1 Day buy-it now BANTAM Easter Eggers/Olive Eggers- some frizzle

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    **These will ship tomorrow morning at 8am. If the listing is still active after that point I can ship a fresh set of eggs on Monday instead. **

    I was going to set these myself, but I won one too many egg auctions myself-ooops! There should be 10 or more of these tiny eggs. Hens are mottled & porcelain d'uccles, blue frizzle EE/OE, and white and red bantam cochins. Rooster is a gorgeous off-color bantam wheaten ameraucana. I have gotten great feedback on these eggs- 100% hatching on some shipped ones. The only ones I have set so far ended up being blue and black 5- toed (silkie ancestors) frizzles.

    Some of the moms:


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