1 Doz. White Silkie and Showgirl hatching eggs Ends 4/28


9 Years
Sep 14, 2010
Keokuk, Iowa
I have one white bearded Silkie roo penned with 4 white bearded Silkie and 3 bearded white Showgirl hens. All have good feet and excellent foot feathering, good toes and big topknots. You could hatch, both Silkie and Showgirl chicks. There could be extra's if the hens supply them in time for shipping.

PM me to request eggs. Thanks

Shipping and handling costs will be $15.00. Eggs will ship on Tues 4/30 as long as
payment has been received.

This is a Pay Pal only auction. Payment due when you request eggs.

"I ship only to the lower 48 states"
" no international buyers please"
" I cannot ship to Canada"

Please be aware that shipping can be hard on eggs. I do my best to pack them
as secure as possible.


Silkies Sebbies OEGBs
11 Years
Oct 16, 2008
Middle TN
Well, I thought there would be a feedback button....but I don't see it.

Suz did the most amazing job of packing. They arrived in pristine condition. Air cells were stable and can't wait to see how they hatch. I am super pleased with the job Suz did on getting them to me. Would buy from again for sure.

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