1 banty vs. 22 full sized hens of various breeds (including "giant" breeds).


Mar 26, 2017
Western Washington State
We have an established flock of six layers: BR, SLW, OW, and EE. They are one year old. We have a separate coop with two brown leghorns. We have 13 4 week old pullets of various breeds: Speckled Sussex, Jersey Giants, Light Brahmas, Welsummers, EE, Red Stars, Buff Rock, and the free exotic chick which turned out to be what looks like a Silver Seabright. I have no other small breeds. Will this little one likely be ok with these bigger breeds? I will of course provide some small little alleys and places for it to hide if needed. I just don't want it to be miserable.
I have a mix of all sizes living Together from very large Orpington’s to cochin bantam...they snuggle together fine, this week I have just introduced a new very small hen given to me for mother’s day, a Yokohama Japanese bantam..I bought a large speckledy and popped them in my separate broody coop overnight, few arguments Then snuggled for the night..I then introduced both to my flock of 23...hilariously the tiny yokohama stood up better than the large speckledy..and they all slept well together from that night on..

If your seabright is already living with the larger breed chicks then it will be perfectly fine...I raise all different breeds together from chicks..never had a problem..I honestly don’t think they notice size difference when they are raised together & learn to stay away from the clumsy big orps ❤️

If it’s s new intro...
I’d always introduce later in the day just before dusk, time for them to eat a treat then bed..but I always add two not one to my flock,(it’s always worked for me that way but I know many just pop the new one in at night) hang lots of distracting treats, large cabbage, corn balls etc and I’d keep a watchful eye for a few days, be prepared for the usual arguments but let her fight her own battles unless it’s ganging up ..then I distract with corn but dont remove the hen (unless it’s been hurt of course but that’s never happened here using this method) ..so that’s what’s worked for me For years ❤️

⭐️Let’s share our own experiences that are helpful ⭐
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I’ve had bantams and standards but I’m not so keen on the idea of one bantam and lots of standards. Could you perhaps get her one or two friends and then integrate them into the flock? I think the likelihood of that would work out better. Whilst my bantams have always been bossy, it was easy to notice how they grouped together and stayed away from the standard chickens, it’s easier for them to get hurt as standards have their size behind them.
So throwing one teeny tinny target chicken into a lions' den of 19 or more chickens with the personality of a lion won't make the target bantam chicken miserable? Chickens were not placed on this Earth for us humans to say, "On look Martha, isn't that one little chicken with blood on its head adorable?"
That is not the case always the girls are young still,doubt that will even happen.Trowing up together they can establish an order.

MrsM74,how old is the chick?I did this with a four month old and threw her in exactly within a day or so with all of my old hens and she had absolutely no issue.One fight and everything was done.
Sebrights are fierce, and can stand up for themselves. Mine can hold her own amongst the bigs she was raised with. The elder hens can't catch her, she is fast and flies like a sparrow.....
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I have 2 bantam Cochin that lived happily with Brahma, Australorp, orpingtons, and Sussex for 7 years.

Now Bantam Cochin's cannot fly like a sebright can.

All was well until I added Black sex links.

The bantams are now in a different coop with giant Cochin and barnevelder.

It can work well. Just have a back up plan in case things get ugly.

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