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May 4, 2015
100 Acre Wood Pooh Corner, USA

This is about as twangy as I go, but I do love this song.
I cant wait to hear some of these! That last band looks like they'd be blue grass, but I haven't heard them yet. I like blue grass & most world beat stuff.

@room onthebroom, do you like this song?

I'm doubting it, but will give it a shot as soon as I find my ear buds. I bet I'll like the Weird Al version better. LOL!


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Jan 6, 2018
Centre, AL
Okay... So I've got some eggs hatching right now. There are 11 Phoenix and 8 d'Uccle. For the most part things are going good, but 1 Phoenix is malformed. It couldn't stay on its feet when first hatched and would just roll over. Poor little thing. :(

I put it in a small bowl with a paper towel so it would stay straight up. By the time it dried/fluffed it was able to stand walk on its own. Yay little buddy! :highfive:

So as I said, it's malformed. The little chipmunk fluff ball has 5 toes on none feathered feet. The "dude with the eggs" night have a Dorking in his pin. S/G Dorks and Silver Phoenix hens are similar looking, but still I think it's got ree'ree feet. I saw the pin of breeders and they where nice, didn't notice any club foots.
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That's not the only snaggel in its boogaloo. This little snafu also has a dink wing. Basically, it can only fly in u-turns. Red arrow is where the wing starts and direction it goes. Purple arrow is the tip/end of the wing. Yellow is the "normal (this thing is not normal) wing" with custom yellow feather art.
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So I need some help... Not really sure what to do but... it needs a name.
I’d name it “Cull.”

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