1 doz+ American Blue and Cream? Goose eggs

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    We have an unexpected batch of American Goose eggs available. They are from Blue ganders over what we believe are Cream geese. Our only request is that you send us photos of the goslings fully feathered out. We would like to prove the genetics of the mothers. This means you will need to keep the goslings until they are old enough for their adult feathers. If you can't commit to that please don't buy. They are all NPIP certified through AL.

    Price:$12.00 per egg + Shipping*

    *Express shipping today is $40. Priority shipping on Monday is $20. The only way I will hold them til Monday is if I have the money today. Our PayPal address is [email protected]

    First come, First serve
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    Is this $12 for 12 eggs or $12 per egg? I am a little confused as the auction title says 12 eggs, but then the price says $12 each??? If is is $12 for 12 eggs, then I am very interested. Please pm me. (I pmed you too)
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    Dec 26, 2008
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    Are you still offering these eggs? I am really interested. Would love to hear back from you. [​IMG]

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