1.5 Acres Fenced For The Flock


10 Years
Mar 14, 2012
Central Texas

This weeked I finally finished fencing in 1.5 acres. Now my chickens have a nice free range area. I still have to build 3 gates, but I was go excited to let the flock have at the bounty that has been just out of reach on the other side of their run I put up temporary wire. I opened the gate on the run and they immediatly came out. But all day long they didn't go further then 10 ft. from their coop and fenced run. Funny. There was so much for them to scratch and forage in that area they really didn't have to venture out any further. And I also found out they like to climb around in my big hackberry tree. Good Times.

When I saw the first picture of the chicken on the fence I thought you were going to tell us they had 1.5 acres of new area and immediately decided the grass was greener on the other side.

Lucky chickens.

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