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Release the Ferrets!!
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12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
Oh man. I can testify to the creepiness of the furby!!
I do not believe most of those stories I just read but I can believe a few of them.
My daughter had two of them when she was little.
Those creepy things would wake up in the night and start having conversations. Sometimes they weren't even in the same room.
Creeped me out so bad I sent one to live at my moms house.
The one we kept at home became very disagreeable after that. Lol. It grumbled and made sad noises all the time. My daughter had an outdoor playhouse at my moms so I eventually put them both out there so they could be happy together and far far away from my ears in the dead of the night. :lau
Yeah some of them I find really hard to believe but who knows lol But OMG that is so creepy!! :eek: :th I swear some of those stories make them seem alive haha terrifying.
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