🥚🐥🥚🥚 WOW!!! These eggs are AMAZING!!!


Apr 11, 2017
Cincinnati Ohio
Huge shout out to Myshire Farm; Jenna and Zack Greene for their outstanding breeding skills and kindness to the animal's health and way of life.
All eggs came in, packed to perfection! They are setting now and ready for the incubator tomorrow.

Myshire Farm is not to far from my own house, we are both in Ohio. (I won't post links here because this isn't an advertisement) I'm sure they can be found by an online search.

SO yeah... I just wanted to share how happy I am with the eggs, the world needs to see that it is possible to keep eggs safe during shipment! I have hatched from Myshire at a 97% hatch rate before. It shouldn't be a complaint but I end up with too many babies- the hatch rates are so high!

Thank you so much again for sending healthy eggs from healthy birds. I ordered the variety, it's always a treat to see how many variations pop out!

Happy Quail Keeping! CHEERS!


I hatch Chinese and Japanese quail, call ducks, and I have experience hatching parrot eggs. I can't hatch chickens at this time but I own many hens. If you would like to connect on social media please reach out! I need more bird crazy people in my life.

https://www.facebook.com/C0MM0NER/ <-- This is me, Hi ! Just shoot me a message so I know who you are and that you're not a bot.



14 days til Spring!! 🌸 and 17 til vacation 🚣‍♀️🎣
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Aug 17, 2018
southern indiana
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My Coop
In total BYC members have hatched over 1000 myshire eggs!! We keep all of our hatch data in the quail hatch a long thread by @Kiki
we are huge myshire fans!!!! :celebrate

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