1/2 sister just stole $215,000.00 !!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by OPIE, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    Well my father passed away in October of 2007 in his will he states, Sell my assets, pay my bills and devide the rest among my kids. He put this 1/2 sister and another brother as Co-executers of his estate, on an investment account he put this 1/2 sister as a T.O.D. (transfer on death) so she could devide the money up among the rest of his children, $215,000 of it and keep it out of probate. [​IMG] Well, she has taken the money and theres nothing we can do about it!! [​IMG] Its not like she needs it either, she is a wealthy upsate NY real estate broker in the Canangaigua are and lives in Florida on the beach in the winter and rents a condo in NY in the summer.. [​IMG] Wheres Lee Harvey Oswold when you need him? [​IMG] (just kidding) . Im so hacked I cant even see straight! So make sure your wills explain EVERY little detail about how you want things taken care of and dont trust it to ANYONE!! Money makes good people do bad things. I also learned that you can put in your will that if anyone causses any trouble they will only get $1 . I thought that was cool.
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    That is a complete bummer, and another reminder to us all to make sure that things are CLEARLY stated in our wills and trusts. I actually find the people that don't need money are the most ruthless of all, and those of us who could use a few bucks are the ones with the hearts.

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    if your father put it in his will and its there - you and the rest of your siblings absolutely CAN sue for what is rightfully yours.

    Get thee a lawyer and fast - if you have a copy of the will, that will help tremendously.

    I'm sorry this happend, but dont give up - fight it!
  4. OPIE

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    We already did try to fight it. The problem is the other brother who is the co-executor was the one with the finances to fight her and he was, but it ws going to draw into a fight that will last for more that a year, the attorney stated that there was a 335% chance that we would get it, but by the time it went to court he would have to spend roughly 30,000 doing it and there is more than likely that it will be gone by that time so he just said heck with it. Why spend that much chasing it down when you might only get that much back and that doesnt look good . I dont blame him for pulling out. WHy throw good money after bad.

    I beleive she will get what shes got comming to her in the end. I dont wish any Ill will on anyone, but she realy put the screws to her family.
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    Sep 22, 2008
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    Out of sheer curiosity, has anyone flat out confronted her just to blow off some steam - if anything?

    I need to figure out my will, but I definitely like the $1 bit. Then again, I don't plan on having anymore than 1 child so I don't think it'll be an issue... she'll get everything.

    Edited to say... that's if me and DH go at the same time. Otherwise, he'll get the money - I trust him (enough for now) to do the right thing with it.
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    Apr 13, 2008
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    My husband had an aunt die 8 years ago and the estate is still not settled. She was actually married to a rockefeller and had tons of money...oops she invested in enron....Well it was worth something at the time of her death but a greedy cousin got herself appointed executrix, although every one wanted my hubbie to be. Well she's absconded with the gold plates (literally and the antiques - now sold and gone)...We have a huge attorney bill and I want those stocks - they are on paper and will be the worlds most expensive wallpaper in the office....

    The only sweet part is that the wicked cousin may have stolen the "small" stuff but cost herself a fortune in her delays....Probably about 300,000 to each of the heirs....Ah well, I was almost wealthy, but I'm rich beyond belief in friends, family (minus this 1 bad one) and my critters and my Lord....Money, it comes and goes, or in our case it goes and goes to the feed store...HEHE
  7. OPIE

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    She doesnt realy talk to anyone, the ones she does talk to are kissing her but to try and get some money. There are 6 of us kids, I am from another marriage after there mother and my father got divorsed. It started out that she didnt want to split it with me then grew to her keeping it.

    As far as having one child and all that thats good, but my mother remarried a guy after she divorced my dad, they were together 27 years, she stayed at home with the kids, (my other 2 step brothers and 2 step sisters) and raised them, ( I lived with my dad). Long story short, she was mis diagnosed with lung cancer and by the time they figured it out it was to late and we lost her 6 years ago, they sued the Dr, and won $500,000. 2 weeks after mom passed my step dad moved his new girlfriend in. 1 of my step brothers received a house and the other recieved 15,000, one step sister received a house and I didnt get anything! But thats the way it goes, I will be watching his will though and will definatly be watching his esatate as he is also very wealthy and my mother helped him buid his wealth.
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    If an asset has a "transfer on death" on it...it is exempt from the Will. MANY families make this mistake, especially on checking accounts, CD's etc. If there are two names on the account or a beneficiary is named, they receive the funds regardless of what the Will states.
  9. HennysMom

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    I'd fight it for all it was worth - then hit HER up for all legal fees involved for stealing *(YES STEALING) your fathers money - and then some!

    Try to find a lawyer that will take it on a contingency if possible - but... there are lawyers out there that will also bill any and all costs associated with estate lawsuits to the person who caused the suit to occur to begin with (i.e,. your fathers 1/2 sister).

    What is $30K compared with $215K? You CAN recoup the loss in the end and then get her for damages and stealing you know...

    I would... thats just not right
  10. ScoobyRoo

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    I had an elderly gentleman that a friend and I watched after even though he had family close by. During a hospital visit (and not expected to make it) his daughters went to his home and took everything! He pulled through and came back to an empty house and he was MAD![​IMG] Mad enough to change his will and only give them $1 each so that they couldn't fight it. WOW!
    Opie, I've always said "in the end they (greedy people) will get thier punishment in some way". Perhaps it was meant to be? I agree with bargain, 'we are rich beyond belief and in many other ways besides money' Sorry for you to have to go through that.

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