This is actually how we got our first rabbit (a dinner escapee seeking asylum.)


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My Coop
He’s probably a good singer and also good guitar player....I would like to hear raw performance vs remixed auto tuned 💩
Yeah...I'm not a fan of the auto tuned stuff but I'm also not smart enough to tell who uses it.
Sometimes I can not tell.

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