1 Doz Tiny Serama eggs Ends 4/8

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    My Serama ladies are laying every day at the moment. And I have no more broody's to hatch these eggs. I have all my Serama pairs separated. These eggs will be from my two Class A size pairs and one other pair....The cockerel is a miller flur color and he is a Class C paired to a buff hen, she is a low Class A in weight.
    The pictures of the two chicks in my hand are 2.5 months of age.

    $25.00 for the Doz and shipping is included.

    This sale will end 4/8 at 9 PM central time
    Eggs will ship Mon. 4/9

    Please PM me with any questions and also to purchase and I will give you my PayPal addy. Once your payment is received I will end this listing
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