1 day old chick with slightly curled right foot...


In the Brooder
7 Years
Apr 25, 2012
She can walk just fine, but her toes are curled under just a bit. I tried taping her foot and immediately the mamma tried pecking her foot off! What do I do??!!
If she can walk fine, I wouldn't worry too much about a few bent toes. Did she hatch with them, or did they develop later?

It would be a good idea to make sure she's having the full range of vitamins, as some deficiencies will cause the toes to worsen (e.g. B2/riboflavin). Otherwise, I can't see much reason to worry as long as her gait is good.

I noticed it a little while after she hatched. They have mash for baby chicks and were eating a bit of the watermelon that I have their mamma.I just don't want it to develop all deformed. Might it straighten out on it's own or maybe I can stretch her foot out now and then when I check on them? I'm just concerned that she would be lame as a grown chicken.

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