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Jan 6, 2018
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Other than the seller's obvious frustration with a barrage of inquiries (lol)... 6-8 chickens??? Where? Do you have to vacuum seal them in there or...? It even shows them in there for size reference! I hate pre-fab coops. They really set new keepers up for failure.
This is absolutely true. Since beginning my chicken keeping adventure this FALSE advertising has been my biggest pet peeve. Knowing nothing else (and not having found this site until AFTER I got my first birds) I purchased a tiny, prefab coop, at a hefty price, I might add. My saving grace was the fact that my run was completely predator proof and my four girls only laid their eggs and roosted inside the tiny coop. I also had completely revamped the coop with higher roosts, two big nesting boxes instead of three small ones, and opened it up for the much needed ventilation. However, several months before I finished my big coop, two of my girls had stopped roosting inside the coop, opting for the roof instead. They had succumbed to the pecking order pressures of Top Chick Numbers 1 and 2.

Needless to say, my girls were not hard to move to the big coop once completed. It was like moving from a cramped camper to the Hilton. I have since moved the little prefab into my big run and have used it for isolation, a brooder, and right now just for its nest boxes. In a few weeks it will become a brooder for my Broody Mrs. Biggles and her BBB, the Broody Biggles’ Bunch.

Anyway, my rant is over. For the sake of new chicken keepers everywhere, I wish these prefab coop manufacturers would disclose the truth on the number of chickens these coops SHOULD actually hold.


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I agree. I don't talk politics or religion online. I may verbally say I'll pray for you, but seeing as how I'm southern... that can be taken 2 ways. :gig
Well, bless your heart. :lau Trust me in that I am a judgmental, opinionated person, but I know when to keep my mouth shut out of respect for others.
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