1-1/2 week RIR chick with possable wryneck

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  1. momofsamjontori

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    Nov 1, 2008
    About a week ago I noticed that she was walking in circles and then put it's head completely twisted around. I listened and added the antibiotic to the water that I give her and the polyvisol and vitamin e and she seems like she is doing a little better for about 30 sec and then she twists her neck around again - she is only drinking out of the syringe that I am giving her and she is not eatting- I don't know how long she will last and I want to help her - I have her in my shirt with herhead up and she still finds a way to twist her head under. Please someone help me help this baby!!!

  2. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    She does not need antibiotics. The vitamins are a good idea and this could be caused by vitamin deficiency (for herself or parent stock).

    Give us some more details..

    How old is she?
    What kind of feed? Is is medicated?
    Any other symptoms?
    What breed? some are more prone to head injuries and these conditions.

    There's an article here on crookneck and treatment.. http://www.browneggblueegg.com/Article.html


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