1 Dozen "Barnyard Special" eggs for $15 (shipping included)!!

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    I have never shipped eggs before and would really like to test out my shipping "skills" [​IMG] so that after i get everyone separated i will know precisely how to ship without disaster.

    Right now I have Just Mixed eggs. I have Layers and Bantams. I don't have enough bantams to do a full bantam dozen right now though. But my cochin & banty girls are laying Suprisingly well this year. I have some of these eggs in the incubator right now, everyone's growing and due to hatch this week! I can post pictures as soon as they hatch.

    1 dozen of your choice for $15 (shipping included)

    I accept PayPal or Money Orders.

    COOP 1

    My Roos:

    2 bearded, Muffed EE's (unnamed)
    1 Barred Rock (Henry)

    My Hens:
    Black Australorp
    Red Sex Link (medium brown eggs)
    Gold EE (green eggs)
    Barred rocks
    Rhode Island Reds
    Silver Laced Wyandottes

    COOP 2
    (all bantams)


    1 Multicolored Pure Cochin Bantam (Pretty Boy)
    1 Black Silkie (Mr. Lovely)
    1 Mille Fleur D'Uucle (Hades)

    1 Red Silkie Mix
    1 Blue Bantam Purebred Something(?)
    1 Purebred Smooth Frizzle Cochin
    1 Purebred Partridge Cochin

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