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    I bought several chicks a few weeks ago, then decided we wanted a few more of different colors/breeds etc. Was told this was an Ameraucana. Well this little Ameraucana isn't fitting in with either group. The group it came with is 4 almost 5wks old but the Ameraucana is pecking all the feathers out the other 3 chicks. So we put it in with the little bit older chicks & its getting pecked on & chased there. We don't have a safe place to keep it apart from everyone as a permant home for it, its hard enough keeping 2 groups. So if you have a chicken coop that it might be comfortable in, its yours. She wants to be in a flock really bad & not kept by herself, I do feel sad for this one but I feel even worse for the cute chicks having all those pretty feathers plucked out.

    It is for sale for $8. Pick up only in Bonney Lake / Lake Tapps, WA. Bring your own container to transport the chick.

    This Pullet was hatched 8/4/10 so its almost 5wks. White cream color with little hints of light buff starting to show up, gray legs. Found on feather tip starting to get kind of black flecks. Is almost fully feathered. Should lay green eggs when old enough if the Chicken Man was right on the breed. A little hard to catch but once held is calm & seems to enjoy being pet. Being in with the older chicks it has learned to climb/fly run up the ramp to the nesting area & I have seen it doing a little roosting on the roost that is about 2ft off the ground. We only have the heat light on it when its put up in the roost area by itself. My young daughter is holding it, these were taken this morning.

    Might consider trade for a clean small hanging metal feeder or small hanging metal waterer or a small waterer that doesn't leak like the hanging plastic ones with the red lid (don't want those).




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