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Jan 18, 2008
I'm good with quail. I only have half an acre, and I plan on planting fruit trees and having plants that are happy in the climate there. I already have an apple tree there, and I want fuyu and hachiya persimmons, pear, Asian pear, and hazelnuts too.

I'm researching a bit on dwarf goats, but I'm kind of thinking I'm not going to get them, or at least not soon.
Goats are amazing :love but if you only have a half an acre, something else might be better suited. What did you want them for? Milk ?


Aug 21, 2017
New Mexico
Have you had the vet sex check?
I think you said you we're going to get him fixed soon
Yup! She went in yesterday for her pre-op checkup. Vet is about 95% certain Niv is a girl. :thShe cautioned that males can retract their testicles etc. so sex is not guaranteed but she was pretty confident. And she will certainly be able to tell the sex once she starts the surgery :gig

Edit: Surgery will be at the end of February.

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