1 day only special bantam/LF assortment 16 eggs ships in AM (PA)


ShowGirl Queen
12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
i got an odd lot of eggs laid yesterday and today thought mabe someone might like for hatching. there is 16 total to ship tomarrow am. i normally will not have this assrt available so grab it now.

first person to post sold and paypal me to [email protected] gets them. price is $27 includeing shipping. most of the breeders u can see on my site in my siggy link.

eggs r as follows:

1 egg LF- purebreed buff orp

2 eggs LF- purebreed turken(mom buff/dad white)

9 eggs- partridge/buff -silkie/possible showgirl

1 egg- pure white showgirl

2 eggs -from my mixed pen of polish, d'uccle pair, bantam salmon favs pair, silkie

and 1 egg - from splash/calico/black/blue pen-there is sizzle/showgirl and silkie in this pen.

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