1.5 gallon Whisper brand fish aquarium

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I don't know if I will get any takers on this. It is a 1.5 gallon square fish aquarium, which we bought for 2 goldfish my son won at the fair this year. Evidently the fairs no longer get the 'die in 2 days' feeder fish, cause these guys outgrew this thing pretty fast! They are about 3 inches long each, and in no hurry to slow down from the looks of it!

    It would be perfect for a few small fish (probably like mollies or guppies), depending on the size of the fish, probably 4-5.

    It comes with a built in light, filter w/air pump with 1 or 2 extra cartridges (not sure how many are left). No decorations of any kind, as these went into our 10 gallon we had to get for the goldies.

    Paid $20 new for it this summer, and used it for about a month ( [​IMG] ), so it is still in pretty good shape. I just didn't see the sense in buying a $35 10 gallon kit for 2 little goldfish...that'll teach me!

    I would like $10 or best offer Not sure how much for shipping, but send me your zip code and I'll find out. I cannot take paypal, so a money order would be best.


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